Council Minutes – April 12 2012

Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. On roll call the following members were present: W.Estile, J.Allan, J.Smith, A.J.Fuga, B.Parks and K.Hosie. Attorney Nicholls and Mayor Smallacombe were present. J.Mark was absent.

J.Smith reported a beginning balance of $147,294.24

Expenses – $50,156.27

Deposits – $108,166.58

Ending -$205,304.55

FINANCIAL REPORT – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by J.Allan to accept the financial report as presented. All members were in favor.

The April minutes will be adopted at the May 10,2012 meeting.

MAYOR– Mayor Smallacombe said the Historical Society will be having a bus trip to a glass factory in Hawley. A letter has been sent to the Rail Authority concerning the land for the train station. The events committee met and discussed the concert in the park and are looking into purchasing canopies for the borough building. The police chief will be having surgery on April 19 for his knee. The police department, day and night, are stopping speeders and doing an excellent job.

Lackawanna Heritage Valley– A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by J.Smith to approve the permanent easement for the Lackawanna Heritage Valley trail. All members were in favor.

ATTORNEY NICHOLLS – A.Nicholls reported that T.Grizzanti will send Mr DeMarco the survey maps. Attorney Nicholls said he was speaking to the attorney who is the executor of the Carite estate and asked if the borough would be interested in taking it over as a gift. Attorney Nicholls advised Council not to take the property over, he said the borough does not want the property in Jermyn Boroughs’ name.

FIRE CHIEF – Chief Rood said the old Larosa property on Washington is a problem for the fire companies. Attorney Nicholls said he spoke to Attorney Nepa who said the owner could not get a HOP permit, because the borough will not designate that section of Washington as no parking. Attorney Nicholls said Attorney Nepa said that the owner spoke about using the paper street behind the property, but he does not know if that is feasible. He said the property owner may have the right to use the paper street if the deed shows the land abuts up to the paper street.

Chief Rood said they are watching the smoke issue by Christian’s that is coming from another borough.

PUBLIC INPUT – Ray Rood, 403 Bacon Street asked if there has been any progress on the sewer problem at his home. Attorney Nicholls said no. Mr Rood said that his homeowners insurance went up $400.00.

R.Chase asked if there is an acting chief? Council said Lt. Caljean is in charge.

Jane Penny, 529 Jefferson Avenue from the Crime Watch asked if a police officer can be posted at the park from noon to dusk? The Mayor said there is only one officer on at a time and they have been directed to check on the park once an hour. Mr. Parks said if there are problems please call Comm. Center.

R.Chase said the fish dinner at the Artisan was a huge success.

M.Newberry was present from the Lackawanna County Community Relations, she explained she will be a middleman between the communities and the county. To answer any questions and to utilize services. Packets were given to council with information.

R.Chase from the Artisan said they have a drop bin at the fire department for used clothes.

FINANCE – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by W.Estile to pay the invoices in the amount of $3139.63. All members were in favor.

PUBLIC WORKS – Mr. Parks said there was a mine subsidence at the old Miller Casket and the Department of Surface Mining will be coming tomorrow. The area has been blocked off. As far as the Bridge Street culvert , D.Kutch has not gotten back to us with a recommendation. He said we have prices on the stickers for the rental ordinance from Mr.Kulick, 500 for $400.00 – 1000 for $700.00.

A motion was made to purchase 1000 stickers at a cost of $700.00 by B.Parks seconded by W.Estile. All members were in favor.

He also said he will be working on getting a price on a packmaster or a truck like we have for the recycling grant. K. Hosie said the grant will cover 90% of the cost with a 10% match. Mr. Parks also said we will be looking into getting smaller recycling cans.

Mr. Parks said a company will be coming to give us an estimate on the security camera system next week.

PUBLIC SAFETY –W.Estile asked about the lightweight ordinance that Chief Rood asked to be passed. Attorney Nicholls said that he needed more information and will look at it again.

R.Chase, Zoning Officer reported there have been a lot of permits issued and that J.Virbitsky has asked for an appeal.



A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by W.Estile to advertise the sale of the property on Riverview Lane in the Carbondale News at $62.25 a week for four weeks and the Advantage at $50.00 a week for four weeks. All members were in favor.

MARK KILMER – A motion was made by B.Parks seconded by J.Smith to hire Mark Kilmer as a temporary –full time dpw employee for another six months. All members were in favor.

PRESIDENT PRO-TEMP – A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by W.Estile to appoint A.J.Fuga as president –pro temp – of the Jermyn Borough Council . All members were in favor.


K.Hosie said there was potential problem with the use of the borough building ,with the Easter egg hunt and fireman training. She asked that letters be sent to the fire companys, the school district and Jermyn recreation Committee informing them that there is an application to be filled out to avoid conflict .

J.Esgro said there has been many times that he has found the gym door open and heat and lights left on. Mayor Smallacombe said it is recreations’ responsibility.

RECYCLING GRANT – A motion was made by B.Parks seconded by J.Smith to apply for a recycling grant. All members were in favor.

Arbor Day Proclamation – A motion was made to adopt a proclamation to have April 26 as Jermyn Borough Arbor Day by J.Smith seconded by A.J.Fuga. All members were in favor.

May 12 and 13 will be clean up week in Jermyn.

J.Smith that that the trees are very impressive and are a nice addition to Jermyn. And asked that a letter of thanks be sent to JSTC.

Council went into executive session. Council reconvened from executive session.

A motion was made to adjourn by A.J.Fuga seconded by J.Allan. All members were in favor.

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