Council Minutes – July 19 2018

Jermyn Borough
Council Minutes
July 19, 2019

            The Jermyn Borough Council held their monthly meeting on July 19, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.  President Kulick called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.

On roll call, present were: Frank Kulick, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli (7:15 pm), Carl Tomaine, Cynthia Stephens, JoAnne Wilson (asst. secretary, non-voting).  Also present were: Solicitor Aquilino, Ray Rood, and Robert Chase.  Absent was Kristen Dougherty, a representative of KBA, and Mayor Anthony Fuga.

Motion by Mrs. Stephens, seconded by Mr. Markey, to accept the July 5, 2018 special meeting minutes, as presented.  All present voted in favor.  Motion carried.  At this time, it was noted that JoAnne Wilson, as assistant secretary, cannot cast a vote as a council member.

Motion by Mr. Napoli, seconded by Mr. Markey, to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Bills Payable as presented.  All present voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Mr. Kulick presented the letter of resignation from Cara Francosky, resigning the position of Jermyn Borough’s secretary/treasurer effective July 19, 2018.  Mr. Markey moved, seconded by Cindy Stephens, to accept the resignation of Cara Francosky as secretary/treasurer of the Borough effective July 19, 2018.  All present voted in favor.  Motion carried.

The assistant secretary position is now active as of July 19, 2018.  Mrs. JoAnne Wilson will resume her approved position as assistant secretary.

Mr. Kulick stated, the Borough has received a check for $250.00 from Walmart. Tammy Theobald has done 25 hours community service hours, and because of this, Walmart has donated to the Borough for her service hours.

Letter from Charles Beth of Jefferson Avenue was received.  He indicated that the alley, Shields Court in the 500 block, is flooding his property.  Discussion ensued.  Previously, the borough had sent out the DPW and engineers to survey the situation and found nothing wrong at that time.  Mr. Kulick will send a letter to Mr. Beth concerning the situation.

Katelyn English, Lackawanna County representative, presented events for the community to council.  Free seminar “Performance for a Living” on July 21, Shopland Hall at the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple at 1:00 p.m.   A Food Safety Certification – ServSafe will be conducted by Penn State Extension at Penn State Campus in Dunmore on July 26 from 9 am to 4 pm and August 2 from 9 am to 1 pm.  Cost is $185. And registration deadline is July 23.

Mr. Ray Rood reported at 403 Bacon trash was placed out for pick-up.  After the trash collection, garbage was spilled over the area.  He stated, if they spill it – pick it up.

Mr. Robert Chase reported that the Artisan Hose company will be hosting the 88th Annual Northeastern PA Volunteer Firemen’s Federation Convention on September 14th and 15th, 2018.  A parade will be held with approximately 20 to 35 trucks on September 15th.  We are asking for the assistance of the fire police for traffic. Arrangements for church service and meetings have been made.  Also a souvenir ad book for the convention is being complied and solicitation of ads.  If the Jermyn Borough would like to support the convention, I will submit a form to the secretary.

Mr. Markey moved, seconded by Mr. Napoli, to approve a full page ad in the amount of $100.00.  All present voted in favor.  Motion carried.   The secretary was instructed to submit an ad for the Jermyn Borough.

Mrs. Donna Stackel welcomed Mr. Carl Tomaine to council, and thanked Mrs. Wilson for stepping up in the position of assistant secretary.

Secretary Report:
Mrs. Cara Francosky had submitted a report for presentation: All deposits made as of 7/19/18, bills paid, minutes up to date, all calls given to DPW, grants up dated, reviewed all budget accounts, email sent to FNB to remove name from all accounts, instructed assistant secretary on submitting payroll, files organized, zoning permits to date done, and everything asked is completed and nothing is outstanding on her end as of 7/19/18.

Mrs. Wilson was instructed to contact Mr. Joseph Garvey for the exit audit of the treasurer position, as stipulated by code.

Police Chief Report:
            Chief Arthur distributed the Police Department’s monthly report.  He stated the department had 475 calls from June 1 to July 19th.  He noted the bear sightings and hopes the residents use common sense and stay away from the animal.  He would like to thank the fire police for their assistance with the various traffic needs.

Fire Chief Report:
Mr. Rood reported Jermyn Borough has been quiet; and the fire companies have assisted other boroughs and townships with their fires.

Zoning Officer Report:
            Mr. Chase reported everything is in order.  He has issued and viewed permits for fences, sheds, pools, etc.  No problems have been had with the residents.

Engineer Report:
            KBA not present.

Code Officer Report:
            Attorney Aquilino reported that 7 properties have been notified of violations: 610-612 Washington Ave. roof, 571 Washington Ave – owner is in California, 546 Washington Ave., 536 Washington Ave, 224 Hudson Avenue, 615 Madison Avenue, and 702 Madison Avenue – abandon property.  All have either corrected the violation or are in the process.

Complaints from or concerning: 400 r. Lincoln, 546 Washington Ave., and 519 Jefferson will be handled in the near future.

Tax Collector Report:
            Mrs. Ann Marie DeSanto gave a report on collections and delinquent taxes.

Mayor Report:

Solicitor Report:
            Solicitor Aquiliano presented Resolution 2018-16 for approval of the Council, concerning the cooperative Agreement with the County of Lackawanna for the FFY 2017 CDBE program administration.  Mr. Napoli moved, seconded by Mr. Tomaine, to have the Resolution 2018-16 and the Cooperation Agreement by and between Lackawanna County and Jermyn Borough for the FY 2017 CDBG Program Administration approved and executed by the Jermyn Council.  All present voted in favor.  Motion carried.

The third party administration revision of the Pension Plan will be updated for the next meeting.

Committee Reports:
Kevin Napoli – Sent a letter to PennDOT concerning the crosswalks on Washington Avenue.  He asked what course to follow to install the crosswalks in heavy traffic areas in the business area.  Discussion ensued as to the high traffic areas, ie. Bank, post office, etc.

Dan Markey – The council approved and purchased by grant monies the 2018 Ford F550 vehicle.   The DPW department is working hard at keeping up the many jobs and tasks in the borough and the Callahan Park area.

We discussed with Adams Cable the installation of a pole for wifi in the Callahan Recreational Park for 6 wireless cameras and lights.  Chief Arthur noted also for smart phones and web cam.  The one item is the wire will have to cross private property, but that should not be an issue.  Mr. Markey asked Miss English, Lackawanna County, if she would ask the County if Jermyn Borough can receive wifi through the County.  He was told there  may be a program for the parks.  Miss English stated she will find out and get back to the Borough.

Mr. Markey moved, seconded by Mrs. Stephens, to approve wifi installation in the Rippy Callahan Park with either the Lackawanna County program or Adams Cable, which ever is most cost-saving, for the purpose of security.  All present voted in favor. Motion carried.

Kristen Dougherty – Mr. Kulick read her report.  The summer youth program is coming along.  Grants – the Partnership Keystone Communities 5 year plan, it is a Long term project and training for the community. Mrs. Dougherty hopes to have a committee in place by the end of August.

Carl Tomaine – Mr. Kulick asked Mr. Tomaine to review the Jermyn Borough’s insurance policies.  Mr. Kulick felt since that is Mr. Tomaine’s expertise, his review would be beneficial to the Borough.  Mr. Tomaine agreed.

JoAnne Wilson – Reported the JSTC is in the processing of ordering the remaining banners.  The First Phase was completed, but the DPW was asked if more can be placed on Washington Ave on the no parking side.  They were informed that there was enough room.    Greenways and trees are being trimmed, and Memorial Garden is being updated as to the trees and shrubs.  Events Committee has suspended their summer meetings.

Ray Rood, Fire Chief – He has a key to the building, which houses the siren.

Mr. Chase lead a discussion concerning the land owned by Mr. Virbitsky.  The land is not sub-divided and land and building is in Jermyn Borough.  Solicitor will draft a response.

Mr. Kulick is appointing an interview committee for the hiring of a new secretary/treasurer.  He asked for volunteers.  He appointed Mr. Markey, Mr. Tomaine, and himself as the 3 member interview committee.

There being no further business; Mr. Napoli moved, seconded by Mrs. Stephens, to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
JoAnne Wilson, Assistant Secretary

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