Council Minutes – February 11, 2016


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, February 11,2016 at 7:00 p.m. On roll call the following members were present: K.Napoli, D.Markey, J.Wilson, B.Parks ,F.Kulick and Dylan Reeves. Attorney Nichols and Mayor Smallacombe were in attendance. J.Mark and J.Smith were absent.

Minutes – Mr. Markey had corrections from the January 21st meeting, page 2, correction will read” JYS might make a contribution”, page three correction will read” discussing the creek project, unless we are going to set up a savings account”. Mr. Markey said Mr.Mark’s comment about 40 percent of the dpw ‘s budget goes for recycling is incorrect it is 20 percent.

INVOICES – A motion was made by D.Markey seconded by J.Wilson to approve paying invoices in the amount of$983.64. All members were in favor.

The secretary gave the financial report:
Beginning Balance: $55,284.94
Deposits $151,602.36 (Tax Anticipation)
Expenses $ 44,653.28
Ending Balance   $162,234.02

MAYOR – Mr. Smallacombe asked that everyone look out for their elderly neighbors during the cold snap. The police had 667 calls last month, investigating an ongoing drug issue. The Events Dinner is Feb 20 and tickets are still available, Carol Morcom, Trish Pearsall, Ann Boylan and former council people will be honored. The Historical Society will be having a slide show presenting the 1970 Centennial on March 6th and are planning the next one occurring in 2020.

SOLICITOR– Attorney Nichols said that there will be a mediation hearing for D.Zellers, the first part of March, to try to resolve issues if that doesn’t work, there will be depositions and a submission to a compensation judge. Council is welcome to attend and Attorney Nichols will check his calendar.

SURPLUS INVENTORY – Officer Calzola reported that the inventory list is complete but has to be translated into laymen’s terms and should be ready for the work session,

FIRE CHIEF– Chief Rood presented council with a Fema Fact sheet concerning the National Incident Management System, addressing classes that the council and mayor need to fulfill. If there is a disaster, federal funds could be jeopardized if the classes are not attended. Chief Rood said that the siren is not working, he called Joyce Electric and they said it is frozen. Mr.Rood said that Debbie and himself tried to find any old paperwork when the siren was fixed a long time ago. A crane had to remove it from the roof and a flatbed obtained to take it to North End Electric. Mr. Kulick asked for the cost? Mr. rood said he will look into it. He said you can purchase a new one and put it in the borough building roof, he said he obtained a price for a new siren and it was $25,000.00. Mr. Markey asked what would be the cost of removing the siren? Mr. Rood said Joyce Electric said it would take a couple of hours. Mr. Markey said no matter what we still have to have them come and take it down. Mr. Rood said not if we get a new one. Mr. Kulick said to look at a replacement first. A motion was made by K.Napoli seconded by J.Wilson to have the siren removed by Joyce Electric and to get a cost on repair or replacement. All members were in favor.

JUNIOR COUNCILMEN – Mr. Reeves asked for the log in information for the borough’s facebook page, the Mayor said he will give it to him.

PUBLIC INPUT – Michelle Newberry from Lackawanna County presented council with some information, a new Re-Invest grant application, the 2016 Winter Golf Clinic, Area on Ageing, offering information for rent rebate, PACE and LIHEAP .

FINANCE– Mr. Kulick said that J.Smith contacted J.Maros to put the budget   into a more user friendly format.

PUBLIC SAFETY – J. Wilson reported that she would like to honor some of the police in May and she has not had any complaints.

RECREATION – Mr. Matt Parry addressed council, he asked to appoint Chris Stefalo to the recreation committee. A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by K.Napoli to appoint Chris Stefalo as a member of Jermyn Recreation Committee. All members were in favor.

RECREATION BYLAWS – A motion was made by D.Markey, seconded by J.Wilson to have no charge for any events sponsored by Jermyn Borough and Lakeland, subject to availability. All members were in favor.

NEW SCOREBOARD – Mr.Parry said that Lakeland Basketball would like to put up a new scoreboard at no cost to the borough or recreation, the old 1948 scoreboard will not be touched. Mr. Napoli asked who will own it, next year they could go to Joe Terry and take it with them? Mr. Parry said he will talk to them. A motion was made by B.Parks, seconded by J.Wilson to give permission for the new scoreboard with the stipulation that it will be a donation to Jermyn Borough. All members were in favor.

Mr.Parry and Kyra Davey addressed Council concerning some future projects they have for the gym and playground at the field. Mr. Parry explained that they wish to replace the old hardwood floor with a pored urethane seamless floor, the floor is guaranteed for 25 to 30 years, the cost of the floor is $41,394.94. The committee also got an estimate to paint the gym red, white and blue at a cost of $ 8,171.76 . Ms. Daveys explained that the urethane floor is safer on the joints. Mr.Parry said they will apply for grants. Michelle Newberry said the largest grant the county has given was for $30,000.00. Attorney Nichols said who is going to enter into the contract the borough? Because it will have to go out to bid.

Mr. Parry said they also wish to obtain a brand new play structure and swing bay, with excavation and installation at a cost of $79,471.75 . President Kulick said the plan was ambitious and noteworthy. Mrs. Wilson asked if the project could be piece mealed? Mr. Parry said no, it would cost more. A motion was made by B.Parks, seconded by K.Napoli to give the recreation committee permission to look into securing grants for the projects. All members were in favor.

DPW – Mr. Rood informed council that the leaderpipe at the borough garage has to be fixed, the water is dripping on the electric box and freezing and there are two antennas on the roof that have to come down.

Mr. Markey gave his monthly report:

Recycling Truck, the recycling can be done on one day if we can obtain a compacter.

The DPW is in need of an asphalt hot box.

Guidance on a bid ceiling for auctions. Mr. Markey explained that if they find an item, so they don’t have to wait for a council meeting. Mr. Parks said there are line items in the budget. Mr. Markey said it was done for the leaf blower.

2008 truck will need sandblasting and painting in the spring.

2017 budget for stainless steel boxes and salt spreaders for each truck

New lawnmowers will be needed, will look into costs.

DPW no longer has radios. Mr. Fuga said he will turn in his cell phone and use his own and in turn the borough will give him a $15.00 stipend and save about $300.00 a year.

Compactor Recycling Truck- Mr. Markey said he spoke to B.Giovagnoli about a 902 grant. He explained when we obtained our recycling truck we were told by DEP- Rachel Miller that we could not obtain a compactor unless we could prove that the glass would not break. Ms. Giovanelli said we should gather all paperwork, notes, original grant proposal and submitted grant proposal, once the next round opens up she will assist us with securing funds. Mr. Markey said he also spoke to Berit Case DEP and he recommended trading in our old recycling body for a compactor and obtain a letter from Lackawanna Recycling Center stating they will accept compacted materials. Ms.Giovagnoli also said she would attend a worksession to inform council what is new/updated as far as recycling goes.

Borough Building – Mr. Markey also said new LED lights have been placed at the entrances to the borough building and DPW can dig a trench to the salt shed and hang some there. 10 New cameras security cameras were purchased for the building. Thanks went to Art & Joann Wilson for donating four and one donated by Mayor Smallacombe. M.Parry is getting an estimate from Mike Shay who installed the current cameras. 3 of the 10 cameras will be placed in the gym/stage area, the other 7 focused on exterior entrances. He asked recreation to get a second estimate. The November break –in has not been remedied, council should review the estimate and vote whether to pay or file insurance claim. There was a possible break in attempt this past weekend. The wooden door at the front of the DPW dock was knocked in. Mr. Chase is preparing an estimate.

DPW Garage – The DPW garage is not energy efficient, our utilities cost yearly are about $5,000.00, with the gas heat costing $3,000.00. The roof is going to need to be replaced at a cost of at least $10,000.00. There are foundation issues and windows and doors will have to be replaced soon. It takes about an hour to load trucks with salt as DPW has to walk back and forth. The DPW have an idea for an L shaped building which would run from the left of the salt shed and go behind it. An estimated cost would be $50,000.00, and the project would be eligible for a USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program.

Mr.Markey said we had a flat tire on the backhoe and Kost Tire came and put two new tires on, he thanked Chris Jordan the manager of the commercial division of Kost Tire.

DEMARCO/SURVEY – Mr. Kulick said the survey issue for Mr. DeMarco has been going on since 2011 and it needs to be brought to a head. Mr. Kulick said he spoke to Tony and the borough had a survey done and there was 3 to 6 inches, in the borough right of way and a fence on that land. There was a dispute between two surveys. Mr. DeMarco said he met with Dennis 4 years ago and he said it was out of his hands and it is more of a legal issue, to sit down with both surveyors. He said that his side is encroaching according to the borough survey, but the other side his porch and walkway is in the alley. He said when he applied for a permit for a fence, he put it a foot back on his property, even though the ordinance says it can be on the property line, because Basil Kleha asked him to. Dennis Kutch said there was an issue with the difference in the surveys by Barrett and Lendovich, and the other property is clearly encroachment. The borough does not have to do anything about it if they so choose. Mr. Kutch said he cannot certify Barrett’s survey, he believes the difference in the two surveys is that Barrett surveyed the whole block. Mr. DeMarco said when he got the permit for the fence from Walter, there was a discussion that the fence could be removed if the borough choose to, that’s when Mr. Parks had a survey done by the borough. Mr. DeMarco asked who would be responsible it a fire truck can’t get through. Fire Chief Rood said they made provisions for that they would go through the Verizon lot. Attorney Nichols said there are three owners involved, Mr. DeMarco, Mrs. Pidgeon and Mr. Ross, that border the alley, if it is feasible we can do our own line adjustment with a new survey, signed by everyone. Mr. Kutch said there is not much of an issue on Mr. deMarco’s side so what would Mr. DeMarco recommend? Mr. DeMarco said the reason he pushed so hard 4 years ago was because some individuals said his fence was on borough property and it could be removed. Someone asked if it was a council member? Mr. DeMarco said no it was Walter Estile who was the zoning officer. Attorney Nichols will work something up.

JAMES ALLAN – Mr. Allan asked about permission to have the Six County Federation Convention at the Crytsal Fire Company. Mr. Kulick asked how many people will be involved? Mr. Allan said the Artisan and William Walker are going to help, concerning the number of people attending he didn’t think many companies would travel this far north. Mr. Kulcik suggested perhaps St.Michaels Hall would be a better venue, more parking. Mrs. Wilson asked if they will need special insurance? Mr. Allan said the Six County Federation has the insurance. A motion was made by J.Wilson to allow the Crystal Fire Company to host the Six County Federation Convention on July 23 and 24,2017 and also giving Fire Chief Rood permission to sign any paperwork. All members were in favor.

MAINTENANCE CODE – Mr. Rood said that they will be getting together.

RUSHBROOK CREEK – Attorney Nichols said he met with the surveyor from GPI and they are drafting new descriptions for easements. Mr. Kutch said he spoke to Andy Malene (DEP), the project is under review with the Army Corps for environmental clearance, and there is mitigation where the creek meets the Lackawanna addressing the area into the river. Mr. Kulick said we are going to have to plan, we are going to have costs. Mr. Kutch said there is a County grant for $385,00.00, $40,000.00 that Senator Blake is looking into. Mr. Kulick said Mr. West is coming on March 10th.

TAX ORDINANCE – A motion was made by D.Markey ,seconded by K.Naploi to adopt and establish an ordinance for a tax on real property at 30 mills. All members were in favor.

2016 PAVING PROJECT: The streets being considered are: 200-300 blocks of Walnut, Chestnut Street, 100 block of Delaware, Lackawanna Street, 400, 500, 600 and 700 blocks of Jefferson, 400 Roosevelt, Evergreen Drive, Moon Road 300 block of McKinley, 400 block of Madison and 700 block of Madison. There was a discussion about the cost, the secretary said that we have to consider the engineering fees. Attorney Nichols said he will call the state to see if the fees can be paid out of the loan. Mr.Kulick said if we put a 5 mill tax on next year we can pave all of the streets. Attorney Nichols will run the figure of approximately $480,000.00 by the state to see if the borough can borrow the funds. A motion was made by D.Markey seconded by B.Parks to have KBA start the bidding process. All members were in favor.

KOST TIRE PROGRAM– Mr. Jordan from Kost Tire asked if council would like to participate in their Tire Program, once a month they check your vehicles and forecast your needs there is no charge. A motion was made by J.Wilson seconded by K.Napoli to participate in the Kost Tire Program. All members were in favor. Mr. Markey would get a list of all vehicles.

Mr. Markey proposed that we discontinue the cell phone for Mr. Fuga which will save about $300.00 a year and give him a monthly stipend of $15.00. A motion was made by D.Markey, seconded by J.Wilson to cancel the cell phone used by T.Fuga and to give him a monthly stipend of $15.00. All members were in favor.

DPW BUCKET TRUCK – Mr. Markey said a bucket truck has been found at Lackawanna Auto Exchange for $6,000.00. Mrs. Wilson asked if Adams Cable was contacted. Mr. Markey said T.Fuga contacted them but J.Mark did not. Mr. Fuga said they have an all new fleet and have sold all the old ones. Mr. Kutch asked if KBA could rent it? Attorney Nichols said he was unsure about it. Mrs. Wilson asked how many pieces of heavy equipment do we need? She said we have three trucks; how many do we need for one square mile? Mr. Markey said it will be used to hang the flags. Mrs. Wilson said she knows it is unsafe right now. Mr. Markey said it can be used for flags, Christmas lights and Main street lights, Mrs. Wilson agreed. Mr. Naploi said it is a Verizon truck not much bigger than a pick up. Mr. Kulick said this truck is safer, there is room in the back and will handle the bucket better than a van. Mr. Parks said the flags will fit in the back. Mr. Kulick asked the status of the truck? Mr. Markey said it is from a dealer in Stroudsburg was at Lackawanna Auto for preventive maintenance , Mr. Fuga said he wanted $6,000.00 but perhaps ,we can get it for $5,500.00. It A motion was made by K.Naploi, seconded by J.Wilson to purchase the bucket truck from Lackawanna Auto for $6,000.00 or lower. All members were in favor.

DPW JOB DESCRIPITIONS – A motion was made by D.Markey seconded by K.Naploi to accept the DPW job descriptions and move employees into proper pay scale, Mr. Esgro’s hourly wage will be raised thirty cents and T. Fuga’s hourly wage raised to $1.00. Mr. Parks asked if the dollar amount will go up for present employees? Mr. Markey said yes. All members were in favor.

A motion was made to adjourn by K.Napoli seconded by D.Markey. All members were in favor.

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