Council Minutes – August 8, 2013


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 7:00p.m. On roll call the following members were present: J.Mark, W.Estile, J.Allan, J.Smith and K.Hosie. Attorney Nicholls was in attendance. R.Parks, A.Fuga and B.Smallacombe were absent. Borough Engineer D.Kutch was present.

MINUTES – A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by W.Estile to accept the minutes of July 11, 2013. All members were in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT– J.Smith presented the financial report:

Beginning Balance – $354,791.98
Deposits – $36,291.59
Expenses -$ 47,733.68
Ending Balance -$343,349.89

A motion was made by J.Mark, seconded by W.Estile to accept the financial report as presented. All members were in favor.

K.Hosie reported that the National Night Out will be held on August 13, parade starting at 6:00p.m. Councilmen are welcome to be in the parade, riding in a convertible or on the fire truck.

FIRE CHIEF– R.Rood passed out a sample of the stickers for lightweight construction for the meter bases and will be getting them out.

At this time K.Hosie read a proclamation honoring the Pioneer Gun Club recognizing their 75th Anniversary. Congratulations were given.

PUBLIC INPUT – Michelle Newberry with Lackawanna County informed council of upcoming events:

Heroes Day October 5 at comm center.
Senior Health Fair, September 20, free flu shots.
Arts and Culture Workshop, check county web site for dates.
She also brought a copy of the new Lackawanna County Lines.

R.Rood, 403 Bacon Street asked about the sewer prices. D.Morcom said she was speaking to T.Grizzanti and he said the matter was delayed because he had to speak to the Sewer Authority. K.Hosie asked if Mr. Rood looked into a third party inspector for the project. D.Kutch said KBA will do the inspections.

A.Whitiak, 512 Garfield Avenue, addressed Council. He thanked all for their support for the Rolling Thunder. Mr. Whitiak again asked Council to have speed enforcement at different areas besides the ramp, he explained it is hurting Jermyn and its businesses’. He said that the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce lists towns but not Jermyn or Mayfield. 107 is the busiest ramp off the Casey Highway . He said he spoke to police officers, state troopers, and guards from Waymart and Farview and they are afraid to travel 107. He said Jermyn wrote 666 speeding tickets in seven months and the state troopers 1453. There were only 7 drug arrests in Jermyn and drugs are a big problem. K. Hosie said she has come down 107 and looks down and is going 45 miles per hour and she is happy they are giving tickets. Mr. Whitak asked for the police to run speed in different areas. Mrs. Hosie said they are in different locations. J.Mark said that he has also heard out of towners do not want to come to Jermyn. He also said that parking tickets were given by Jermyn Police in Archbald. There was a remark about the Enradd system being set up in Mayfield. Officer M.McMorrow said it is not set up in Mayfield.

J.Smith said he has spoken to Acting Chief Arthur and has requested different locations for speed enforcement and he has done it. He said he has been approached to help with tickets, one in a 25 going 63 another going 53mph, his reply was no. Mr.Smith said he trusts Chief Arthurs’ judgment and he does a very good job. Officer McMorrow said they do not ticket drivers going 8, 9, or 10 miles over the speed limit. They give citations when they are going 17,18 up to 25 mph over the speed limit.

Mr.Whitiak mentioned drivers being pulled over by the police in his parking lot. K.Hosie said the police have no control over where a driver stops. Mr. Whitiak said that residents of the White Elephant park in his lot and the police say they cannot go on private property. Mr.s Hosie said to have them towed.

FINANCE –J.Smith asked the secretary to check an invoice from D&A Emergency Equipment in the amount of $278.80.

A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by J.Mark to pay invoices in the amount of $3,272.78. All members were in favor.K. Hosie asked the payment be held until the secretary has spoken to Chief Arthur.

PUBLIC WORKS– W..Estile reported that Rock Bottom has started the repairs to Bridge Street.

ZONING OFFICER– R.Chase reported there have been 8 or 10 permits issued. He has caught 5 residents without permits. He is working on illegal signs on utility poles.

RESOLUTION/FORD EXPLORER – A motion was made by J.Mark, seconded by W.Estile to pass a resolution to put the Ford Explorer out for sale. All members were in favor.

BUREAU VERITAS – A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by W.Estile to give Attorney Nicholls authorization to send Bureau Veritas a letter addressing the 90 day notice. All members were in favor.

ADAMS CABLE – Attorney Nicholls explained the 20 year agreement with Adams Cable is ready except for one minor change. Mr.Nicholls said they would give the Borough free cable. It was said we have free cable we wanted to know about free internet. Mr. Mark said free internet for the fire companies. Mr.Nicholls said he would ask about free internet service for the borough building and the fire companies.

A motion was made by J.Mark, seconded by J.Allan to renew the contract with Adams Cable for twenty years. All members were in favor.

RECYCLING TRUCK – Attorney Nicholls explained he has spoken to DEP and was told we do not have to reimburse them for the old truck when we sell it. He asked them to put it in writing. He explained we have to send DEP a letter notifying them we will be selling the truck. A motion was made by J.Smith ,seconded by J.Allan to give Attorney Nicholls permission to send a letter to DEP notifying them that we will be selling the truck. All members were in favor.

K. Hosie reported that the secretary was in contact with Direct Energy and we do not have to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce to participate.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY RE-INVEST GRANT – A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by J.Allan to pass a resolution to participate in the Lackawanna County Re-Invest program, applying for a grant for the soft costs for the Rushbrook Creek Flood Project. All members were in favor.

A motion was made by J.Smit h seconded by J.Mark to pass a resolution to participate in the Lackawanna County Re-Invest program. applying for a grant for the paving of the 400 and 700 blocks of Jefferson Avenue. All members were in favor.

WRIGHT CENTER 5K WALK– A motion was made by J.Mark seconded by J.Allan to give permission to the Wright Center for their 5k walk. All members were in favor.

K.Hosie asked D.Kutch to take a look at the basement in the borough building, there has been some flooding and there is a musty smell in the building. Mr.Kutch said they could check the moisture levels, find the source and eliminate it.

HANDICAPPED SIGN– A motion was made by J.Mark seconded by J.Allan to place a handicapped parking sign at 501 Jefferson Avenue. All members were in favor.

AWARD ROOF BID – The lowest bid from Eastern Roofing was: Base Bid – $48,300.00 /roof

Alternate – $17,900/sky lights

D.Kutch said the bid for $17,900.00 was very high. He said he tubes for sky lights in his basement. He said it would be better to do it when they are putting the roof on rather than later. He asked Tony to contact Eastern to get a breakdown on labor and materials. J. Mark suggested to table the issue until the next meeting. Mr.Smith and Mr. Estile said they were against the sky lights. Mr.Mark said the sky lights would help with the cost of lighting, Mr. Smith said that sky lights leak.

J.Mark made a motion to table the award of the bid until the next meeting, there was not a second.

Mr.Smith made a motion to accept the base bid for the roof only, at a cost of $48,300.00 without the sky lights, seconded by W.Estile. On roll call the motion passed 3 to 2.

RE-APPOINT WILLIAM ARTHUR – A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by J.Smith to re-appoint William Arthur as Acting Chief until the next council meeting of if Daniel Zellers returns all members were in favor.

A motion was made to adjourn by J.Allan, seconded by J.Smith. All members were in favor.

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