Jermyn Police Department activity logs/ Facebook page

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Police Blotter – February 13 through February 19 2012

0555 Assist Mayfield Police with Domestic dispute on Hill St
1510 Provide traffic control at Rushbrook St for school bus
1717 Traffic citation issued
1815 Assist Scott Twp police with assault

0800 Assist ambulance on Madison Ave
1500 Warrant service at police station
1709 Traffic stop Washington Ave
1731 Traffic stop Washington Ave
1939 Assist Mayfield Police with neighbor dispute

1437 Traffic stop Rushbrook St
1600 Jefferson Ave, assist ambulance
1710 Washington Ave, Man attacked by pit bull

0315 Assist Mayfield police with car accident with injuries
1015 Traffic stop, citation issued
1055 Traffic stop, Washington Ave
1449 Garfield Ave, Alarm
1510 Washington Ave, Threats
1700 Washington Ave, Landlord/ Tenant dispute
1817 Assist Archbald Police with burglary in progress
1915 Rushbrook ST, loud music complaint

0145 Vehicle repossession Rushbrook St
0915 Assist Mayfield police with domestic dispute
1150 Road way Hazard, Garfield Ave
1215 Assist a Fire truck on Rt 107
1308 Roadway Hazard, Washington Ave
1550 Traffic stop, Bonnie Dr. 1female in custody for D.U.I.
1640 Traffic stop Eynon-Jermyn Road, citation issued
1759 Lincoln Ave, Harassment call
1940 Traffic stop Rushbrook St, citation issued
2036 Welfare Check on elderly female
2200 Gibson Ave, suspicious persons. 1male in custody for drugs.
2333 Assist Mayfield Police with drug arrest

2024 Traffic stop Washington Ave, citation issued
2054 Traffic stop Washington Ave
2121 Traffic Stop poplar St, Citation issued
2222 Henry Dr, assist to ambulance

0136 Domestic dispute Jefferson Ave, 1 female arrested
0915 Traffic Stop Washington ave
2310 Domestic dispute in Convenient Parking lot
2311 Assist Ambulance Washington Ave

Police Blotter January 24 through February 5 2012

2:00am, suspicious vehicle, Washington Avenue
11:10am, ordinance enforcement, Lincoln Avenue
2:25pm, property dispute, Washington Avenue
5:05pm, traffic enforcement, Rushbrook Street

7:40am, suspicious activity, Washington Avenue
8:00am, vehicle accident, Rushbrook Street
10:10am, animal complaint, Mellow Court

8:10am, assist ambulance, Bacon Street
9:06am, suspicious vehicle, Washington Avenue
9:35am, assist motorist, Madison Avenue
1:22pm, remove debris from roadway, Jefferson Avenue

9:45pm, assist ambulance, Washington Avenue

7:50am, suspicious activity, Jefferson Avenue
4:52pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
6:13pm, traffic enforcement, Rushbrook Street
10:19pm, assist ambulance, Henry Drive

9:10am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
9:21am, assist ambulance, Madison Avenue
10:10am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
7:30pm, assist Archbald Police at accident scene, Main Street

7:00am, assist ambulance, Henry Drive
8:58am, found property, Jefferson Avenue
2:44pm, subpoena service, Mayfield
3:50pm, subpoena service, Carbondale

9:20am, assist ambulance, Franklin Street
11:06am, subpoena service, Archbald
1:10pm, assist disabled motorist
5:25pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
7:18pm, traffic enforcement, Jefferson Avenue

1:30am, welfare check, Henry Drive
6:45am, ordinance enforcement, Gibson Street
8:18am, assist ambulance, Henry Drive
11:40am, assist U.S. Marshalls Service, Washington Avenue
3:00pm, alarm response, Henry Drive

10:52am, assist ambulance, Hudson Street
4:30pm suspicious activity, Washington Avenue
8:00pm, assist ambulance, Washington Avenue

9:45am, traffic enforcement, Madison Avenue
5:00pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
6:30pm, traffic control, Washington Avenue
11:30pm, assist Mayfield Police at traffic stop

1:11am, assist ambulance, Henry Drive
12:00pm, theft investigation, Jefferson Avenue
8:25pm, traffic enforcement, Rushbrook Street
11:15pm, assist Mayfield Police at domestic dispute, Hudson Street

9:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
10:18am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
1:03pm, vehicle accident, Washington Avenue
2:58pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

Police Blotter – January 16 through January 23 2012

3:55am, assist Archbald Police at burglary scene, Main Street
4:29pm, traffic enforcement, Lackawanna Street
4:53pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

3:30pm, ordinance enforcement, Johnson Court

8:00pm, provide traffic control at accident scene, Route Six

10:30pm, assist Mayfield Police at fire scene, Lackawanna Avenue

12:51am, assist Scott Township Police at domestic dispute, Rushbrook Road
9:15pm, suspicious activity, Chestnut Street
11:00pm, welfare check, Rushbrook Street

12:53am, assist Mayfield Police at assault scene, Route Six
3:00pm, traffic enforcement, Cleveland Street
9:17pm, assist Archbald Police at domestic dispute
10:14pm, assist Mayfield Police with emotionally disturbed person, Penn Avenue

9:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
9:30am, assist ambulance, Bacon Street
10:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
11:00pm, assist Mayfield Police at domestic dispute, Whitmore Avenue

6:45am, assist Archbald Police at assault scene
8:01am, vehicle accident, Washington Avenue
11:10am, ordinance enforcement, Lincoln Avenue
2:25pm, property dispute, Johnson Court
4:56pm, traffic enforcement, Lincoln Avenue
5:50pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

Police Blotter – January 9 through January 15 2012

6:24pm, domestic dispute, Rushbrook Street

12:10am, recover abandoned bicycle, Washington Avenue
12:25am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
5:30am, assist ambulance, Henry Drive
8:10am, fight, Washington Avenue
12:40pm, assist Mayfield Police with suspicious persons, Route Six
7:10pm, vehicle accident, Washington Avenue

1:05pm, alarm response, Old Mill Road

10:55am, assist Archbald Police at accident scene, Betty Street
11:15pm, assist Mayfield Police at assault scene, Route Six

6:45pm, welfare check, Jefferson Avenue

12:21am, welfare check, Gibson Street
10:45am, assist Archbald Police with traffic control, Main Street
6:27pm, assist ambulance, Gibson Street
7:57pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
8:36pm, parking enforcement, Bacon Street

3:15am, fight, Washington Avenue
9:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
9:30am, traffic enforcement, Lackawanna Street
10:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
5:29pm, assist fire department, Hemlock Street

Police Blotter – January 2 through January 8 2011

9:00am, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
6:27pm, assist Children and Youth Services, Gibson Street
10:00pm, assist Archbald Police, at fight scene, Main Street

2:30am, assist Archbald Police with domestic dispute, Simpson Street
10:15am, provide traffic control, at fire scene, Glenwood Street
3:05pm, assist ambulance, Gibson Street
5:05pm, alarm response, Hickory Street
5:55pm, vehicle accident, Washington Avenue

2:10am, assist Archbald Police attempting to locate a stolen vehicle
10:30am, assist Archbald Police at robbery scene, Route Six
11:45am, alarm response, Fifth Street

4:40pm, found property returned to owner

3:05pm, noise complaint, Lincoln Avenue
10:41, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

11:25am, traffic enforcement, Rushbrook Street
10:15pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

12:03am, assist Scott Township Police with domestic dispute, Decker Road
3:00am, assist Carbondale Township Police at accident scene, Main Street
9:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
10:30am, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

Police Blotter – December 26 2011 through January 1 2012

9:45am, assist Mayfield Police at accident scene, Route Six
1:10pm, assist fire department, Bacon Street
10:15pm, assist Mayfield Police at accident scene, Depew Avenue

8:30am, stolen vehicle recovery, Bacon Street
8:25pm, assist Mayfield Police at domestic dispute

12:30am, alarm response, Washington Avenue
Various times, remove wind-blown garbage cans from roadways throughout borough.

1:10am, assist ambulance, Washington Avenue
12:58pm, domestic dispute, Washington Avenue
4:00pm, investigation, Lincoln Avenue
9:00pm, custody dispute, Lincoln Avenue

2:09am, domestic dispute, Gibson Street
1:23pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
10:30pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

7:45pm, traffic enforcement, Rushbrook Street
10:57pm, assist Mayfield Police with disorderly person, Route Six
10:35pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

9:25am, assist ambulance, Johnson Court
12:05pm, assist ambulance, Washington Avenue
12:26pm, assist ambulance, Lincoln Avenue