Minutes April 20, 2017

Minutes April 20, 2017

Minutes April 6, 2017

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

April 6, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on April 6, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, John Mark, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Joseph Smith and JoAnne Wilson. Absent were: Dylan Reeves and Evan Samuelsen Also present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Tony Grizzanti; KBA, Fire Chief Ray Rood, Zoning Officer Bob Chase, Atty. Christopher Harrison.

Mr. Kulick asked everyone to remain standing after the pledge of allegiance for a moment of silence. He stated this past week the community lost 3 members all in their own way contributed to the well-being of Jermyn over the years; Mr. Pidgeon, Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Tony Fuga Sr.

 MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Napoli to accept the March 3, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mr. Markey; all in favor, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:General Fund $91,044.46; Liquid Fuels $9,155.27; Refuse $88,606.29; DPW Capital Reserve $12,721.06. Disbursements are from February 17, 2017 to April 6, 2017 $86,216.04; Deposits from February 17, 2017 to April 6, 2017 $208,892.14. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to accept the treasurer’s report and disbursements as presented. All in favor; motion carried.

Mayor Report:Mary Marrara was honored on being UNICO of the year and sent us a Thank You letter for attending her celebration and is very grateful that Jermyn was represented so well at the event. Mayor Smallacombe said she is a very hard worker and always has been for the Borough. Mayor Smallacombe said a few weeks ago Shirley Zaborowski passed away; she was a very big help to the historical society and former Chief Zaborwoski’s wife. Mayor Smallacombe attended the County’s unveiling of the Jermyn pictures, the pictures from all the communities at the County. Our Borough news that comes from the Association of Borough’s has our Junior Councilman Dylan Reeve’s picture in it when he was being honored in December for the Junior Council award. Mayor asked Ray Rood if he can let the owners of the old Muldoon’s property to board up the window at the property. He said kids may be able to get in if it isn’t boarded up.

The Historical Society will have a temporary home at the Methodist Church.  The Variety Show will be May 21st at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $10.

Mayor thanked the Windsor for donating 10% of proceeds for the Jermyn Sports.

The Events Committee will be getting ready for Spring planting and putting their Flower pots out. The Crime Watch 5k run is April 29th. Mayor said he had to fill out the census report for the census coming up.

We did not receive any money from the Federal Government from the snow storm, he said this is a disappoint because there was a lot of damage in our area but the rest of the state didn’t have any. The state did not meet the threshold of 18.2 million that they needed to meet to get the reimbursement.

Mayor said he was out the other night and there was a lady with a flat tire, Officer Calzola stopped and helped her change her tire. She was very happy that a police officer came out and helped. Mayor said everything in the police dept. is doing well, the officers are happy with the hours they are getting. The Chief is doing a good job, our crime is still down.

There is an IRS phone scam going around, people are getting calls saying it is the IRS and asking for a check.

Mayor thanked everyone for coming out and helping with the snow storm. It is harder on small communities because we do not have the resources the big communities have.

Mrs. Wilson said the last time we had the Variety show was in 2013, the council at that time had a full page ad and if we would like to do the full page ad naming all the council members and wishing everyone a good show it would be $11 per person for a full page ad.

Public Safety:Mr. Napoli said there is not an official head to the recreation commission right now. Mr. Napoli made a motion to allow the police to use the baseball field for the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15th at 10:00 a.m. seconded by Mr. Markey. Mr. Mark said as long as it is not the same day as the Knights of Columbus. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Napoli said there will be at least 5,000 eggs this year.

Mr. Napoli made a motion to accept the resignation of part time officer Dane Sorensen, seconded by Mr. Markey. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Napoli said he received a position in Greenfield Township. Mr. Mark said he was in Jessup this past week and spoke with the chief there. He commended our officers and said they are doing a fine job.

Zoning:Mr. Chase received a few zoning applications. He is working on one now with a sign. There will be a duplex house being built on the East side. There is usually a lot of activity in the Spring.

Engineer:Mr. Grizzanti has a set of plans for what was discussed at last meeting for 720 Lincoln Ave. He said it will be in the range of $3,000-$3,500. Mr. Kulick asked if we were going to talk to Mayfield about the costs. Mr. Grizzanti said he told Mayfield that Jermyn was going to talk to Sid Kavulich about the possibility of having the money to do the connection. Mr. Napoli asked about the water coming down from the road. They will do a little more of a paved lip at the driveway so the water does not come down and run over the driveway onto the properties. Mr. Kulick said we did not have any plans or anything to approach Sid Kavulich to discuss the sharing of costs. Mr. Grizzanti has a number for Robert Hunt for the property owner who owns the property across the street. Mr. Grizzanti said the pipe is completely intact both ways. Mr. Smith asked Mr. Grizzanti if the plans will help alleviate the situation. He said yes, it is going to stop that whistle pipe from clogging and spilling over the road onto the property. Our thought of also adding the catch basin on top and running it down the hill will also help. The water on top is coming from Mayfield. Mr. Mark said we would have to approach Mayfield. Mayor Smallacombe said we would have to approach the land owner because it would be running down his property. Mr. Napoli said to get the quotes and we can go to Mayfield with them. Mr. Grizzanti suggested getting 3 quotes. Mr. Smith said he thinks we should accept quotes as presented by Tony and we take a look at them at the next meeting and see what we can do after that. A motion was made by Mr. Smith to get 3 quotes based on KBA’s plans and have the quotes back for the next meeting on April 20, 2017, seconded by Mrs. Wilson. All in favor; motion carried. Tony will leave copies of the plans in the Borough office.

There was a hole that opened up on Garfield Ave; Jack Brennan’s property. Tony called up OSM to look at it; he did not hear anything back on this yet.

Mr. Kulick asked if there is anything new on the MS4. Mr. Grizzanti said Jermyn is not on the panic list. The city of Carbondale is since the meeting. Mr. Kulick, Mr. Markey and Mr. Napoli attended the MS4 presentation. Mr. Kulick said it is a big financial issue waiting to happen. Mr. Markey said he read in the PSAB newsletter that they are looking at the possibility of making it legal for Municipalities to be able to assess a fee to residents for MS4 Storm Water Management.

Fire Chief:Mr. Rood said the house next to Battenberg Funeral home is flooded in the basement. He was able to see at least 4 ft. of water. He called the water co. to shut the water main off and PPL to pull the meter. The number on the building he called is a company that does maintenance or overlooks the property. The house is owned by a bank. He was concerned because he couldn’t get in the house to pump it out. He asked if there is any way to get a number for someone who is in charge of the house. He said there was no way to get a hold of anyone. Mr. Kulick asked what number is on there. Mr. Rood said it is a Sheriff’s sale number and the mortgage company. Mr. Kulick said the bank hired someone to manage the property. Mr. Kulick said at some point it would become an emergency situation. Mayor Smallcombe said if someone else’s property is at risk we will do something. Mr. Rood said the river levels are ok.

Tax Collector:There was 4 checks, 2 for the garbage and 2 for the real estate taxes.

Solicitor:There is a resolution regarding the Covered Recycling Act. It is a resolution that would be submitted to the Commonwealth Legislatures asking to amend the act due to some problems that a lot of people are having across the state. The manufacturers are supposed to cover costs of recycling and buy back of their materials for their electronics but they only have to go up to a certain quota and then after that the recycling centers get full and start upping their prices. This causes people to start discarding their electronics in the woods or in the street. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Napoli to pass the resolution amending the covered device recycling act. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Mark asked if this should be passed down to other Boroughs and they can join in on this. Mr. Markey said we will get a copy of it and send it to the Lackawanna Recycling Coordinator and she will send it to everyone.

We received a Right to Know request and we are asking for an extension. It is regarding a collective bargaining agreement with the police.

Atty. Harrison talked to the attorney representing the buyer of the DPW garage, his idea is to split the cost of the realty transfer tax on the sale and his client will not seek any future contribution for the siren in regards to the electricity. The estimate would be about $400-$700 to split the cost. Mr. Markey said the only concern is if he does not pay the electric bill the siren would be shut off. Atty. Harrison said it would be in the agreement of sale and also to access of the building. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Parks to split the realty transfer tax in lieu of any further compensation by the Borough for electrical services. All in favor; motion carried.

Atty. Harrison said they are working on having 3 simple ordinances to replace the International Property Maintenance Code. Mr. Kulick attended a seminar by the PSAB and said for a town like us we do not need the International Property Maintenance Code. We need something concise and simple for whoever the code officer is doesn’t have to look through a big book. The 3 ordinances will have the fines listed. These will take the place of the International Property Maintenance Code, making it very simple and easy to follow.

DPW:Mr. Markey said the state did not meet the 18.2 million dollars for the storm. We were only able to submit our worst 48 hours. Our worst 48 hours that we submitted for would have been for the Friday after the storm to Sunday after the storm. Our biggest expense was for storm removal from Virbitsky’s. We put in for $7,802.39 for reimbursement from the Federal Government, which includes the snow removal expense. What we actually spent includes DPW workers time that were already working anyway and truck hours, fuel were almost $19,000. Mr. Markey said our biggest added expense was the snow removal. Mr. Markey thanked all of the DPW that helped during the storm; the full time and part time. They did a wonderful job; they were working around the clock. Mr. Markey said during the storm we were able to test our new Rapid Cast system. He said it worked very well for us, we had a couple technology glitches during the storm but it worked out.

PPL is starting the street light conversion to LED lighting. Mayor Smallcombe said the lights make a big difference. Mr. Markey said we can convert the baseball field lights to LED with no upfront cost. He said there is no upfront cost and we will save $14.58 per month. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to contact PPL and have them convert the lights at the field over to LED, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor; motion carried.

The recycling truck has been sold and picked up. We deposited the money into the DPW Capital Reserve Account. Archbald Borough purchased the truck.

The DPW committee went out and looked at potential sites for a new DPW garage. The 3 sites in question, the first 2; Mr. Parks found out they are owned by Bardane’s. Mr. Parks went to verify and spoke to them there. Mr. Parks said they would look into it and told them how much we need. They would entertain the idea and prefer we took the track side of the property. The third site is 22,000 sq. ft. on Powder Mill Ln. which is by the Heritage Trail and access to the sewer plant. Mr. Markey said he asked the solicitor to look at what we own there. Mr. Markey said we are going to do a cost analysis on what it would cost to purchase the property from Bardane’s and to see what it would cost to run utilities on the property we currently own off of Powder Mill Ln. Mayor Smallacombe said to make sure it is not in a flood zone. Mr. Smith asked about the property across from the Pallet Company. Mr. Markey said they have everything rented out there. Mr. Chase said it will be rented for a few more months.

Mr. Markey said we are going to need to put a new drain pipe across the road right by the Crystal Fire Co. the corner of Bacon and Madison. He said it is failing right now. Mr. Markey said we are going to have to dig up the road to put new pipe in.

Mr. Markey said that UGI has been getting pave cut permits from us and they have not been paying the invoices. UGI was sent two copies of the invoice. Mr. Smith asked if we just passed the new ordinance on this for the pave cut fees. Mr. Markey said yes.

Mr. Kulick asked Mr. Markey what the situation is with the lawn tractors. Mr. Markey said we are down to one and that is the one we bought last year. Mr. Markey said he has some costs on different used ones and also some costs on some new ones. Mr. Markey said if we go with a John Deere dealer we would get COSTARS pricing and we can also finance so we do not have to incur a huge cost all at once.

PUBLIC SAFETY:Mr. Napoli wants to remind everyone about the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15th.

FINANCE:Mr. Smith said he will be in touch with Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Markey early next week to set up a meeting for the Finance Committee. They will review the first quarter for this year and will try to make some adjustments where they can. Mr. Smith said they will report back to council for the first meeting in May.

RECREATION/SHADE TREE:Mrs. Wilson said she has not heard from the recreation committee in a while and since the head of the commission resigned that may be the reason why she has not heard from them. Mr. Napoli said he believes this happened within the last week. Mr. Markey said he does not think anyone ever received a letter of resignation. Mr. Smith suggested that Mrs. Wilson should contact the recreation commission to set up a meeting to see where they are at and try to get a chair person for the commission.

Clean up month is coming up and the town wide yard sale advertising will be going up. Mrs. Wilson said all the advertising will be going up after Easter. They will be going to the schools for Arbor Day.

Mrs. Wilson said the cans that the Events Committee put out are not being picked up by the garbage company. The one in front of Sterling Pharmacy is not being picked up. Mrs. Wilson said Sterling has it in under their awning so it does not get filled up with water and it may be the reason why it is getting ignored. Mr. Napoli said may be because its back by the store the garbage company may think it is the stores and they do not want to touch it.

Mrs. Wilson said the day that we had all the snow we were unable to fax. The new phone and fax system is all on the computer. Mrs. Wilson suggested we have two ways to fax. She said if there is an emergency and we have to hard copy fax we should be able to. If the police fax is hard copied not e-fax would there be any objections to that? Mayor Smallacombe said it is definitely a good idea to have an alternate fax. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Mark to have a dedicated fax line in the police department. All in favor; motion carried.

GYM DOORS:Mrs. Wilson said we received partial payment on one set of double doors last year. The second set of double doors we did not get an estimate on to send to them and it has been over a year. Mrs. Wilson said she contacted Bear Prints and Mr. Gasper more than once. We received one quote from Art Tech Glass. The quote is for $5,740.00 Mrs. Wilson said half of that we received from last year and the other half, since we are not getting our heating and air conditioning in here we can use that half until we square away with the insurance company. Mr. Smith said our last meeting with Joe Garvey our auditor; the Borough is not in great financial position. It seems that we keep spending; Mr. Smith said it is not against anyone’s proposal. He said our budget was blown by a legitimate expense in the snow removal department. If we keep spending like this, we are going to be in trouble and he does not believe we should approve this or anything until the Finance Committee meets. Mr. Smith’s recommendation to council is that we wait until the finance committee meets and that we not spend money anymore. Mrs. Wilson said she agrees but if there is a break in in the building and there is damage, the insurance company will not pay anything until the doors are fixed. Mrs. Wilson said this year we budgeted $5,000 for a heat/AC pump for this room and it was downed last meeting and we are not getting it now. Mr. Smith said that is not true, we are getting air conditioners in this room and the cost is going to be less. Mr. Markey said we had $4,800 budgeted and the cost is going to be about $1,640. Mrs. Wilson said basically we have the money for those doors. Mr. Markey asked if the money is in the general fund or is it sitting in a separate account. It is in the general fund, we received the money last July. Mr. Smith said we have a problem and our number one concern is to take care of the residents. Mr. Hunt sat here tonight and we have a problem with his property. Mr. Smith said in his opinion that has to be taken care of number one, it was not budgeted. Mr. Mark said this problem should have been solved when the Rosmelia’s had the problem. Mr. Parks said the problem continues because the stuff coming down from the hill isn’t going into the drain properly and going over the driveway. The water was not supposed to go over the driveway but the previous homeowner’s didn’t want a blacktop berm in the driveway because they said they said it would cause damage to their vehicles going over the driveway. Mr. Kulick asked what risk are we taking by not fixing the doors. Mr. Smith asked on the $5,000 did we receive half already. Mrs. Wilson said we submitted a claim for one door. We did not submit for two doors. Mr. Chase gave a price for one door and later on looked and saw the other door was damaged. No one knew the other door was damaged until Mr. Chase looked at it. We received about $2,300 from the insurance company. Mr. Smith said it doesn’t make sense, we got money from the insurance company and nothing was done.

Mr. Smith asked where are we going to get the $7,000 to pay for the snow removal. Mrs. Wilson said these doors need to be fixed before there is an emergency. Mr. Napoli said didn’t we make $7,000 on the new rental fee. Mr. Kulick asked Mr. Chase about the specifications on the quote if we have to have these. Mr. Chase responded yes because they are fire doors.

Mrs. Wilson made a motion to have the gym doors replaced and contact Art Tech Glass Co. Mrs. Wilson said it has been a long time coming it has almost been a whole year. No motion carried lack of second motion. Mr. Smith said we will come back with a recommendation.

Parking Lot:Mrs. Wilson said we have the grant money to pave the parking lot. It is for $50,000. She is not sure of the time limit it has to be used by. Mr. Kulick said he knows we have some time on it, at least until 2018 to do something. Mr. Markey asked why we can’t put it out for bid. Mrs. Wilson said it will be well more than $50,000. Mr. Smith said there is money set aside for the parking lot; we do not know what it is going to cost. KBA gave us an estimate of $106,000. Mr. Parks said to put it out for bid and we can always deny the bids. Mrs. Wilson made a motion to put the parking lot paving project out for bid as per specs by KBA, seconded by Mr. Parks. 6 yeas, 1 no. Motion carried.

Mr. Mark had a meeting with Representative Sid Kavulich in regards to the DPW truck. He will fund the truck through the gaming money. It is for $71,070. We will have to fill out the paperwork. Mr. Mark said with this flood control project we are going to be responsible for maintenance he said to make sure we put in for a truck or equipment that we are going to need to clean that out. We should be able to get that through the money Senator Blake has on the side.

Mr. Kulick said he sent Senator Blake a message about the money that was given to other municipalities. He asked if we did something wrong and what we need to do so we do not get bypassed again. Senator Blake mentioned we got the roof put on a few years ago.


The Lackawanna Heritage Valley Trail sent a contribution request for the maintenance of the trail. Mr. Parks said we did not agree to do the maintenance. Mr. Markey said we got the same bill last year and we never paid for it.

April 19th Lackawanna County of Economic Development at 4:00 p.m. located at the 6th floor conference room at the Lackawanna County Administration Building there will be a meeting in regards to grants.

Mr. Kulick said we have sent out the certified letters to the rental property violators. One of them responded and the others have not picked up their certified mail. The solicitor will look into this.

There are some properties that are not paying the correct amount of garbage fees. They have several units and are only paying 1 garbage fee. We are sending out letters along with invoices for the correct amount of garbage fees they should be paying.

Public Comment:

Basil Kleha said the new LED lights brighten the town a lot better and it is a big improvement.

Mr. Smith asked Mr. Rood how the river is. Mr. Rood said it is good the water was not even half way up.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.











Minutes March 2, 2017

Jermyn Borough Council Minutes March 2, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on March 2, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, and Joseph Smith. Absent were: John Mark and JoAnne Wilson Also present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Tony Grizzanti; KBA, Fire Chief Ray Rood, Zoning Officer Bob Chase, Atty. Christopher Harrison, Dylan Reeves and Evan Samuelsen; Junior Councilmen.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Markey to accept the February 16, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mr. Parks; all in favor, motion carried.

SOLICITOR:Mr. Kreizer from County Waste is requesting a signed copy of the garbage contract. He thought he sent it here to be signed. Atty. Harrison said they sent him a new copy to be signed.

The deed is drafted for the sale of the DPW garage, also the agreement of sale. Atty. Harrison said he will give the buyer’s attorney the agreement of sale to look over. They will do a title search. First we need the agreement of sale which can take a couple of weeks.

Atty. Harrison said by law we can have a third party agency administer the code for the code enforcement officer. The party mentioned was NEIC. Mr. Kulick asked if there was a fee schedule. Atty. Harrison said they do not have a fee schedule but they will obtain it.

ORDINANCES:Fire Company Reimbursement Ordinance #3-17: To obtain reimbursement through a person’s insurance policy when emergency services are rendered.

Mr. Rood asked what happens with just accidents and ambulances. We sub contract to William Walker for our accidents and ambulance. Mr. Napoli said they go after the automobile insurance and it would encompass everything. Mr. Smith asked if the fee schedule is set or can it change from person to person. Atty. Harrison said right now the fire companies can set their fee schedule. Mr. Rood said the insurance companies probably have a maximum. Mr. Markey said that pump details are customarily not covered under an insurance policy which is something we would not be able to bill for. Most insurance policies that he has seen have a clause in there that pays emergency services up for $500.00. Mr. Smith asked if we are billing $500 for every fire. Mr. Napoli said it is for an actual structural fire. If there is something that services are rendered to actually put out a fire or provide services that is covered under renters or homeowners insurance. Mr. Smith asked if the fire company is billing them. Mr. Napoli and Mr. Markey said yes. Mr. Rood said if it is not in your insurance policy we are not going to bill the homeowners. Mr. Napoli said we will directly go to the insurance companies, we will not charge the individual. Mr. Markey said if there is a case where someone is not insured it does not make any sense to bill them. Mr. Smith said it would be fair if we had a standard fee for everyone. The fire company can come up with their own fee schedule. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to accept the Fire Ordinance as written and advertised, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor; motion carried.

Tax Collector Ordinance #4-17: Setting Forth additional obligations of tax collector. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to pass the tax collector ordinance as read and advertised, seconded by Mr. Parks. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Markey said to notify the current tax collector and we require a report by the March 16, 2017 meeting.

RECYCLING TRUCK:The Borough of Archbald wrote a letter to purchase the 2014 Freightliner Recycling Truck in the amount of $10,466.00. Mr. Kulick said we talked about advertising this but the bottom line is we cannot get more than $10,466.00 for it. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Smith to allow the sale of the Recycling Truck to the Borough of Archbald for $10,466.00 upon approval by DEP. All in favor; motion carried.

STORM ISSUES:Mr. Kulick, Mr. Napoli, Mr. Markey and Tony Fuga rode around town. Mr. Kulick said the creek was dangerously high. There are two problem areas. 720 Lincoln and 298 Delaware. Mr. Kulick said the minutes of our meetings we talked about 720 Lincoln for the last few months. The water is coming from Mayfield. Tony Grizzanti said the water coming from Mayfield is historic and that is why 10 years ago the County gave Jermyn $200,xxx to put in that system. It was put in 2008, up until recently it worked. It clogs up the pipe and the catch basin that is there sits to high and overwhelms it and flies across the road. Tony said Mr. Hunt and his neighbor have a problem with ground water during storm; the water is coming up in the basement. They are associating that with the pipe. Tony looked in the pipe and it is perfectly secured. He wants to get into the catch basin and see what it is down there. The grate is welded on there and he was unable to get it off. Tony said we need to create a little bowl there and get rid of the 15 inch pipe. The catch basin is 7 ft. deep with a 3ft. riser. We can lower it a foot and a half. Tony said it would be about $4,000-$5,000. Mr. Hunt also wants all the trees cut down across the street from him because all the leaves coming down and blocking the drains. Mr. Parks said there was an issue after the project was done, within months to a year after it was originally put in.

Tony said the sewer issue over at the Woodlands is not a Borough issue. It is a private lateral that runs from their house between the two yards and hits the Borough line at the bottom. They have some concerns that other people may be tied into their line. They are going to try and clean it out and camera it and see who is tied into their line.

Mr. Markey said Roto Rooter came out there the other day across from 11 Old Mill. And checked the manhole and said the sewer is clogged. Tony said there is such little sewage going through there and it sits there. He said having someone go over and jetting it out every once in a while isn’t a bad idea. Mr. Markey asked if we can hire the Sewer Authority to clean it out Tony said yes and also suggested Archbald Borough. Mr. Parks said the top of the woodlands, the manhole there we had Roto- Rooter there in 2010 and they broke their camera tract because of the roots.

Mr. Kulick read aloud a letter that was sent from Diane Truman of 248 Delaware. The pipe is full of debris and after the storm on Saturday the water was as high as the bottom step of the porch. Mr. Parks said the pipe is actually lower than what it should be, back in 2005-2006 when we paved Delaware the paving company paved right over it. The pipe was replaced and Mr. Parks suggested at the time to put it further down. Tony said the amount of water that runs down that street just continues down. Mr. Parks said the suggestion at the time was to run the pipe down to Bottler’s but it was too costly. Mr. Markey asked besides torrential downpours like the one we had on Saturday is this ever a problem. Mayor Smallacombe said it is to the resident. Mr. Parks said it can be cleaned out and solve some of the problem.

JOHNSON CT.:The renter has a permit for a fence and shed. The renter is saying that there was damage to her property by plowing. Also, there was discussion about the possibility of opening that road again. The renter is worried where their land is. Mr. Markey said it is her responsibility to find out if she is putting up the fence on her property. The property is owned by Carl Snyder. Mr. Markey said this was discussed last meeting. There is a dispute of whether it is Borough property or private property in regards to the renter issue. It is private property. Mr. Parks said it was never a Borough road. Mayor Smallacombe said it was never opened up and used. The renter is saying she has a permit for the shed and fence, the fence is going where the DPW plows and she wants to know if it or isn’t her property. Mr. Chase said she has to prove where her property is. Mr. Parks said it should be up the resident to prove that it is her property, not the Borough. Mr. Chase will call the renter. Mr. Chase also said he did not sign that permit.

Mr. Markey said we now have a complaint log for Borough residents and he asks all of council, fire chief, zoning and engineer to forward the messages to the Borough secretary and we will have a log so everything is centralized in one place.

RESOLUTION FOR MUNICIPAL PENSION PLAN:It is required to have a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the pension plan. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the municipal pension plan resolution. All in favor; motion carried.

CDBG:Lackawanna County Community Development Grant, proposals need to be in June 16, 2017. Mayor Smallacombe said you have to find an area where it is low income to be qualified. Mr. Parks said we used to be qualified until the developments came. Mayor Smallacombe said there are still some things we can do for example handicapped accessible, intersections, handicapped curbed and sidewalks. The hearing is on Wed. April 19th for more information regarding the grant.

RENTAL AFFIDAVIT:A letter was sent to council in regards to the rental permits. A property at 204 Delaware stating that the property is not a rental and it is co-owned. Mr. Parks said there are two sisters that live there. Mr. Markey asked if they are rental units. Mr. Markey said after we pass this affidavit can we get them taken off the rental list so this does not happen again next year. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to release the Yurkanin’s from the rental unit permit fee, seconded by Mr. Parks. All in favor, motion carried.

Scott Outman submitted an affidavit to council for the rental permit. Mr. Chase said he started fixing the house up and has not worked on it in two years. Mr. Chase said he would keep it on the list for next year because when it gets sold it can be a rental. Mr. Markey asked if it was a single dwelling and isn’t the ordinance for multi-dwelling. Mr. Parks said no it is for any property that is a rental. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to release Mr. Outman from his rental permit fee, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Kulick said last year we collected about $700 in rental fees, this year we are up to about $8,000.

Mr. Chase asked if we have a list of where the rentals are and he would like to see the list because he may know one or two that are rentals and are probably not on that list. Mr. Markey said he can see the list.

PUBLIC COMMENT:Robert Hunt 720 Lincoln Ave- He said it has been 5 months he said something about the water at his house. Tony Grizzanti said he does not think the Borough will go in and cut down the trees at the private property. We need to lower the catch basin and build a bowl to get the water in. Mr. Hunt said the trees are still going to block up the drain. Tony said if we get a bowl there with rocks, we still have to maintain it. Mr. Hunt said this problem has been going on for 6 months. Mr. Kulick said it has been discussed a few times and we were waiting on KBA to go look at the issue. Mr. Hunt said the water is coming up out of the ground somewhere. Tony said there is no way for that storm water to get into the ground and coming into the basement if it is not coming from that pipe. If that pipe is intact and the water coming over from Mayfield is running over the ground, that’s not the water that is coming up in the basement which is a completely different issue. Then it gets a little trickier as to who looks for that problem. Mr. Hunt also said the water coming down is going over the neighbor’s driveway and into his yard because there is no curb. Mr. Parks said the curb isn’t there because the previous owner complained that the curb was causing their vehicle to bottom out. Mr. Hunt asked what the timeline is. Tony said he can put a proposal together. Mayor Smallacombe asked if we can write a letter to Mayfield because it is there water that is coming into Jermyn. Tony said they can also build a catch basin on top of the hill and pipe it down the hill. Tony said we would still need the basin down below. Mayor Smallacombe said we can try and catch the water on top and it would eliminate the overflow that comes down and goes across the street. Mr. Kulick asked if KBA can get a proposal on what we discussed. Mayor Smallacombe said this would be joint municipality project and it would be easier to get grant money through one of our state representatives. Mr. Smith told Tony we first have to observe the problem and then come back in 2 weeks with your recommendation to council and we can decide what we are going to do. Tony said he will also talk to Mayor Chelik. Mr. Hunt asked who’s responsible for the fallen trees in the road. The roots are all showing from the water and the trees are going to fall. Tony said we can ask the land owner and see if it is a hazard and we can inform the land owner. Mayor Smallacombe said he would volunteer to do the work involving the catch basin and riser.

BOROUGH SECRETARY:Mr. Kulick said because of the amount of work and time needed to take care of everyday borough business that we increase the borough secretary’s hours by an hour and a half a day. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to increase Cara Frankosky’s to an hour and a half a day. All in favor; motion carried.

DPW TRUCK:Mr. Mark had lunch with representative Kavulich who indicated he would be receptive to helping us get funding for a new DPW truck. Mr. Markey will drop off the specifications of the truck to Mr. Mark.

DELINQUENT GARBAGE:We are sending out letters for delinquent garbage fee bills for those who have not paid in 2016. They will have 30 days to pay their bill or we will stop collecting their garbage. If it is delinquent it goes to the Lackawanna County Tax Claim Bureau. The county collects our delinquent taxes and garbage fees.

FIRE SIREN:Mr. Kulick said we received 1 estimate on the electrical work that would be needed to rewire the siren to a separate meter. Mr. Kulick said he has done some research and read that many boroughs within the state have eliminated the fire siren. Mr. Rood said we do not need it for the fire service but by Federal Law we may need it for Emergency Services such as flooding, natural disasters. We need some kind of warning device to notify the people. Mr. Markey said if there was a flood or tornado right now we have the same tone as if there was a fire and people would think it was just a fire. Mr. Rood said as far as for the fire services with the pagers we have, not everyone has pagers, for us a pager is $500.00. Mr. Rood said instead of spending that kind of money to separate the meter, we are better off to make a deal with the buyer and give him a certain amount of money each month that goes towards the siren. Mr. Chase asked why he is buying the DPW garage. Mr. Napoli said he is going to use it for storage for his sound system business. Mr. Rood said he will need to contact the buyer if he wants access to the siren. Mr. Napoli said the buyer will give us access to be able to shut off or turn on the siren and if we need to get up to it we can give the buyer a call and be more than willing to come down and let us in.

AIR CONDITIONER:Mr. Markey said we resurfaced that heating/cooling issue in council chambers. We budgeted for $4,800 to buy an HVAC unit. We spoke about how our main issue is noise in the summer time when we have the air conditioners going. The heater still works fine and through the 4 hours of month that we need it heated during the month it isn’t a big deal. Mr. Markey was asked to get some prices on replacement air conditioners last meeting. Mr. Markey received the prices. Friedrich 24,000 BTU chill/heat window Air conditioner, it will cool it in the summer and heat in the winter. They are regular window units. The price is $819 each, we will probably need two. This will be $1,600 rather than $4,800 to take care of a room we are in twice a month. Mr. Smith said anything that will cool the room down and we can conduct business in a normal sense and is not going to cost us as much is a good idea. Mr. Napoli asked how we are going to get them and installed. Mr. Markey said DPW is going to take care of it. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr., Napoli to purchase two Freidrich air conditioners for $819/ each to be installed by the DPW workers. All in favor, motion carried.

SHADE TREE:The Shade Tree is requesting approval for the following activities:

Arbor Day- Wednesday April 26, 2017 tentative at 6:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center.

Jermyn Clean up Month- April 22 to May 20.

Jermyn Town-Wide Yard Sale May 6th & May 7th.

Mr. Markey asked for the Arbor Day event did they fill out an application to use the gym. Mr. Parks said they use the Legions room.

Mr. Markey said May 7th is the Crystal’s chicken BBQ. Mayor Smallacombe said it will help because you will have people riding through town. Mr. Markey asked why it says “in partnership with Council.” Mr. Kulick said we are just endorsing it and Shade Tree is asking for the police, fire police and DPW to assist if necessary. Mr. Markey said he does not think DPW will assist. Mr. Smith said personally we should not be involved anything more than giving our approval. Mr. Markey said what happens on Monday May 8th when people have their stuff all over the place and DPW has to pick it up. Mayor Smallacombe said they should not be involved in anyway. Mr. Smith said if they want to contact the police department and secure policeman or fire police that is on their own. Mr. Smith said the only thing we should do is say yes to the event and limit it to that. Mr. Markey said if the Borough is going to sponsor a town wide yard sale then people will think the can throw their stuff on the sidewalk. Mr. Parks said they have to clean up after they have their yard sale it is their responsibility. A motion was made by Mr. Parks and seconded by Mr. Smith to allow the Shade Tree to sponsor the events listed in their request with the blessings of council but without assistance. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Kulick said we have our normal police patrols on that weekend.

OTHER:Mr. Smith asked if we are going to do the Electronics Recycling Drive this year. Mr. Markey said the Lackawanna County Recycling Center is now up to $2.00/LB. The County Recycling Coordinator is trying to get them to host a week or two weeks where there is no charge. Our other option is that we can use the vendor we used last time and he took everything for free. If we use the vendor we will be stuck with all old TV’s here and we will have to bring them down to the recycling center and get charged for them. We either pick a date or decide to do it and we use the same vendor or we wait until The Recycling Center has a drive. Mr. Markey said he was contacted by someone in Mayfield and they will collect our electronics and pay us for it, we still have the issue that they will not take the CRT’s either. Mr. Smith said maybe we should wait for the Recycling Center and see what they come up with before we set the date. Mr. Markey said a lot of people do not have an outlet to drop off their CRT and they will bring it in here from out of town.

Mayor Smallacombe attended an event with the County. Every Community was represented there. He spoke about the history of Jermyn, we have two fire companies, we have volunteers and organizations and about our parks here within the Borough. They gave us a copy of the new County Logo to put on the glass windows of the doors.

Mr. Markey asked who owns the old Jermyn Discount Market. The owner’s brother lives in the basement. Chief Arthur went to talk to them and no one answered.

Mr. Rood said the property at 536 Washington that was going to be torn down has been changed to being rebuilt. The right side will be dug out and they will put a new foundation in and it will be redone with 4 apartments. Mr. Rood said there is money available through Senator Blake for tearing down buildings but they have to be condemned first. The red house should have been condemned first. Mr. Rood said one of the reasons why he gave up code enforcement because the owner of the red house should have been fined after he received the letter. Mr. Rood said we still do not have a fee schedule set up. His recommendation is to get a third party inspection be the code enforcement because they have the certification. Mr. Kulick said we have to see what the costs are. Mr. Markey said you look at others town what they may consider Main St. there are some who are really trying to improve. There is a lot of thru traffic, not a lot of foot traffic; he wants to see what we can do as leaders in the community to improve that. Mr. Markey was asking Mr. Chase about the zoning on Main St. he does not know what we can do but he has been looking at a lot of different Facebook pages about local municipal leaders and seeing all these ideas.  Mr. Kulick said the problem is 70 percent of our Main St. is multi-unit buildings. Mayor Smallacombe said the store fronts we had turned into apartment buildings. The people who own the buildings do not live in town and they just rent them out. Mr. Markey said the windows are not properly boarded up in regards to the red house on Washington. We are still in the same situation we were in months ago. Mayor Smallacombe said we fine them under the ordinance we have. Mr. Rood said we cannot do anything until he lets us in there to inspect the building to say it is unsound and needs to come down. Mayor Smallacombe said it can be considered a dangerous structure ordinance; it is not boarded up properly. Mr. Markey said we should have been going after the owner for the past 6 months. Mr. Markey said we need to find a new code enforcement officer whether it is an individual or a business, set up a fee schedule and stop dragging our feet. Everything is the same way it was a year ago and he has been told about 3 houses in the 700 block of Madison that are in the same boat with critters running in and out. Mr. Rood said there are about 5 other properties that should have been cited. Mr. Markey said we have to keep moving forward and keep improving this town and we have to take the right steps. Mr. Markey told Atty. Harrison to do what he has to do and we need to find a code enforcement officer. Mr. Rood’s advice is to sit down with NEIC and ask how they would handle this and what would the initial fee be for the first letter.

Mr. Smith asked Mr. Rood to specifically say why he resigned. Mr. Rood said it took away from his business so much and his hands were tied with the red house. Mr. Rood said since that 14 day window that he received his letter he should have been getting fined but there is no fine schedule set up. Mr. Smith said there was a meeting two months ago in regards to the schedule; he thought we had started the process. Mr. Rood said Atty. Moran said he had a fee schedule to go by. Mr. Smith said we have one big problem that we have been dealing with for years, lets focus our attention on getting this done right. Let’s start off where we left off and be aggressive in how we pursue this. It might cost us money but in the long run it will be worth it, once people realize that there are teeth behind this and we enforce these codes it makes a difference. Mr. Smith said if we are going to let it go then we are not going to enforce any ordinance. Mr. Napoli said for the next meeting we need to have Atty. Moran’s office get us the fee schedule so we have a set fee schedule. Atty. Harrison said the one we obtained from Archbald was the wrong fee schedule. Mr. Smith said let’s make this red building our number one focus right now and not worry about anything else until we get this straightened out. Mr. Kulick asked if we have to go through the court to fine them $100/ per day. Atty. Harrison said no the Borough itself would through the ordinance. Mr. Kulick said we have an ordinance for the rental units, the next step is to start fining $100 per day up to 5 days and after the 5 days by ordinance we can go shut that rental property down. There are still several people who have not paid for their rental permits. They have been sent notifications and the process of being fined $100 per day will start. Mr. Chase asked if the tenants know that the landlord has not paid. Mr. Kulick said the tenants probably don’t have a clue. Mr. Markey asked if we should post a courtesy letter on the door of each apartment building. Mayor Smallacombe said we have to give them a 30 day notice to get out of the building. Mr. Kulick said we will send the registered letter to the owners telling them effective Monday they will be fine $100 a day if they do not pay the fine by the date on the notice the tenants will be given notice they have 30 days to leave the property.

Mr. Kulick said this town like any other town when they made the decision to have a Borough manager that was the right decision but was made with the wrong person because there is so much stuff in the day to day administration of a government municipality that you need a good qualified Borough Manager. Mr. Parks agreed. Mr. Kulick said we all put in a lot of time. Mr. Smith said the idea of a Borough Manager is extremely important; everyone on this council has something to do in their business or personal life. The Borough Manager was hired to do specific jobs which were to tend to the wishes of council. He said the last step to take was the hardest step and it was taken and we improved ourselves, like everything else you learn from your experiences.

Mr. Kulick said we need to continue to educate ourselves. The problem in the past and last year that we do not educate ourselves, we do not go to seminars. Mr. Smith asked Mr. Markey if we eliminated that part time assistant position. Mr. Markey said we kept it in the budget for $1,000. Mr. Smith said we kept it so we can send the Borough Secretary to classes without having to close the office.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Smith to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.

Minutes February 16, 2017

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

February 16, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on February 16, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, John Mark, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, and JoAnne Wilson. Absent were: Joseph Smith, Robert Chase & Dylan Reeves; Junior Councilman. Also present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Dennis Kutch; KBA, Fire Chief Ray Rood, Atty. Christopher Harrison & Evan Samuelsen; Junior Councilman.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Napoli to accept the February 2, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mr. Markey; all in favor, motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:General Fund $54,686.04, Liquid Fuels $6,236.78, Refuse $72,068.68. Total disbursements including 3 periods of payroll $77,588.43. Total deposits $33,341.37. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Mark to accept the treasurer’s report. All in favor; motion carried. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Parks to accept the bills as presented. All in favor; motion carried.

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION:Debbie’s Floral Boutique was awarded a certificate of recognition for its demonstrated commitment to the business community of Jermyn. On behalf of council and the Borough of Jermyn we recognize the accomplishments and distinguished service on their 40th Anniversary of Successful Business. Debbie Kleha accepted the certificate. She started her flower business when she was 17 years old. Mayor Smallacombe said this is a very large achievement for anyone to be in business for 40 years in one community.

PROCLAMATION:A proclamation honoring Mary D’Elia Marrara. Jermyn Borough pays tribute to Mary Marrara of Jermyn, PA, who has spent her life dedicated to charitable causes and who magnanimously volunteers her time and profuse talents to the community. The Jermyn Borough Council on behalf of the citizens of Jermyn extend congratulations and best wishes to Mary Marrara-2016 UNICAN OF THE YEAR; UNICO Scranton Chapter. Mayor Smallacombe said Mary is being honored at a dinner on March 4th at 6:00 p.m. at Genetti’s.

MAYOR REPORT:Mayor Smallacombe announced he will not be seeking another term as Mayor in this upcoming election.

Mayor received a Thank you letter from SCI Waymart and it was signed by all of the guards at the prison.

POLICE:There are 619 incidents so far to date. Mayor said our Police Dept. was very helpful in the bank robbery in Carbondale. He was up there that day and saw our police cars up there. Chief Arthur attended a gang seminar. There were people walking around town mapping out poles for a power grid.

Mayor Smallacombe wants to make all senior citizens aware of the scams going around on the telephone. People are calling senior citizens trying to get their credit card information. Also, there are calls being made saying “Can you hear me,” When you respond “YES” they will use your response to try and get credit card information.

There were also people pretending to be workers for the power company that were going around other nearby Borough’s trying to get access into your house. Mayor Smallacombe said he wants the senior citizens to know to check their badge and do not let anyone in your house. Call the police department and check with them.

The Historical Society met and they received a price quote for insurance for liability for $700.00. Also the insurance costs for renters insurance and what they will have to pay to move into the Methodist Church. He said they highly doubt they will be able to move and it does not look like the Historical Society will have a home.

The Events Committee met and discussed their annual concert in the park. They also discussed their annual picnic. The concert in the park will be in July. The picnic will be in September at Aylesworth Park and is open to all organizations in the Borough. The show The Mayor is trying to put together to raise funds for all organizations in the Borough that agreed to go in with it is scheduled for May 21st pending approval from the Recreation Commission to use the gym. The show is in the works and it will feature Dani-elle Kleha; our local recording artist. Mayor Smallacombe said it will be a very good show, people are already responding to purchase tickets when they become available. 5 organizations in the Borough will benefit from the show.

The Crime Watch met and they are planning their 5k run. Mayo Smallacombe said it looks like it will be a very successful 5k run. Everyone is welcome to come to the meetings and participate. The more people involved in the Crime watch; the better. Mayor Smallacombe said the Crime Watch is the eyes of the community.

Chief Arthur said the people that are doing the power grid have been in town multiple days; he said if people see that someone is suspicious please call the police. He encourages residents to be vigilant.

FIRE CHIEF:Ray Rood attended the State Fire Academy classes.

ENGINEER REPORT:Mr. Kutch said we can put a low clearance sign on Bridge St. Pen Dot does not want one on Rt. 107

Mr. Kutch has plans from DEP for the additional right of way plan for the Rushbrook Creek Project.

 SOLICITOR:Atty. Harrison said the ordinances for the fire co reimbursement and the tax collector requirements will be advertised tomorrow in the Carbondale News and will be ready for the March 2, 2017 meeting. They are in contact with Atty. Jeff Nepa to setup a meeting in regards to the red house. The deed is drafted for the DPW property. Mr. Kulick asked if there is a date on that for closing. Atty. Harrison said there is not a date yet.

PUBLIC SAFETY:Mr. Napoli made a motion for the on duty police officer to get paid 4 hours noon to 4 p.m. holiday pay on half day holidays, seconded by Mrs. Wilson. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Napoli said when a police officer is not on duty and they have a court hearing in Scranton they get a court fee. Right now it is $35.00, they have called surrounding areas and it is up around $80.00 in some places. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli to increase the fee from $35.00 to $50.00 to attend a court hearing in Scranton, seconded by Mr. Markey. All in favor; motion carried.

Chief Arthur is looking into getting suicide hotline signs made.

Mr. Napoli made a motion to move Officer Hayes from probationary to full time rate, seconded by Mr. Markey. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Napoli gave council a copy of the “Above and Beyond” form for the emergency services. They will be available in the police station as of March 1, 2017 for all.

SHADE TREE/RECREATION:Mrs. Wilson provided council with a Shade Tree Treasurer’s report, bank statement and new officers. The new membership will take effect June 1, 2017. New Chair- Ann Boylan, Vice Chair- Paul Pidgeon, Secretary- Laureen Pidgeon, Treasurer, JoAnne Wilson (non-member), Publicity- Mary Perrault, Landscape Coordinator- Donald Miller, Volunteer Coordinator- John Coleman, Ex-officio- Nicholas Matise.

They are going to change their meeting dates. Mrs. Wilson said at times it does not warrant having a monthly meeting.  Mr. Markey had a question on the staff of the Shade Tree. Mr. Markey asked Mrs. Wilson if Mr. Speicher is working for Shade Tree. Mrs. Wilson said he is paid by the Borough for the work when he works for the Borough, when they need tree cutting and trimming instead of hiring an arborist he is capable and knows what has to be done and he is paid an hourly fee. Mr. Markey asked with the Shade Tree being a Commission underneath the Borough is he also acting in the scope of an employee when he is working with Shade Tree. Mrs. Wilson said no he is paid hourly; he is a contracted service not an employee.

Mrs. Wilson said before she contacts Mr. Smurl for the air conditioner she needs the help of the DPW or she will have to hire someone with council’s permission to find out about the auxiliary electric heat in council chambers. Mr. Markey said he has been thinking about this over the fall and winter and is rethinking about an industrial air conditioner for council chambers. He thinks if they were replaced and upgraded we would not have the noise. Mrs. Wilson said she talked about this before. Mr. Markey said we should rethink it. He said the Chief got a new air conditioner not too long ago and you cannot hear it and it keeps everything cool. Mayor Smallacombe said they replaced the air conditioner in the Mason building with a heating/cooling combination and it is very efficient. Mr. Kulick asked how much they were. Mayor Smallacombe will find out. Mrs. Wilson has a quote from Mr. Smurl for a heating and air conditioning unit for $4,800. Since we have the baseboard heat it was suggested to make sure the baseboard works if we did need heat in the winter once the temperature goes down to a certain degree. Mr. Kulick said the problem with these air conditioners is the noise, if we can buy two $1,500 air conditioners to replace these that are quiet we can save $2,000 and accomplish the same thing. Mr. Kutch said you have to look at the operating costs too. The new units are a lot more efficient.


Davis Ct: UGI returned to fix the busted pipes; DPW will continue to monitor water issued on Davis Ct.

700 Lincoln: Mr. Markey said there is a home that is taking on water that is coming down the hill from Mayfield. They purchased the house in April of last year. The owners were not aware of the water problems on the disclosure when they purchased the house. Mr. Mark said the County redid all the drainage there. Mr. Kutch said he will look into it.

Trucks on Bridge St: Mr. Markey asked if this ordinance was ever drawn up to put the signs up. He said he remembers voting on having the ordinance drafted. Atty. Harrison will check on this.

Drains on 402 Delaware: Still outstanding but DPW will make sure to get this completed shortly.

Lane St.: Will be filled with millings and rolled in the springtime.

Old Mill Rd.: They are working on plans to repair spots until we can get a possible paving project up and running.

2002 Ford F550 Plow Truck: Mr. Markey said they had an issue with the plow truck which uncovered DPW investigating the truck a little bit further and found more issues with the truck. Right now, the 2002 plow truck needs a new diverter valve and new lines, driver side floor replacement, driver and passenger rocker panels, new oil pan, box needs to be either replaced with stainless box or sandblasted and painted, frame needs to be sandblasted and painted, dump body tailgate is rotted out, brake lines need to be replaced, front track bar mount is broken, two new rear rims, eventually need new clutch and tires and there is a power steering leak. Mr. Markey said we bought it new in 2002 and it served us well. There is only 15,000 miles on it. Mr. Markey said there are a couple things that are easy fixes and we can put it up for sale and possibly get $8,000 to $10,000 because of the low mileage. Depending on what the purchaser would use it for the low mileage will probably be a real eye catcher. Mr. Markey said we can either repair all these things or we can look at purchasing a new truck. He said the good news is that we are in mid- February and we have the 2012 truck up and running as our spare so we are back up to two trucks. Mr. Markey said this is something we have to talk about. Tony Fuga was out looking at some used and new trucks. He found one that is like the 2008 plow truck we have. The price was around $35,000 which includes the plow and salt spreader but we have that equipment that we can retro fit onto another truck. Mr. Parks thinks we paid $50,000 – $55,000 for the truck. He said if we are looking for a new truck with a stainless box it would be $70,000. Mr. Mark suggested talking to our representative to see if they can help us with a grant. Mr. Kulick said we should look at an estimate on what it will cost to fix everything compared to what is out there available. Mr. Mark said get the specs on a new truck and contact State Representative and State Senator and ask what they can do for us. Mayor Smallacombe said talk to the County and discussing joint purchase plans where you can get a better price. Mr. Markey said he will do more research and come back to council.

2014 Freightliner Recycling Truck: Mr. Markey said it’s his opinion that council acted in haste to put the tuck out for bid. He thinks we should rescind the motion and sell it to a neighboring borough for what our cost was. If we put it out for bid we are losing out because now we have to pay the advertising costs and anything over $10,466 we have to pay back to the state.  Mr. Markey said he received a call from Archbald and they want it and will pay $10,466 for it. If we put it out for bid who knows what is going to happen. Mr. Kulick said Archbald has been fair to us. Mr. Markey said we already have people who want it so why put it out for bid. Mr. Kulick said two weeks ago we did not know we had a firm buyer. Mayor Smallacombe said we had names of two Boroughs that were interested but did not have a definite number. Mr. Kulick said we also did not know what we owed. Mr. Parks asked if we had it in writing that Archbald is going to pay that. Mr. Markey said no. Mrs. Wilson made a motion to rescind the motion to put the recycling truck out for bid, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Kulick said to contact Archbald first and we are willing to sell it for that price and agree to it in writing. If they are not able to we should contact Moscow. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Mark to offer the DPW truck to Archbald for $10,466. All in favor; motion carried.

DPW Garage: Mr. Markey said we need to meter off the siren. We are going to contact a few different electricians to give us prices on that. A trailer was donated to store the items from the DPW garage. Mr. Rood said it will probably cost $4,000 – $5,000 to meter it off.

Mayor Smallacombe would like to see if it would be possible to bring the glass cases back to the Borough Building because they have no place to put them. He said we used to have 3 cases in the back of the room to display artifacts and two in the Legion Room. The Historical Society has no place to put them. He said it would be nice to bring them back here until the Historical Society finds a home. They were taken out because there was an incident in the hallway and a boy fell and hit his head on one of the glass cases in the hallway. Mayor Smallacombe also asked if they can use the old Boy Scout Room downstairs. Mr. Napoli asked if he is looking for a place to store them. Mayor Smallacombe said yes until we find a home, we were approved by the Borough to display them and then council after that decided they would like to have them taken out so they were taken out. He said it is the history of our town. Mrs. Wilson said she thinks the Boy Scout room downstairs is the best place. Mr. Markey said the DPW took the cases over to the DPW garage and the DPW informed Mr. Markey that they were not comfortable taking them over there in the first place and they are not comfortable moving them out. Mayor Smallacombe said he will move them out. Mrs. Wilson made a motion to allow the Historical Society to move their display cases and their property into the Scout Room downstairs for the time being, seconded by Mr. Markey. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Napoli asked if the items are owned by the Borough. Mayor Smallacombe said no the Historical Society. Mr. Napoli said it seems like everything that is going on with the Historical Society is falling back on the Borough to take care of things. Mayor Smallacombe said the Historical Society was formed to preserve the History of Jermyn. The Borough of Jermyn gave the Historical Society the room upstairs to bring in and display artifacts that they have accumulated from Borough residents on the History of the Borough of Jermyn. Mr. Markey said the history of the town is important but if you put cases along the back of the room in Council Chambers, you have people to view them only 4 hours a month. Mrs. Wilson said they need a place that is open to the public.

Land: Mr. Markey would like to get the DPW committee together in the near future to look at land that the Borough owns. If none of the parcels are fit for the DPW garage then maybe we can look into a possible land trade. There are a couple of spots over on the East Side. Mayor Smallacombe asked if they thought about the top of the hill by the field. Mr. Markey said he wants to stay out of a residential area if they can.

Resident complaint Johnson CT: Mr. Markey read aloud a letter that was sent by a resident. The resident wants to know why they plow the alley way and not the road that is alongside the house. When they plow the alley they plow everything in the backyard. The problem is the way the yard looks. They received a permit for a fence and shed. The fence is going where the DPW plows which they are saying is their property, before the resident puts a fence up they want to know if it is or is not their property. Mrs. Wilson would like to see that alley go all the way through. Mr. Mark said the driveway next to the house is a private driveway. Mayor Smallacombe said he does not remember it being an alley way that was ever used.

Millings: Once the weather breaks they will be taking some of the millings and filling in sides of the roads and also take care of some of the alley ways. They will make an attempt to repair Shields Ct. if possible. Mayor Smallacombe said he will volunteer to grade it.

Garbage Cans:Mrs. Wilson said she is sick of looking at garbage cans on the Main St. Garbage should be picked up in the alley ways not on the Main St. The garbage trucks go through Johnson Ct. and also go through Main St. She said Davis on the 600 block those tenants should be using the alley to get in a parking area that the home owners have. They should have an area for cars in the back and there is enough land for all those apartments on the 600 block coming in from that alley. The garbage should be back there also. Mr. Napoli asked Mrs. Wilson why the garbage should be placed in the alley ways. Mrs. Wilson said because Saturday and Sunday the cans are out on the Main St. She said our police are doing a good job. Half the time the cans are sticking out and half between the sidewalk and their house and they are on the greenway. She said they should be picked up in the rear. Mr. Napoli said the front of his house is on an alley way for the last 15 years they had to walk their recycling and garbage cans down to Franklin St. Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Mark said it should be picked up in front of your house. Mrs. Wilson said if you go down Johnson Ct. some of them are in the rear and some of them are in the front; why not put all of them in the rear. She said where there is an alley way they should be placed in the alley. Mr. Rood said some of your apartments only have front entrances.

Rapid Cast:Mr. Kulick asked if Mr. Markey can give an update on Rapid Cast. The Borough secretary was trained on how to use it this past week.  Mr. Markey said it is ready to be used. We currently have 117 residents signed up. Mayor Smallacombe said it was a great idea that came up and said it will be a good thing for the Borough.

Tax Collector Requirements Changes:A revised email was received correcting the tax collector requirements. The incumbent tax collector is considered qualified. They would have to take two hours of credits before the ending of the next term and does not have to submit a criminal history report. Any newly elected tax collector would have to take the course and have to submit a criminal history report.

Trash Pickup Ordinance Review:Mr. Kulick said we have ordinances we should follow them or we should change them. If we are not following them someone is going to point it out to us sooner than later. The ordinance states there will be one garbage company picking up the garbage in Jermyn, including businesses. There are businesses in town where someone else is picking up their trash; Mr. Kulick said they are not following the ordinance. A business should be allowed to negotiate their own garbage and should not be part of the ordinance but it is part of the ordinance right now. We have had two people request to get their own dumpster and it is against the ordinance but they can come back and say someone else is doing it. Mr. Markey said the two people requesting that are not businesses they are property owners. Mr. Kulick said we should amend that part of the ordinance.

Zoning Board:The ordinance says the zoning board should consist of 3 members; we currently have 5 but only need 3. Mayor Smallacombe said we should have 3 official members and 2 alternates. Mr. Kulick said they are supposed to be appointed in staggered terms. Mr. Kulick said the fee is $500 for a zoning hearing and may not be enough to cover the costs. It was suggested to increase the amount. The costs include a court stenographer, attorney fees and advertising. Mr. Mark said it has not been updated in a long time. Mr. Kulick said there has not been a hearing in a long time.

MS4: Mr. Kutch said KBA represents 9 municipalities in this year. There will be a meeting in regards to the MS4 on March 8th at 7:30 p.m. at the Falcon’s Nest in Mayfield. All 9 municipalities are invited to discuss the MS4. Mr. Kutch said this is a non-funded mandate and it is important for everyone to come together and discuss it.

Public Comment:A representative from Neighbor Works presented council with information in regards to their program. July 21st – July 24th there will be about 300 volunteers to Jermyn and other parts of Lackawanna County to do repair on homes. For example – wheelchair ramps, painting, installing solar lights, etc. If you have any questions please call NeighborWorks 570-558- 2490 or www.nwnepa.org for an application.


Resignation Letters:A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to accept the resignation of Randy Parry from the Planning Commission. All in favor; motion carried.

A motion was mad by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Napoli to accept the resignation of Ray Rood as the Code Official. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Rood recommended one of the third parties be the inspector. Mr. Rood said there still isn’t a fee schedule. He said the property owner with the red house should have been cited for the last 2 months because he in default and has not contacted Mr. Rood. He said he is getting questions on things he cannot answer because no one has contacted him.

Rental:A letter was sent to council requesting a reduction in the rental permit fee for 610 Washington Ave. Mr. Napoli said if we do it for him we have to do it for everyone else. Mr. Markey said it is not fair to everyone else who has multiple units and pay the fee. Council did not approve the request.

Mr. Kulick said there are still 15 non-payers of the rental permit fee. Mr. Kulick said they have until March 1, 2017 to pay these and then we take the next step of fining them $100/per day for up to 5 days. After 5 days we take them to the magistrate and we can shut them down. Mr. Kulick said we will send another letter out telling them they are still in violation and if it isn’t paid by March 1st they will be cited.


Garbage:There are still 4 people that are on the delinquent garbage list from 2015. A new list will come out in March for those who did not pay in 2016.

Crime Watch:

The Crime Watch requested Bridge St. be closed from Main St. to the underpass from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for their 5k race. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to allow Bridge St. to be closed 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on April 29th, 2017. All in favor; motion carried.

Garbage Affidavit: 651 Washington – The Masonic Hall requesting a reimbursement for the garbage fee $165.00. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Parks to approve the Masonic Hall waste fee exoneration. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Kulick said Mayor Smallacombe will not be running in the upcoming election. Mr. Kulick thanked the Mayor for his many years of service. Mayor Smallacombe said he has a job coming up in Richmond, VA to work and his son lives in Richmond. He did not want to commit to something he would not be able to fulfill.

Mr. Markey reminded everyone that we should start talking about the parking lot shortly. It would be nice if we can get it paved.

Mayor Smallacombe said he has tickets for sale for the Events Committee and he also volunteers if they need any help with paving and grading.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.





Minutes February 2, 2017

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

February 2, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on February 2, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, John Mark, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, and JoAnne Wilson. Absent were: Joseph Smith & KBA. Also present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Fire Chief Ray Rood, Zoning Officer Robert Chase, Atty. Larry Moran Jr., Dylan Reeves & Evan Samuelsen; Junior Councilmen.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Markey to accept the January 12, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mr. Mark; all in favor, motion carried.


There were two bids for the DPW building.

  • Peter & Paula Glass $15,000.00
  • Mark Shuta $40,150.00

Mr. Shuta is aware of the stipulation with the siren being left on the premises for up to 5 years.

Mrs. Wilson asked if we want to refer it to the committee for discussion until all the legal aspects are drawn up by our solicitor. Mr. Markey made a motion to accept the bid of Mark Shuta $40,150.00 with the stipulation the siren stays for a minimum of 5 years and contract will be drawn up by solicitor; closing to be determined, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Kulick asked Mr. Shuta when he wants to close, Mr. Shuta responded as soon as possible. Mr. Markey was told by the DPW that the DPW can have all their equipment out within 3 days.

COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT – RUSHBROOK CREEK PROJECT:Atty. Moran had asked to strike out certain language out of the agreement before it is signed. If the project goes wrong and certain expenditures that were unauthorized the borough would be responsible. That was taken out of the agreement and we will not be responsible. The shortfall will come out of John Blake’s estate budget or the County re-invest.


ORDINANCES:Tax millage ordinance – A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Napoli to pass the ordinance establishing the 2017 tax millage of 29 mills. All in favor; motion carried.

An ordinance requiring accountability of organizations in the Borough using “Jermyn,” in the organizations name. On January 1st and July 1st of each calendar year, any Organization in the Borough using the Borough’s name as part of the Organization’s name must provide to Borough Council a list of officers and a financial report of the organization. Mr. Markey said the ordinance may need to be worded a little differently. It was brought to his attention that Jermyn Youth Sports has to comply with this ordinance but what about Lakeland Youth basketball that is using the gym regularly. Atty. Moran said those entities should come here and present their own certificate of insurance, they assume the responsibly and liability and the Borough disclaims that if it is an outside organization. If it is an internal organization there is no such requirement and we are responsible for any mishaps and want to know who the people are who is a part of the organization. Mr. Markey said the reason this originated is because there were parent’s within the Jermyn Youth sports organization that wanted a little bit more accountability towards financials, organization and making sure that proper meetings are being held, voting is taking place and there is an actual board or board members. Jermyn Youth Sports consist of Jermyn Youth Softball and Jermyn Youth Baseball; which are an entity inside Lakeland Little League. Mr. Rood asked how this will affect Jermyn Fireman’s Relief. They would just need to provide a list of officers and financials. Mayor Smallacombe asked if they are asking for an end of the year statement. It will be required for July and January financials. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the ordinance requiring accountability of organizations in the Borough of Jermyn using Jermyn in the organizations name. All in favor; motion carried.

RECYCLING TRUCK:Mr. Markey said we have to notify the DEP when we are no longer using the recycling truck. They asked what we intend to do with it. We paid 10% of the grant and the state paid 90%. As long as we are selling to another municipality for the purpose of recycling and/or waste reduction we do not have to pay the state back as long as we do not sell it for any more than the 10% that we purchased it for. Mr. Markey said there were about a dozen of municipalities interested. Mr. Markey said one of the problems is we cannot find the paperwork on the grant; we have to go to the state to find out exactly what our portion was. Mr. Markey said there are about 5 municipalities who are very interested in the truck, out of these 5 municipalities how do we decide who gets it. Mr. Parks said we keep 10% and anything over we would give back to the state. Mr. Mark asked if we can use the truck for anything else. Mr. Markey asked the DPW about repurposing it and it would not be cost effective. The state does not guarantee the municipality that wants to buy the truck that they get the money. Mrs. Wilson said we are supposed to be communities helping communities. Mr. Markey said Forest City and Moscow are the two closest that have expressed interest. Mr. Mark asked what the life expectancy of the truck is. Mr. Parks said definitely not more than 10 years. Mr. Napoli said we find out how much our 10% is and we give it to Forest City and Moscow being that they are the closest communities. If either of them cannot do it then we go through the bid process. Lou Demarco asked what the money can be used for. Mr. Markey said it can be used for anything because it was our money put into that percentage. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to put the recycling truck out for bid to all municipalities in the state of PA. 5 yeas, 1 no; motion carried.

ZONING HEARING BOARD:Mr. Kulick said we have a volunteer for the zoning hearing board. Mr. Domenick Delprete 542 Garfield Ave. Jermyn, PA. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Parks to appoint Domenick Delprete to the Zoning Board. All in favor; motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT:A resident on 411 Washington asked if he can put a sign up for his business. Mr. Chase said there is a list of what you can and cannot do. Mr. Chase will follow up with the resident on the restrictions and guidelines regarding the sign.

Herb Black 563 Washington asked council if he can take care of his own garbage. Mr. Kulick said no it is in the ordinance.

Mr. Rood asked if he will still have access to the siren. Mr. Napoli said the buyer would be willing to build a partition wall and will have no problem working with us with having access to the siren.

Council went into executive session at 7:37 p.m.

Council reconvened at 8:30 p.m.

LETTERS TO REILLY & ZABOROWSKI:Mr. Kulick said we are sending letters that we feel they are no longer entitled to the fringe benefits they have been getting, unless they can prove otherwise they will not get them. Atty. Moran said they are discontinued effective immediately but the door is open if they can prove to us otherwise, council is willing to reconsider.



 Mr. Kulick said tax collector office is up for election this upcoming election and wants to make sure anyone who is interested in running including for the current tax collector understands that we are going to follow the rules on what the tax collector needs to be qualified for. All newly elected tax collectors including the incumbent if reelected must submit a criminal history report prior to be sworn in. Also be required to complete a 2 hour training course. Effective March 2017, require the tax collector to submit a written monthly report detailing the previous month activity and needs to be submitted by the 3rd Thursday of the month. Effective April 2017 the tax collector will be required to attend one of the two monthly meetings every second month to address council and address any concerns. Tax collector will need to establish set hours and keep those hours. They have the option of recommending someone to appoint a deputy tax collector so when they post the hours on the door someone is there if the tax collector cannot be there. Mr. Kulick said part of the reason for this is because the Finance Committee met with the Auditor and we have over $100,000 of delinquent taxes; some going back many years. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to have the solicitor draw up an ordinance encompassing the suggestions of tax collector guidelines for the Borough of Jermyn. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Mark asked if the two hours and criminal history is at the tax collectors expense. Mr. Kulick said for the basic training it is $250.00 no one has come and asked if they will pay for it. Mr. Mark said the previous tax collector did. Mr. Markey said he can see us paying for the continued education because it is required by the state. Mrs. Wilson said the $250.00 would be a benefit to us to make sure they get that education. Mr. Napoli said for the fire companies they pay the fee upfront and upon completion they get reimbursed.  Mr. Kulick said in this case if they do not take the course they cannot be the tax collector. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to include reimbursement of up to $250 for the basic training course for tax collector upon completion of the course. All in favor; motion carried. The tax collector gets $3.75 per bill for the Borough Taxes.

MINUTES:Mr. Kulick said Mr. Markey went over minutes going back to 2010. There are some items that may have fallen through the cracks and action was not taken. Mr. Kulick provided a list to council members on some items that may have not been completed.

RESOLUTION:A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the MRM Workers Comp. Resolution. All in favor; motion carried.

REFUSE REIMBURSEMENTS:Mr. Kulick read aloud two affidavits for the garbage fees. They are done in the proper way; both notarized. A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to approve Mr. Robert Harvey of 12 Maple St. refuse affidavit of $165.00. All in favor; motion carried. A motion made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Markey to approve Howard Young 121 Bacon St. Refuse affidavit of $165.00. All in favor; motion carried.

RENTAL AFFIDAVIT:A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to accept the affidavit of Robert Wagner. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Kulick said we sent out about 30-32 letters to people that have not submitted the rental permit fee. The letter states they have 30 days to comply. Mr. Kulick said they have been given plenty of opportunity. They can submit a letter requesting hardship. There are some getting letters saying they are a rental but they are not and some refusing to pay. Mr. Kulick said they do have one letter and out of respect he will not read the letter or give out names. They are asking to be excused from the rental fee. They have offered to pay monthly until the $40 fee is paid. Mr. Mark said if it is considered family living there it shouldn’t be considered under the ordinance. Mrs. Wilson made a motion to allow the resident be excused for this year for hardship, seconded by Mr. Mark. 4 yeas, 2 no; motion carried.


Mr. Markey made a motion to increase the contribution to both the Crystal and the Artisan Fire Co. for 2017 from $5,000 to $7,000, seconded by Mr. Parks. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Markey made a motion contingent upon verification of reinstatement of physical damage coverage for the fire apparatus for each company, contact the insurance company and drop the physical damage coverage for the fire apparatuses from the Borough’s policy; only if the fire companies are paying for apparatus liability to remove that from our policy. Mr. Markey said we get a refund automatically once the coverage is canceled. All in favor; motion carried.

Upon meeting with the auditor Mr. Kulick suggested going forward we only accept check or money order for payments made to the Borough. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded Mrs. Wilson going forward only payments of fines or permits will be made by check or money, no cash will be accepted. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Napoli thanked Mayor Smallacombe for having the AED’S donated to the Police Department and Borough.

Mr. Napoli said there have been some complaints about the tractor trailer traffic on Rushbrook. They want to know if there is any way they can reroute the trucks. Pen Dot has been contacted and they will need to do a study to see if it is necessary. Mr. Napoli also addressed the concern of having trucks enter through Bonnie Drive to get to Bardane’s instead of using Bridge St. We will have to get the signs ourselves and Pen Dot will place them in the proper spots, we are waiting for Pen Dot’s ok on this.

Lou Demarco asked what the Borough’s cost may be for the flood control project. Atty. Moran said there has been confirmation that the grant money can be used to pay professional fees including the Borough’s attorney and engineer. Atty. Moran said he was told there is no more engineer work that needs to be done. Atty. Moran said he wants there to be room for local labor. It is cheaper to use the local subs.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.

January 12, 2017 Minutes

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

January 12, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on January 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, John Mark, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Joseph Smith, and JoAnne Wilson. Absent were: Evan Samuelsen; Junior Councilman. Also present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Dennis Kutch, KBA,  Fire Chief Ray Rood, Zoning Officer Robert Chase, Atty. Larry Moran Jr. & Dylan Reeves; Junior Councilman.


  A motion was made by Mr. Markey to accept the January 5, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mr. Parks; all in favor, motion carried.


Jonathan Conville; Project Coordinator, Andy Malene; Senior Project Designer & Jeff Hartranft; Water Program Specialist from DEP presented information in regards to the Rushbrook Creek Project.

Mr. Conville began by giving an overview of the project throughout the past several years. In 2002 there was 4.5 million allocated to the project and 3.7 million was released. In 2003 after severe flooding the Borough requested DEP to do a feasibility study. The project selected was a concrete U-channel. In 2006 an additional $1 million dollars of base construction release was put forward, which brought us to 4.75 million dollars. At the same time period they began working with regulatory agencies. They ran into some resistance and realized they were going to have some hurdles with the concrete U- channel. There were 9 alternatives that were developed. One of the alternatives was a hybrid system that was selected. The project will be concrete walls and the invert of the channel will be a natural stream channel. Since 2009, DEP has been working on the final design documents and regulatory agencies to move the project towards construction.

The three main components that will be involved will be DGS, DEP & the Borough of Jermyn. DGS is the funding agency, DEP is the project designer and Jermyn is the project sponsor. DGS is responsible for the legal aspects and the acquisition of easements. They also review and approve the construction plans. They request the budget to release funds for the project. DEP designs the project. They also assist sponsor in coordinating utility relocations. They would transfer the permit to the Borough after the project is completed. Throughout the entire construction period, DEP will have an inspection staff present. At the end of project construction they would also provide the Borough with calculations and as built drawings and all documents we need if we chose to go forward to work with FEMA to request a letter of map revision to revise the flood maps. Mr. Conville said when the project construction is over; DEP does not walk away from the project. They still participate in annual inspections and do rehab projects to prepare projects for when they reach their end of life aid which is typically about 15 years.

The Borough has to obtain easements for construction and maintenance. DGS issued a work order and had a lot of easements developed. That process is 95% complete; there were some title issues and corrections that need to be made. They are in process of getting those corrections made. Very shortly, DGS attorneys will be contacting our solicitor to start working out the details of getting all those easements documents signed for the project. The Borough is also required to establish a maintenance escrow deposit. This is money that the Borough would keep in an account to make sure we have funds available to operate and maintain the project for minor repairs.

Andy Malene presented information regarding the final design phase. In 2009 the Borough signed the sponsorship agreement. Once they got the agreement, they began to go forward to work on the final design. They developed contract drawings. There we some unidentified parcels that the solicitor had to do a lot of digging to turn up. They had to come up with a mitigation solution. They believe they have a good mitigation solution


Submit Final Permit Documentation: Fall 2017

Receive Final Permits: Winter 2017

Construction Contract Bidding Phase: Winter 2018

Project Construction Phase: Summer 2019 through Fall 2020

DGS will not bid a project until all the easements are signed and in their hands.

The channel will be 22ft wide, 7ft high with a natural stream bed invert. They will be replacing all culverts at Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison Johnson Ct. & Washington. The Borough originally wanted one at Mellow and Shields Ct. but it was too costly. They will be putting in a “trash rack,” to capture large debris, to prevent them from coming down and blocking the culvert. The whole way down they followed the existing stream channel to lessen the impacts on all the properties and to keep in an alignment with the culverts and bridges. They will also be putting in 4ft. chain link fence along the entire length of the block walls. Some of the properties may gain a little property and others may lose a little bit, depending on the alignments but they tried to stay close to the existing alignment.

What’s next?

The Borough will assess all local costs to sponsor the project.

The Borough will obtain signatures on easement documents

DEP continues to obtain permits and necessary approvals for project construction

DEP continues finalizing drawings, specifications and cost estimate.

Senator Blake:

This process is long and hard. The sponsor adjustments are not state subsidized. (Relocation utilities) The contract that was originally awarded is 2-3 years old now, at least two. We want to make sure we are monitoring the expiration on the contract. Mr. Blake said we have to get an extension request from the Borough. The original estimates that drove the ask for the money are dated now. Mr. Blake said he is concerned that the dollars that were allocated to us are sufficient to cover the costs we must bear for the sponsor adjustments. We need to take a close look at that and work with the County and DGS to guarantee we have an understanding on the estimates of the costs that have to be worded by the Borough. If we find that the dollars that are in the “bank” in combination with our own, DPW, engineer and solicitor; if everything is ok and we can still pay for everything then we will progress and keep going until we satisfy the requirements of DGS. If we find we are short, then Mr. Blake will work with the Borough to help fill that gap. Mr. Blake said another request for state funding and he will be an advocate to bring additional dollars to the Borough. We can go back to the same source because it is for the same project that we have not exhausted. We might have cooperation with the public utilities to help out to defer some of the burden on the community and tax payers. Mr. Blake said the urgent thing is to get an extension on our contract with DCED and see if we can get a clear understanding on the estimates of costs to the Borough to make sure we understand if we are in a comfort zone or not. Mr. Blake thanked DEP with their work involved in the project.

Mr. Ron Mroczka 1006 Heart Lake Rd. asked where the beginning of the project is. Mr. Malene explained the area; under RT6 Bridge is the beginning of the concrete walls. Mr. Mroczka asked if it was upstream near his property. A long the left bank there is a big erosion bank. They are going to protect that slope with stone.

How much is Jermyn’s obligation? The award is $385,000. We are hoping that covers the obligation costs. Will there be 5 bridges involved and what work will be involved? They will be replacing the existing structures with a pre cast box culvert. For environment issues they had to build an extra foot of height into the culverts. Will there be a natural stream bed? Yes. Now that FEMA is redrawing the flood plan maps do you know if this project would satisfy the requirements of an accredited levy? Their design standards are such that they attempt to design to FEMA’s requirements. It’s a channel; all documents will be given to the Borough so that they can make application to start that process to get the structure accredited on the flood maps.

Ray Rood asked if they are doing anything upstream in regards to the trees and boulders. A lot is caused by what happens upstream. No, they did take a look at it and identified one area. The problem is how far they chase it. Mr. Rood said the whole part of the road on 107 was washed out, are you doing anything upstream to help us out downstream? They realized there is an issue but they cannot clear cut the trees that will be the point of the “trash rack.” Will we need a permit from DEP to go into the “trash rack” to clean it out? No. The maintenance would be within the project area. We would be able to remove debris in the area of the trash rack. The permit would not cover going in upstream to remove debris. The trash rack will not be in Jermyn Borough. They have identified the property owners in that area and we will have an access to it and responsible for cleaning out that area.

Lou Demarco asked if the $385,000 is that the borough’s all in for solicitor’s costs and engineers? No that grant is for the utility relocations and for the acquisitions. Do we have the funds to make this go forward? Mr. Markey said when we passed the 2017 budget we added an account specifically for the Rushbrook Creek. We are opening a specific account just for the Rushbrook Creek. Mr. Smith said approximately $7,500 we put into that account this year. Lou Demarco asked if there are any estimates and if this part for the Borough is not done will it hold up the project. Lou said we are a small town and can’t raise taxes. Senator Blake said this Borough will not be without the resources it needs to get done  in order for this project to get built. $4.7 million is available right now do we have a cost of construction right now? Right now, it is at $4 million. Mr. Kulick said we need to sit down and get a better understanding on what our financial responsibility is going to be for this project and go from there.  Senator Blake said the acquisitions can hopefully go with some cooperation, the utilities might help out, the County has already expressed their willingness to help out on some of the County structures and we already have a grant in the bank. Mr. Kulick said this meeting was just as important for us as it was for the general public. He thanked DEP and Senator Blake for coming. Mr. Smith said a number of years ago we went to Senator Blake’s office and sat down with Senator Blake. We talked about the critical need to have someone as our sponsor to help us through this; at that time Senator Blake promised he would help us out as much as he could. Mr. Smith said Senator Blake is the backbone who has been here all the time. We had a meeting with Lackawanna County. There was a better understanding on what was happening. Mr. Smith said with this council there is a lot of action to see this project be fulfilled.

Mr. Mark said he has been here since the conception of this. He said there is another area by Mr. Mrozcka’s of the bank eroding. It is further upstream. Mr. Mark said it was a high bank and very hard to get stabilized. They said they can take another look and make note of it. Mr. Mark said another area he did not see is the area behind the 3 houses going over to the East Side on Delaware. This was through Representative Staback that it was supposed to be put into this project to control the flooding over there. Mr. Kutch said he remembers this discussion but was not sure if it was incorporated into this project. Mrs. Wilson said it was added later on. Mr. Mark said it was around 2006. Mr. Malene said it is something they can continue to talk about it. Mr. Mark asked about getting into the creek bed for maintenance and sentiment build up. They said after the project is complete the permit states we would have an operation maintenance obligation and restore it to as built conditions. Mayor Smallacombe asked if we are responsible for utilities on county bridges. Utilities remain a borough sponsored adjustment.

Sandra Suey- Lincoln Ave. said the edge of the creek and her driveway; the land is falling in. She asked if they can guarantee her within 3-4 years she is not going to lose her land, garage and driveway. They said we cannot make any guarantees. They cannot put an amount of time on how long it is going to take to develop the easements, we are very hopeful and think the scheduled time is very realistic. Her worry is that she is going to lose everything. She asked what she can do in the meantime. Mr. Conville said unfortunately they do not have any mechanism to fix that problem, until the easements are all signed and DGS gives the right to bid we can’t build the project; we are doing the best we can. Until the project goes into place, it will remain a private property issue.

Mr. Napoli said we are going to incur more fees from solicitor and engineer, at the meeting we had in March or April we were told at that point our Engineer no longer had anything to do with it, it is the Engineers of the County. Mr. Markey asked Ralph Pappas after a point we would be using the County Engineer not the Borough Engineer. Mr. Kulick recalled the statement as well. Mr. Napoli asked if we are definitely going to incur fees. Mr. Pappas said through the grant we cannot pay the legal work or engineer out of that grant money, the Borough would be responsible for it. Mrs. Wilson asked about the County Engineer. Atty. Moran asked why you cannot pay for professional fees out of the grant money. Mr. Pappas said it is part of the agreement, they will send the original budget.

Randy Parry- The total allocation is $4.75 million, in a rare event you come in under budget; what happens to the .7. Why can’t it help pay their bills? Mr. Malene said 4 million is for construction, $750 is for design and contingency. That money cannot be used to pay for anything else.

Gerard Jeffery- What is the reason for replacing the Johnson Ct Bridge? Mr. Mark said it is the most used alley way we have. Mayor Smallacombe said it benefits our business district and fire companies for emergency personnel.

Mr. Malene said when DGS releases the easements to the Borough, we will come up and advise the Borough to set another public meeting and make sure you have the list of all the property owners and make sure they are aware of that public meeting.

Mr. Markey asked if any other municipalities are involved in this besides Jermyn and will we have to obtain easements from any of those municipalities. We will have to obtain easements through the private property owners that reside in those municipalities.

All of council thanked them for coming.

A recess was called at 8:50 p.m.

Council reconvened at 8:55 p.m.


General Fund after bills and deposits $74,747.49 – Refuse 83,348.59 – Recycling $20,451.06 – Liquid Fuels $12,648.77. Deposits 42,643.99 – Disbursements $52,294.32

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Parks to accept the bills. All in favor; motion carried.


Mr. Kulick said we need to set up the appeals board for the UCC. We have three volunteers; Robert Thomas Moran, Don Muschal & Lou Demarco. A motion was made by Mr. Smith and seconded by Mr. Parks to appoint Lou Demarco, Robert Thomas Moran & Don Muschal to the UCC and Property Maintenance Code Appeals Board. All in favor; motion carried. Atty. Moran said we are always looking for alternates.


Atty. Moran said he spoke to George Kelly regarding the cooperative agreement with the county for the creek project. He made some changes on the agreement and wants to look it over before we sign anything. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Markey to allow the solicitor to negotiate the Cooperative Agreement with the County. All in favor; motion carried.

ORDINANCES:The Ordinances for organizations and tax and garbage fee. They were sent for publication and will be voted on for next meeting.

RENTAL FEE ORDINANCE:Mr. Kulick read aloud a letter from a resident who is unable to fix her property to rent it out. The solicitor said if they do not want to pay that is not good enough but if you cannot pay that is good enough but come in here and tell us why you cannot pay and request a waiver from council. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Smith to allow the exception for 209 Franklin of Ms. McLaughlin of the rental fee. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Mark said if they are not renting them they should not be charged a fee. Mrs. Wilson said the affidavit may have not been worded as correctly as it should have been but that is why the affidavit was sent out and they had to have it notarized that were not renting that apartment out. If it’s not a rental then it is a single dwelling and they should fill out the affidavit. Mr. Kulick said collected 131 permits as of 1/5/17 and we sent out about 200. Mr. Kulick said if it’s an apartment and no one is living there, you still have to pay the rental fee.

 SAFETY: Mr. Napoli provided council with a report listing 2017 goals and the highlights of 2016.


Mr. Kulick said you are supposed to submit an affidavit that there is no garbage put out and no one is living there, it has to be done within a year of the time you are requesting the money for. Mrs. Wilson asked what kind of affidavit? Mr. Kulick said it is in the ordinance.


Mr. Kulick said we agreed at some point we wanted to sell it. He proposed to advertise it, to accept offers for it up until Feb 1, 2017. Any offers are with a stipulation that the fire siren remains on the building for at least 5 years. Mr. Kulick said it costs us $4,000 a year to maintain the building.

Mr. Rood said he still needs access to the building for the fire siren. Atty. Moran said that will be covenant in the deed. Mr. Kulick asked Mr. Markey if we are sure we are ok with moving the trucks moving where they need to be moved. Mr. Markey said yes. Lou Demarco said he would be interested in the building and having the Borough sign a 6 month lease allowing them to leave the trucks in there for $200-$250 a month until they work something out with their new location. Mr. Rood said once the building is gone is the Borough financially stable enough to do whatever they do to house these trucks, the maintenance of the trucks. What is the future if that is sold? Mr. Rood said to move the siren it would be in the 20 – 25 thousand range. Lou Demarco said leave the siren there for the life of the building. Mr. Rood said that would be ok if it was not going to be used for apartments. Mayor Smallacombe said we have to adhere to our own ordinances. The more equipment we bring here, the less room there is for parking. Mr. Napoli said it will not hurt to see what we can get for it. Mr. Rood said if we do sell the building we have to look to what is going to happen after we sell the building. The realtor was going to list it at $58,000. Mr. Markey said for the record we never set a price, if the realtor was going to list it; it was going to be listed at $58,000. Mr. Mark said we just had everyone here about this creek project, we better have some money put on the side just to make sure that Jermyn Borough isn’t going to be the ones to hold the project up. This is a big project here and you see how long it has been going on. We are going to have a building we are talking about selling and more expenses moving the siren. Mr. Kulick said we discussed selling the DPW building. If we sold the building we would probably put it into the creek account. We have to build a new building at some point, but it does not have to happen right now. Mr. Smith said speaking from the Finance group, when the Finance Committee met to do the 2017 budget, the question came up how long are we going to keep funding the DPW garage? The building was deteriorating. Mr. Smith said we thought it would be in the best interest of the Borough if we take a look to see if we can sell that building. The best thing we felt was to recommend to council that this is the course of action we should take. Mr. Mark asked if they took into the consideration the cost of moving the siren. Mr. Smith said the cost of moving the siren was really not discussed in that point of time, it was the yearly maintenance costs and when the roof goes; our costs each year would be going up.

A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Napoli to advertise the DPW garage for sale; if someone wants to look at it they can call the Borough Office. Offers up until Feb 1, 2017 with the stipulation that the fire siren can stay there for a minimum of 5 years. Sealed Offers. All in favor; motion carried.


Mr. Markey made a motion and seconded by Mr. Napoli to appoint Michael Barbetti’s firm to complete the DCED audit for Jermyn Borough for 2016. All in favor; motion carried.


Mr. Markey mentioned said it was discussed to put an expiration date on the dumpster permit application. Does this need to be advertised or amend the ordinance to include the expiration date? Atty. Moran recommended putting it on the application. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to allow the Borough Secretary to update the dumpster ordinance permit application to include an expiration date; seconded by Mrs. Wilson. Mr. Mark asked if we are giving an amount of time for the expiration date. Mr. Kulick said 6 months is too long. Mayor Smallacombe suggested 30 days and then to renew it if needed longer. The motion was amended to update ordinance application with an expiration of 30 days from date of application. All in favor; motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to appoint Dan Johnson as an alternate for the UCC and Property Maintenance Code Appeals Board. All in favor; motion carried.


The solicitor advised that the payments to Mr. Reilly and Ms. Zaborowski are not obligated by the Borough. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to have the solicitor draw up a letter to Mr. Reilly and Ms. Zaborowski that we will no longer be paying their insurance as of January 2017. All in favor; motion carried. Mrs. Wilson said Mr. Reilly was paid $907 in 2016. It was decided to make the final payments of 2016.


Garbage cans have to be brought back in within 24 hours. Mrs. Wilson said the garbage cans on Main St. can be put in the alleys.


Mayor Smallacombe asked if he can do a fundraiser on the Borough stage – musical fundraiser the week before Memorial Day. They advised the Mayor to go through the Recreation Commission.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.












Minutes January 5, 2017

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

January 5, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on January 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, John Mark, Dan Markey, Joseph Smith, and JoAnne Wilson. Absent were: Kevin Napoli & KBA. Also present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Fire Chief Ray Rood, Zoning Officer Robert Chase, Atty. Chris Harrison & Dylan Reeves; Junior Councilman.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Markey to accept the December 8, 2016 minutes, seconded by Mr. Smith; all in favor, motion carried.


 Swearing in of Junior Councilman Evan Samuelsen

Evan was sworn in by his grandfather, Mr. Yurgosky.


Michael Carr from County Waste was present at the meeting. He asked council and the residents if they had any questions. Lou Demarco suggested they send the loose truck around first and then pick up the garbage cans. He said when he approached the driver with a concern regarding his garbage, the driver told him to call the office. Michael Carr said it is their check and balance when a resident makes a phone call to the office, this way they are able to carry out a work order when a call is made. Mrs. Wilson said she had two phone calls from two different people in two different sections of Jermyn. The callers stated they saw the recyclables being tossed and dumped into the same receptacle as the garbage. Mr. Carr explained their procedure, when they hit the recycling button the flap goes down and another one comes up, the garbage goes in one section and the recycling goes in one section of the truck. He said they do not throw away the recyclables. Mr. Parks had a concern with his own garbage. For two weeks his garbage was picked up but his recycling was not. He called their number and the customer service representative was rude. Mr. Carr said sometimes when their phones are overloaded the calls go to a call center. Mr. Parks also said the bulk truck that goes around drives around town like a maniac. Mr. Carr said he will bring this up in their operations meeting. He said if anyone has an issue please call him directly. Mr. Parks thanked Mr. Carr for coming.


Mr. Garvey from Michael Barbetti LLC performed the internal audit through November 30 of 2016. He presented to council his findings in the audit that was performed. They broke the report down in funds. Overall for 11 months there were excess revenues to expenditures so the funds balances increased from the prior audit which was at December 31, 2015. There is debt involved with some of those revenues that came in. $500,000 was borrowed for the paving project. Other than that there were minimal liabilities. The report also includes footnotes that are applicable to the financial statements presented. Our statements are not prepared on a true accrual basis. Our total debt is not recognized as a liability and we do not have a general fixed asset account group. Michael Barbetti, LLC will perform our DCED audit. They also issued a management letter that points out areas they feel can use improvement in record keeping and fiscal management. There were six or seven items listed. The Finance Committee will meet with Mr. Garvey. The management report along with the audit report will be available at the Borough Office. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Smith to receive the auditor’s report ending November 30, 2016 and will be available for inspection in the Borough Office. All in favor; motion carried.

RAPID CAST:Mr. Markey presented council with a proposal for Rapid Cast. Mr. Markey said with Rapid Cast, we can send out as many e-mails, calls and text messages up to 1,000 contacts for $2,000/per year. Mr. Markey said this is a better way to communicate with residents. If there is a snow emergency we can let residents know. He said we have a lot of residents that are not technical savvy; they are not on the website and not on Facebook. The Superintendent from Lakeland School District Mr. Jeffery was at the meeting and explained how the system works for their school. Mr. Jeffery said they took the student demographic information and put it into School Cast and they had an option to opt out of it. He said there is a particular compliant sign up form they can use. He said the hardest part is maintaining accurate numbers, for example if someone’s number changes. Mr. Markey said if the public knows what we are doing this for they would be a lot more willing to do this. Mr. Jeffery suggested creating a poster. Mr. Mark said they can also put it in the newsletter. Mr. Parks said with all the complaints we had about the alternate parking it is a good idea. Mr. Rood asked how the information gets out there. Mr. Smith said someone would have to send out the message. Mr. Jeffery said you can give people access to put out the information. Mr. Kulick asked if you can break it down by area. Mr. Jeffery said that is another feature on it, you can set it up by zones, streets etc. Mrs. Wilson said we should look into this. Mr. Mark said we need three quotes. Mrs. Wilson would like one more company. Mr. Markey said this was the last one he researched and the best one. Mrs. Wilson said just so everyone knows we looked into others for transparency. Mr. Markey said he will get those other quotes from other companies.

2016 Highlights & 2017 Goals:Mr. Kulick asked chair members of the committees to give a brief review of 2016 and a look ahead for 2017

RECREATION:Chris Jordan from the Recreation Commission said he will be getting snacks for the vending machine. They are having the same events for 2017 as they did for 2016. He said they are keeping it simple until they get more people active. Mr. Jordan also stated Rec. will keep the candy vending machine because it provides them with the money to help with events. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to remove Joe Ambrosia from the Recreation Commission as per the recommendation from Chris Jordan of the Recreation Commission. All in favor; motion carried.

PRESIDENT:Mr. Kulick said one of the highlights of the year was the ability for council to merge together and get some things accomplished. Street paving, budget revision, garbage fee reduction, settlement on Zeller, gaming grant award, ordinance fee updates, garbage contract. Mr. Kulick said a general improvement in the function of council has taken place over the last year and is accredited to everyone at this table. Looking ahead: On going creek project, fiscal control; fine working budget, safety concerns (clean up blighted properties), safety of residents, ordinance consolidation, ongoing sourcing of grants. Mr. Kulick thanked all fellow council members for their support over the last year and look forward to it this year.

MAYOR:Mayor Smallacombe said it was a very good year to see members of old council and members of new council working together for the same goal of the Borough. The police department is under good hands with Chief Arthur and now we have another full time officer to go along with that. As we go forward we are going to be working on our ordinances and consolidating our ordinances into one big ordinance book that can be handled by the police department and residents can see and understand more. Mayor Smallacombe said we will continue to educate ourselves. Our council is taking apart of webinars and also learning through the PSAB. Mayor Smallacombe said it is great to see Junior Councilman doing a good job on council.

DPW:Mr. Markey said in 2016 the DPW accomplished a lot. There were no accidents in 2016, safety is our first priority. The DPW obtained some new equipment and got rid of some old equipment. Mr. Fuga was sent to a couple of Penn Dot classes and hopefully one day receives the education required to become a road master. They began plans to move out of the DPW garage and hopefully soon having a new one. Mr. Markey said they are utilizing their part time employees which helps pay less overtime to our full time employees. The plow schedule is working out very well. The DPW completed the main street light LED conversion. Mr. Markey said the lights look very nice going down main St. now. Mr. Markey stated 2017 goals: sell DPW garage and construct a new one, complete street sign conversion, fill work on some alley ways and roads that are less maintained, devise a plan and take action to repair Old Mill Rd., start building maintenance at the Borough building. Mr. Markey said they were able to get a lot of new equipment and do a lot of repairs in town and still stay within even mark for 2016 budget.

FINANCE:Mr. Smith said 2016 was a year of challenges. The Finance Committee met a lot. They started off with a simple question as they were starting the 2017 budget, what are your goals? They took 2014, 2015 & 2016 and looked at the revenue for each year, line item by line item. Rather than have a guestimate for 2017, they actually put down numbers they believe they can live with. There was a lot of give and take. Mr. Smith said the bottom line for the budget was what was best for the community. They were able to drop the garbage fee and drop taxes 1 mill. The Finance Committee will plan to meet quarterly, to make sure the numbers are where they should be. Mr. Smith said they worked hard together and excited to see what happens this year.

 SHADE TREE:Mrs. Wilson said the bank balance is $2,834.21. She said usually they have a lot more money than that but this year has been rough. They did not have a lot of fundraisers.

Mrs. Wilson read aloud the 2016 Shade Tree Report: JSTC trimmed back trees on Washington Ave. and Lackawanna Ave. eliminating safety problems, planted 12 street trees, maintained the Jermyn Memorial Garden, maintained the World War I Veterans Park, maintaining the greenway in the “business area” of Jermyn Borough throughout the summer months, Scout Corner clean-up in conjunction with Girl Scouts. For 2017, they will continue to do the same as in 2016 to help maintain the beautification of Jermyn Borough. 2017: Tree planting will continue every year, grant seeking for replace of greenway in certain high traffic areas with modern grid form, continue with bus trips for the public as their form of fundraising, continue working with Recreation Commission and DPW in maintaining and beautifying the Town of Jermyn, replacement of mulch at Memorial Garden and W.W.I Veterans Park and at W.W.I Veterans Park replacement of gravel in parking area.

Mrs. Wilson said the gym doors must be replaced and she will talk to Mr. Chase about it. The air conditioner is in the budget and she will speak with our president on when we should have it done. She said we may need some help with the DPW. Mrs. Wilson thanked Superintendent Mr. Jeffery for assisting council within the selection of our two Junior Councilman. Mr. Jeffery said anything our students can be involved we will support.  Mrs. Wilson commended Junior Councilman Dylan Reeves on giving his opinion during the Curfew Ordinance discussion.

CRIME WATCH:Goals for 2017: 50 active members, kickoff event, will continue the Jermyn Nigh Out, New checking account, working on Bylaws; adopt new bylaws at next meeting.

safety Concern Rusbrook-Jefferson:

Mr. Chase said it has been taken care of.

Meeting Dates:A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Smith to set the meeting dates for the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. beginning February. All in favor; motion carried.

CODE ENFORCEMENT:Mr. Rood asked if there is any progress on fees or a hearing board. He has not heard anything on the Red House. Mr. Rood said his hands are tied as code enforcement officer because he cannot make any final decisions with the property at the red house. He is making great progress with 536 Washington, they have a zoning permit. 504 Washington will be turned into a rental unit. Mr. Rood said he doesn’t know where to go from here; he doesn’t want to cite people in case they want to appeal it because there isn’t an appeals board. Mr. Markey said we have to appoint an appeals board. Mr. Kulick will set up a meeting and a committee. The committee will be Mr. Kulick, Mr. Smith & Mr. Parks.

ZONING:The company across from Rapid Pallet obtained the required permits.


Mr. Jeffery thanked council for their service they provide to the community. He is very proud of the two Junior Council Members. Mr. Jeffery would like feedback from the Community Newsletter. Mrs. Wilson said it is very good and helps keep everyone informed. Mr. Markey asked why it is only geared toward Community Leaders and not all parents or tax payers. Mr. Jeffery said it is a non-student, adult driven. The adults in the community that do not have children within the system have the information as well because they live within this community as well. Mr. Kulick suggested updates on the sports programs for the newsletter. Mr. Jeffery said he can contact the Athletic Director and asked to contribute an article for every letter. Mrs. Wilson thanked the Scott and Mayfield Elementary principals. The Shade Tree goes there for Earth Day and Arbor Day. Mr. Smith said there should be more in depth material for the comprehensive plan in motion, to inform the public on where the district is going now and plans for the future. Mr. Jeffery said that committee is currently in the planning phase. Mayor Smallacombe said it is very informative so we know what is going on around the schools. Mr. Jeffery said our students and staff are extremely community centered. Mr. Markey said we use a lot of your students for different things.

Lou Demarco asked about the audit for the Jermyn Youth Sports. Mr. Markey said we are waiting to talk to the solicitor to pass the ordinance. Lou Demarco asked about the minutes and budgets. Mr. Kulick said the minutes cannot be distributed until they are voted and approved and then they go on the website. The budget is advertised on the website and in the Borough Office. Lou Demarco asked who he can talk to about the DPW garage. He asked how it is zoned. Mr. Rood said it is R2 zoned. Mr. Chase said for personal use it isn’t a problem but for renting it out for storage units that changes the use classification of the zone. It may require a zoning hearing. Mr. Markey said we have not voted yet to go with a realtor. Mr. Rood said there are not property maintenance code issues with the building. Mr. Rood said the cost of the new siren would be $20,000 to mid 20’s.

Mr. Markey read aloud two other quotes of companies that are alike to Rapid Cast. Callemall.com limited 1,000 phone numbers $2,700 per year –  Automatedcalls Inc. 1,000 phone numbers $2,519.76/ per year – Rapid Cast 1,000 licenses – $2,000/per year. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Parks to go with Rapid Cast for automated calling system. All in favor; motion carried.

A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Wilson to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.