Minutes 7-6-17

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

July 6, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on July 6, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Frank Kulick, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Joseph Smith and JoAnne Wilson. Also present were Mayor Smallacombe, Ray Rood and Atty. Christopher Harrison. Absent were; John Mark, Robert Parks, Robert Chase, Evan Samuelsen & KBA.

 MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Markey to accept the June 15, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mr. Napoli; all in favor, motion carried.

Siren:New owner of the DPW building dropped off a key to the building so the Fire Chief and Police are able to access the siren if needed.

Letter from Randy Parry:Mr. Kulick read aloud a letter from Mr. Parry. His concern is that the gym doors are locked and people do not have free access to the gymnasium also the $20/per hour gym usage fee. Mr. Kulick said this came about because Mr. Perry thinks the gym should be open when the police or Borough secretary is here. Mr. Kulick said neither one of them are babysitters. There is a difference between a gymnasium in a building where things can be damaged and an outdoor park. Mayor Smallacombe said there is an outdoor court where kids can play at the park. There were different things on the stage that were damaged that we do not have over at the field. Items on the stage and the piano were vandalized. Mrs. Wilson said also the doors were vandalized. Mayor said the heater on the stage comes on and off. Mr. Markey said he understands his point but a lot of these things are apples and oranges. In the letter the Joe Terry Civic Center was mentioned as being accessible throughout the day with no charge and no permission to access. Mr. Markey said how many people can walk to the Joe Terry; you have to go there with the intent to play basketball. The people that have caused this vandalism were just walking by and saw the old gym doors ajar a little bit and caused more damage. Mr. Markey said this wasn’t necessarily meant to be a full time forever thing. He asked the Chief if Mike Shea ever came to look at the cameras. He has not. They are supposed to be changing over the cameras in the gym to a motion sensor.

Mayor Smallacombe said he does not think kids have ever been charged to use the gym; they always have been able to play for free. If adults want to rent the gym they can rent the gym and pay. He said as far as the Events Committee and Christmas Show paying rent, they offered. It was always the recreations Christmas show in the past. Mr. Markey said in the recreations committee bylaws it says no organization in town is charged for use of renting the gym. Mayor said no one should be charged if you are a part of the Borough. Mr. Markey said he also mentioned the use the outdoor court but someone pointed out that a lot of times other teenagers are over there that do not want the younger kids playing there so that is why the younger kids come here. Mr. Markey said he personally does not care but he is sick of the damage and vandalism but if we get everything out of the gym that can be vandalized then he does not care. Also, if we can find a way to lock up the piano. Mrs. Wilson said when the Events Committee has the free summer concert, we ask the Recreation for approval to let them know we want to use it and we ask the baseball people if we can have the key. They have to give us approval to get into that stand. She said she never went to recreation for the keys; it was always the baseball league. Mr. Markey said recreation has nothing to do with the gazebo. Mayor said it was brought up one time if people wanted to rent out the pavilion they would have to fill out a form. Mayor said he cannot see young kids coming in 8 or 9 years old, closed doors behind them you would never know if they would get hurt. Mrs. Wilson said she likes to see the kids active and to see them play basketball and baseball. Mrs. Wilson said if they abide by the rules, they come in let you know they are there and when they leave they come in and say lock the door. She cannot see them not playing basketball during the day. Mayor said last time there was a group playing here they were teenagers and he happened to walk in and he did not know any of them. He asked who they were, there were 6 or 7 kids and only one was from Jermyn.

Mr. Markey said right now he does not think it is good to lock the gym all day long, especially during the summer. Mr. Kulick said why don’t we consider next year to find some money in the budget to hire a couple of college kids for 6 hours a day, have a summer program. It wouldn’t be strictly for basketball but for other activities as well. Maybe 30 hours a week and split it up amongst two kids. Mrs. Wilson said maybe we can get the County to help. Mr. Kulick said he would be surprised how many kids would actually come. Mr. Smith said he believes kids should go in the gym for free. They are Jermyn kids and they have that right, we want them to develop physically and mentally. He likes the idea about sports and helping the kids as much as we can. If they are in there playing basketball, they are staying out of trouble. There has to be a responsible adult in there. Mr. Smith said one of his concerns is fights or if someone gets hurt. There is a liability we have to be prepared for. As long as there is a responsible adult in the gym to handle any problems that may come up and they understand their roles, let’s open the gym up for them in the summer. Mr. Smith said he feels the kids should play in the gym for free as long as there is a responsible adult with them. Mr. Markey said we should appoint Randy to be in charge of the gym, if he wants to be responsible for gym then let him be responsible for the gym. They should call in advance to see if someone is here to let them in the gym. Mr. Markey said this comes up on Facebook and we have people coming out of the woodwork volunteering to help. Mr. Kulick said we are on our second Crime Watch group and on the third recreation commission, it just doesn’t work. Mr. Markey said a lot of people talk and say they will help out until it comes time to help out then how many people do you really have. For those of you who haven’t showed up to a council meeting, it’s the same maybe 5 percent of people in town, who do everything and those people get burned out and cannot do it anymore.

Mayor said we have a hard time getting people to water the flowers. It is the same people all the time. Mrs. Wilson asked if we were going to answer Mr. Parry by letter. Mr. Kulick said no he addressed him and he will contact him. Mr. Markey said the other problem is that we changed over to the combination locks because everyone gets keys cut to the gym and then they give the keys to their kids. The same thing happened to the combination. The kids know the combination. Mayor said his concerns is now you have the baskets you can lower, the bigger kids lower the baskets, pretty soon they are going to damage the rims. They are there for the younger kids to play on. Mr. Smith said we make a motion tonight that we have a responsible adult and we have a simplified form that the person is accepting the responsibility that someone is going to be in charge of these kids and we do not charge them. He likes Mr. Kulick’s idea of setting up a summer program next year. Mr. Smith said inside this building we have a lot of government offices and it is more accessible to people coming in and we have to protect what we have. Mrs. Wilson does not understand where he gets that the kids are being charged. Mr. Markey said we changed the code for the gym and we locked it down until we could get to the council meeting and talk about it because the last time he went in there, more people were trying to break into stuff. Until we can get it straightened out, we closed the gym. He said it was shut down and if they wanted to go in and play basketball they can have their parents fill out a form and rent the gym until we get it straightened out. It was only for 2 weeks but we had to put something into play, it was the best short term solution. Mr. Markey said we have to keep in mind that we are going to have this same discussion again in September because the kids are going to get the code and they are going to go in there without adults. Mr. Kulick said how are we going to know if they are in there with an adult. Mrs. Wilson said what do we consider an adult. Mr. Napoli said 18 or over. Mrs. Wilson said some of the 18 year olds are more irresponsible as the younger kids. Mr. Napoli said we should make up a form and they should have to come to the Borough secretary, whoever is assuming responsibility for the kids playing, they understand they are taking on the responsibility. Mr. Napoli made a motion to create a sign in sheet to be kept with Borough Secretary at no charge and with a responsible adult, seconded by Mr. Markey. All in favor; motion carried.

Shade Tree:Mr. Kulick said he is not anti-trees, the town looks beautiful and he loves the trees. He has researched the ordinance we have in place. We have a lot of good ordinances that no one pays attention to. Mrs. Wilson said they do when it is convenient for them. Mr. Kulick said under the Shade Tree ordinance, Shade Tree commission was established, the Shade Tree has responsibility for planting, maintaining and up keeping the trees. Mrs. Wilson said except for one sentence. Mrs. Wilson read aloud section “L” on the ordinance, the Borough will trim shade trees that obstruct street lights and the shade tree on the first page does not include trees growing naturally within the Borough right of way or planted by other than the Borough. Mrs. Wilson said that is where a lot of the problems are coming in. Mr. Kulick said when the Fire Chief comes to us or the Shade Tree and said that there is a problem with the line of sight, someone has to address it whether it is a tree that is planted by the Shade Tree or someone’s personal tree, it has to be addressed. Mrs. Wilson said we have been addressing that, we have had the trees from Bridge St. to Maple St. limbed up. She said she does not see a problem with the line of sight. We just had a problem at the daycare on Washington with the trees. Mrs. Wilson said she has seen some people pulling out of that area pulling out real fast; we have speeders in that area. They do not take the time to inch out a little with their children in the car and look instead of being in a hurry. Mrs. Wilson had the Shade Tree arborist go over there; the trees are now limbed up and cut back. If they have to be trimmed up more, they will be. They had a complaint and they addressed it.  Mrs. Wilson said on Old Mill Rd. in front of Newcomb’s, they did not plant those trees. We have not had complaints from car owners. Mr. Markey said when you go through with a fire truck you are scratching the fire truck.

Mr. Kulick asked if that is in the right of way. Mr. Markey said yes. Mr. Rood said if he planted them in the right of way, he should be responsible for cleaning them up and taking it down or he should be arrested for it. Mr. Rood said if you go down his street on Bacon when they park there for baseball games, the weeping willows that are down there, you would swipe the side of the firetruck. There is no parking on the one side so an emergency vehicle can get through. Mr. Rood said he noticed the other day now his car gets hit by the trees. Mr. Rood said the tree that is affecting his lines is coming down. Mrs. Wilson said from Kennedy’s to Lackawanna, some of them have to be topped. Mr. Markey said they will be topped. Mrs. Wilson said the 600 block of Jefferson and the 400-500 block of Jefferson, those trees 10 years ago, we told them when we did the inventory they are in his yard and we could not touch them but they are ready to fall over back then they were diseased. Mr. Markey asked who can’t touch them. Mr. Rood said they are on private property. Mrs. Wilson said we got grants for disastrous trees and we got them cut down. Mr. Markey asked if it is on private property. Mr. Markey said we need clear cut rules as to who needs to address the issues. Mrs. Wilson said it falls back on the Borough to a point, if we can get grants for these disastrous trees, we will remove them in front of Mullally’s but when you remove a tree you have to plant a tree; that is part of the grant. The trees we have planted are specifically approved. Mr. Markey said as chair of DPW the only thing he worries about is if we were to be cutting around power lines, if it were our responsibility to cut Mr. Rood’s tree, he does not feel comfortable from a liability and safety standpoint sending them out there without the proper training and certification. He is not saying we won’t do it but up until now he does not think there was ever a clear cut path as to what Shade Tree and the Borough and Private owner was responsible for. It probably always was in the ordinance it was just that no one ever read it. Mrs. Wilson said she knows what was in the ordinance but she came and asked on behalf of the shade tree but we need the trees topped before they get to the lines. She said we can call PPL, she was surprised they did not come out to do Mr. Rood’s tree.

Mr. Rood said his concern is that we have ordinance because of line of sight, you have to stay back 25ft with anything that is being built, but we do not have that ordinance for trees. Mrs. Wilson said the majority of them are 25ft from the corner. Mr. Rood said you might be 25ft. one way but not the other way. Mrs. Wilson said when they were approved by Penn Dot, they had the line of sights and all this other stuff and everything else and we had to abide by their rulings. We put in half of the trees that they had in their plan because when we started walking them she said no way, we put in half. Mr. Rood said Penn Dot does this for you and maybe you got grants to do this just like they gave you grant money for the sidewalks and lights, the town looks great but what is it costing you after they gave us the money; the maintenance. Mr. Rood said there was an ordinance years ago that the people in front for Main St. were supposed to cut their own grass and they would get fined if they did not. Now you are taking that money you are getting and using it to cut someone’s grass. Mrs. Wilson said we only cut certain blocks. Mr. Rood said the ordinance was for all the blocks. Mrs. Wilson said she does not think so. Mrs. Wilson said down beyond Bacon they have to do their own, except twice a year when there are parades in town. Mr. Rood said his concern is the ladder truck, it sits higher and when you come down Main and you get to Kennedy’s and you want to go to East Jermyn you cannot see anything coming down that hill. Mrs. Wilson said don’t we have fire police who should be out before you. Mr. Rood said they go to the corner and they are not there 24/7. Mrs. Wilson said to have a line of sight going over Bridge St. all the trees on the right hand side have to be cut down. Mr. Rood said he does not need a line of sight in the middle of the road he is talking about down by Kennedy’s he cannot see if someone is coming down. Mr. Smith said the trees have beautified Jermyn, they serve a purpose. In the past, both the Shade Tree and the Borough employees worked together, he isn’t promoting the Borough employees to go by electrical wires; he would never want anyone to get hurt. He said that we have a beautiful Borough here and the trees contribute a lot to that. The problem seems to be the maintenance and it seems that is all we have to do is be a little logical here. He said whatever the guys can do they should do but they should not be near the wires. If they can do the trimming, they should do the trimming. The Shade Tree gets x amount of dollars from the Borough they should count on x amount being used for trimming of the trees. If the Borough and the Shade Tree work together and for those problems where the wires are involved we have to get someone to do something and maybe they have money where we can do something like that. Mr. Rood, Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Napoli should go out and see and if the line of sight is an issue we should all work together. Mr. Rood said it is not all the trees; it needs to be more Borough people and emergency people involved where the trees are planted. Mr. Rood said he thinks the trees are beautiful too and there needs to be more of a concern with the placement of trees and how they are going to grow. They grow high, we have high trucks. Mr. Smith said he understands his point of view and he thinks that is where everyone needs to work together. He suggested showing Mrs. Wilson and seeing if we can come up with a consensus on what has to be done. Mr. Rood said in the future if we are going to plant another tree, let’s go out with the fire truck and see where we should place it. Mrs. Wilson said usually those trees won’t go over 25 ft.

Mrs. Wilson introduced the members of the Shade Tree.

Ann Boylan 330 Washington – Chair of Shade Tree. She said she was told we had to have 25ft line of sight. Any concern that comes to us, we address. We do not toss it aside and pretend it doesn’t exist. We have four meetings a year and anyone is welcome to come and voice their concerns. If this is an issue, please anybody come to the meeting and we will talk about it. We always address a concern. We do not want it to be an issue and we want to address it. Mr. Rood said during the convention we just had in town, there were fellows from New Jersey here and they gave the town a lot of compliments. She said she spent a lot of time on the Delaware St. Bridge between April and Sept. watering/planting flowers. She has never received a negative comment from anyone from the Lackawanna Heritage Trail. The last comment she received was from a gentlemen who asked about the flowers and WWI Park, he said he wished there were other towns in Lackawanna County that looked as good as Jermyn does.

Mr. Kulick said he wants to understand the make-up of Shade Tree, last meeting it was said that there are 7 voting members. There is only supposed to be 3 or did we change the ordinance. Mrs. Wilson said that was Jerry Giles, he will not allow more than 3 voting members in the ordinance at that time and we needed that ordinance passed immediately because we were going over to the park and spending $8,000-$10,000 in three phases and we needed the ordinance in place. That is why there are 3 in the ordinance, if you want to change it fine but we just have 7 members that are voting and we have 2 associate members who are non-voting members. Mr. Kulick said it is an ordinance and it should be precise, so we should amend that ordinance to say that there are 7 members. Mr. Smith said an official request should come before we act on that. Mr. Kulick said we are acting in violation of our own ordinance. We have been for 14 years or longer. It isn’t a big deal but it is a big deal when something happens or someone comes and questions the ordinance. Mr. Markey said the trees that belong to the public, right now it says that the private citizens are responsible for maintaining their own trees, especially if they overgrow. He said he remembers when Atty. Nicholls was still here and we had the problem with the fire trucks running into the tree branches down on Old Mill, it’s not just the engine that is getting scratched up it’s the people that sit outside of the truck. The Borough wrote a letter to Mr. Newcomb and they refused to cut the trees. Mr. Kulick said if we don’t enforce the ordnances then people know that they can do whatever they want and that has to stop. We have a lot of good ordinances on the books that have not been enforced for a long time. Mrs. Wilson asked who will send a letter out, the Borough? Mr. Kulick said the Borough can act on its own if a tree is causing a problem. The Commission was stablished to do that kind of stuff. Mrs. Wilson said in the past, we always asked permission of the Borough, even when we went for all the grants. Mr. Markey asked if the ordinance says if the Shade Tree fines them or the Borough and who is “we” we as in the shade tree committee or DPW. Mrs. Wilson said the DPW would have to cut the tree back but if it’s to take town a tree we would hire someone and we would get quotes just to be sure. Mr. Markey said for Newcomb’s we would not have to take down the entire tree and it encroaches on the road there. He said he remembers Atty. Nicholls saying cut the branches and leave them in the yard. Mr. Kulick said you can cut it but they have to clean it up. Mrs. Wilson said this is the power and duties of the commission – to study problems and determine the needs of the Borough, to recommend to the Borough, to assist the Borough, to conduct regular and special meetings, to annually report in full to the Borough Council and she said they have followed that. We do not overstep our bounds, any function that we have in town, a letter is always given to council even if you know it is going to happen.

Mrs. Wilson said we have adjusted to a point but if there is a problem with one tree or another tree, we will adjust. Mr. Rood said you have adjusted to a point, this is a few years now that himself one of this asst. chiefs have sat here about the line of sight going from Kennedy’s and up. Mrs. Wilson said we have trimmed up the side where the traffic is. Mrs. Wilson said it is not that you say something and it goes in one ear and out the other, at the meeting I say that there has been a concern, can we ask our tree trimmer to go out and do it and he does it all the time. Mr. Rood said you need to go out in a higher vehicle and see it. Mrs. Wilson said we will look at all the trees in town and if a tree has to be taken down or cut back we will notify the council and ask for permission whether the DPW can do it or hire someone to do it, or reimburse the DPW for wages. Mrs. Wilson said and then we charge the homeowner. Mr. Markey said whatever the ordinance states is what we should be doing. Mr. Markey asked if there is a dollar amount in the ordinance. Mr. Kulick suggested having everyone take a look at the ordinance on what else needs to be changed in the ordinance.

Rental Ordinance:Mr. Kulick said he has been studying rental unit ordinances in other towns. He does not think the permit fee stops the real problems. His opinion is that many towns have very strong ordinances regarding the rental units, to get that rental unit permit is more than just paying the fee, it requires an inspection of the unit; is it livable and sanitary. He said he looked at our own ordinance and it is pretty good it’s just that we do not pay attention to it. For example, he asked Chief Arthur when he makes a call in one of the rental places does he file a report with the Borough Secretary? No. Mr. Kulick said if that was done and there were more than 1-2-3 calls in a 6 month period it is caused for shutting the place down. Mayor said that used to be enforced a long time ago. Mr. Kulick said there are a lot of things in the ordinance that we are going to look at closer before the end of the year. He isn’t sure if it’s in there but if we can require a building inspector or someone to go in and look at them, some of these places are probably not livable. Chief Arthur suggested having the solicitor take a look at that because Blakely had a similar ordinance and the people sued them and he thinks it is in court right now. Mayor said he thinks there was discussion about that and that may be why it stopped being enforced because there was a lawsuit someplace else because it was in no fault of the owner that the police had to come there and that is why we stopped enforcing it on the voice of our own solicitor. Mr. Kulick said at some point we have to stop being afraid of being sued. Mr. Markey said Officer Calzola asked if we can look into doing something like this and Forest City adopted something like this and it worked out well.

Siren:Atty. Harrison said he spoke to the buyers attorney and he wouldn’t have an issue of giving keys to the fire chief and police chief in case something happen to the siren, they are able to get in. The buyer only dropped one key off and the police have it.

Shade Tree:Mrs. Wilson said the first year Shade Tree got grants for the Callahan Park and spent $10,000. The second year they spend $8,000. 2002-2003 The memorial garden park $70,000. The phase III of the Callahan and Memorial park was $6,000. When this was done, the WWI Park was in process and there was $36,000 spent there, a total of $120,000 by January 21, 2005. Grants and matching grants, which means they had to do fund raisers and we are still going. We do have a long range plan and that was approved. If anyone wants to see the long range plan and other items, they are at the Borough Office.

Other Business:Lackawanna County Associations Borough – July 20- Mrs. Wilson said she usually goes but if they are not going to have a speaker. Mayor said John Blake will be there.

Liquid Fuels Letter- Mr. Kulick said he thought we raised the bond. It was raised for 2017 but 2016 was audited and it does not count for 2017.

Recreation Committee – Jermyn Youth Sports – We received the financials for the Recreation Committee and Jermyn Youth Sports. Mr. Kulick asked when Jermyn Youth Sports had an election. Mr. Markey said there was no election, there were appointments. Mrs. Wilson said Shade Tree will have their financials next meeting. Mayor said the Historical Society will have their financials next meeting

Firemen’s Convention – Mr. Kulick asked Mr. Rood how they made out at the Firemen’s Convention. Mr. Rood said he was not at the last meeting but doesn’t think they made out to good from what he hears. Mr. Kulick said it was a nice parade. Mr. Rood said he did not see a lot of town people around.

Rushbrook Creek- Mr. Rood said he checks the creek and he was informed there seems to be a tree that the bark is all off by the Shumski’s and it may need to be checked. There is a lot of stuff on the banks where if we get a bad storm that this log may cause a problem and if we could have someone take a look at it.

Mr. Markey said we got permission last year to go in and clean what we need to clean up as long as we do not bring equipment in there. He said we did that last summer and we can do it again.

New DPW Truck Grant: Mr. Markey asked Borough Secretary if any information was heard for the grant application for the new DPW truck we were promised. It was asked to contact Mr. Mark regarding the grant.

Senior Center: Mr. Markey said he was speaking with Alice Walter and she said she would like to see a Senior Center in town. Mr. Rood said we tried that already. Mrs. Wilson said we had plans for it on the second floor. Mayor said we did propose a senior center in here and that was the reason for the elevator, it was set to be upstairs and the elevator grant was approved and we had it and it was taken away to do storm drain projects and we lost it. Mayor said it is a grant we can get it because we got it once before and if you specifically put it down as a Senior Citizen project benefiting Jermyn and Mayfield as a co-op grant then we would get it a lot easier that way. Mrs. Wilson said she thinks there were some remarks afterwards that they won’t give you an elevator unless they progressively see you turn a room over. Mr. Kulick said it is all well and good if we get the money but we better be thinking about what it is going to cost afterwards. Mayor said it also opens the upstairs, we had people approach us about rooms upstairs for state and county offices that are always looking for space. If we had it, we would fill the building. Mayor said it is something that should have been done a long time ago. Mr. Markey said Ms. Walter purchased t-shirts and he went to deliver them to her and she said she gets very bored and all her friends live downtown and she would love to get together and have a senior center.

Mrs. Wilson said she was with the building committee and they were going to Lowes and Home Depot to see if they can get money out of them to redo the windows on the second floor. She said they need windows replaced before they can start any kind of construction. It was mentioned to her that there may be money for that. Mrs. Wilson said KBA has a floor plan for it and at one time the Events Committee did come into talk to Jerry Giles and there were other people in the audience that said they would volunteer to do the construction. The women in the Events Committee said if you replace the windows they would paint because they really wanted a room. Mrs. Wilson said it would be one room at a time and it is feasible. Mr. Napoli said why can’t we do something in the gym, one night every other week. Mr. Rood said open up the Legion and Girl Scout Room for them and see how many people come to see if it’s feasible to do a Senior Center. Mr. Napoli said we would be smart to do something in the gym first. If we have something we can do temporarily and if we have a lot of people then we can go for the grants.

Public Comment:Paul Pidgeon – Mr. Pidgeon thanked Council for supporting the Shade Tree. He said he left in 1988 and came back in 2015. He said he came back and this town has changed, some of it for the worse but one of the things he is very happy about is the look of it. It looks good. He looks forward to the teamwork with council. Mr. Pidgeon asked council if there is a way or process that we can get speedbumps in the town. He said Madison Ave. is a drag race in the morning with people going up and down and he said it is probably every street in town, but there is a Church and Daycare there on Madison. People drive really fast. He said he will gladly donate for the speedbumps and he feels it is a safety and noise concern. Mayor said they are our streets and we can do what we want on them as to putting speedbumps on the road. Mr. Napoli said Jefferson is an alternate federal route so we may not be able to do that there. Mayor said the rest of the streets are ours. Mrs. Wilson asked Chief Arthur if there is something that can be put up since there is a daycare there, not necessarily a speedbump but maybe a rumble strip. Chief Arthur said like the Mayor said they are your streets you can do what you want there. She said she is asking for suggestions. Chief Arthur said a speedbump. Mayor said we can get those plastic ones. Mr. Markey said the plastic ones we can take off during the winter for plowing. Mr. Pidgeon said it is mainly a summertime problem. Mr. Markey said then maybe the plastic speedbump will help but his only concern is that every block in this town will want one but the problem was addressed for the safety of the daycare. Mr. Markey suggested getting an insight from the Chief where people speed a lot and it’s a safety concern maybe we can strategically place them in other places as well. Mr. Napoli said DPW and Public Safety can go out with Chief Arthur and Mr. Rood and see other areas that could use them. Mr. Pidgeon thanked Council.

Other:July 16th – Rolling Thunder will be going through town. Last year they did not come through because of the construction.

July 10th – Homerun Derby at the park

Mr. Markey said they will be planning a movie night at the park.

August 1st – Jermyn Night Out

July 30th – Last Sunday in July Concert In the Park

Mr. Markey said people in Jermyn cannot complain that there is nothing to do; we have more committees than some cities.

Finance:Mr. Smith said as far as the budget is concerned there are some things we would like to move, a lot of this involves the DPW. The changes to do the 2017 budget that we would like to make – Move Street and Traffic lights from DPW to Admin department – eliminate the air conditioner category, the expense of the air conditioner was $1,636.00 and we want to move that to Improvements category under Admin. Budget. We voted and approved a $5,000 payment towards the heating/air conditioner units that we did not get, we saved $3,364.00 and using that money we were taking our 2017 payment for the John Deere Tractor and that would cover us for 2017. We also want to remove the Lincoln Ave. Project of $1,500 from the storm expense category and we want to put $500.00 to supplies/pipe and $1,000 under materials/supplies under the DPW budget. We want to remove the Bridge St loan payment and 2016 Paving project principle and interest out of the DPW budget and into the Admin. Budget. We had talked about a 5 year loan for the paving of the roads. At the time when the finance committee was meeting us had the cost of the roads, which would be approx. $4xx, xxx.00 what we missed, was adding the interest. In the budget we only budgeted was the principle of the loan, not the interest. We have to come up with $13,762.00 Total payment $106,762.00. The only place that we could come up with the interest for this year would be taking $13,762 from the sale of the DPW Garage to pay for the principle payment plus interest for the first year of the paving of the roads. Mr. Smith said we face some interesting challenges this year and this is one of them. Mr. Kulick asked if there was another paving account we had money in. We had moved money from the paving fund into the general fund when we were moving money around last year. Mr. Smith said we will take a look to see if it’s there. Mr. Smith said when we worked the budget we moved money around. Mr. Napoli said we still have another meeting before the 26th, let’s find out what it is and make our decision. Mr. Smith said in the meantime each council member has their own budget and they can take a look at it and see where we are at. Mr. Markey asked if we accounted for the principle of the loan. Mr. Smith said yes. Mr. Markey asked if we can use the sale of the recycling truck. Mr. Smith said we can use any money we have but it was hard trying to come up with the interest. Mr. Markey said we need to pay the loan. Mr. Smith said if council approves this we still have to look for other monies in there, we have to pay this no matter what. We are still looking in the budget for different monies. No matter where we take it from we are taking it from somewhere, we do not have any emergency fund we can take it out of and I don’t know if we would want to unless it was an emergency. Mr. Smith said his recommendation is whether we do it this month or in two weeks, we get it done and pay this and move forward. Joe Garvey the accountant is coming up in July and he is going to go over all our books and he will request a meeting with the Finance Committee and him so everyone can see exactly what he has done and where we are at. Mrs. Wilson made a motion as per Mr. Smith our Finance Chairman to approve the changes to the 2017 budget, seconded by Mr. Napoli; all in favor, motion carried.

Mr. Smith said to bring council up to date, we are actively pursuing Lackawanna County for a grant for Old Mill Rd. We talked to them about the sewers and paving and it is in the grant writer’s hands that is doing research right now.

Mayor said for the Senior Center, the County sponsors the Senior Centers that are in the County and there is none from Jessup up this way. They have Scranton and Jessup. He said there is nothing in the upper valley. Donna Stackel said that Carbondale has one across from the YMCA.A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Smith to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.





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