Council Minutes – July 9, 2015


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. The following members were present: J.Wilson, W.Estile, J.Smith and K. Hosie. Attorney Nichols and Mayor Smallacombe were in attendance. J.McDermott, J.Allan, and R.Parks were absent.

At this time there was a moment of silence for Paul Buchiniski.

Minutes – A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by J.Smith to accept the minutes as presented. All members were in favor.

FINANICAL REPORT– W.Estile presented the financial report:
Beginning Balance – $ 261,176.19
Deposits                   – $ 43,682.43
Expenses                   – $ 66,116.50
Ending Balance         – $ 238,742.12

A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by J.Smith to accept the financial report. All members were in favor.

MAYOR– The Mayor reported on the recent drug arrest and said our Police Department is doing a great job. He thanked resident Randy Parry for detailing the new cruiser, at no charge. The Historical Society’s bus trip to the 911 monument was a success. The Events Committee will be holding their annual Concert in the Park on July 19th and their next meeting will take place right before the concert.


FIRE CHIEF– Chief Rood said the fire companies have purchased a device for traffic light preemption with Fire Relief Funds.

PUBLIC INPUT – Floyd Celli, 642 Washington Avenue asked about the decorative lights on Main Street, that are not working? Will they be fixed?. K.Hosie said the Lions Club was looking into it. J.Wilson said they got a price of $33.00 a light to change bulbs, not the ballast. Mr. Rood said there is a panel box on the side of Debbie’s Florist but cannot remember if there is a meter. Mr. Celli said the work that was done in the alley behind his property is back to what it was. Mrs. Hosie said she has not spoken to B.Parks recently. Attorney Nichols said Mr. Longo has still not called him back, concerning the issue in front of Mr. Celli’s property, if the Mayor will give Attorney Nichols Mr. Longo’s cell number, he will try to reach him that way. Mr.Celli said he will be opening his gun shop in the near future and asked if Council would consider changing the two hour parking limit to include Saturday and Sunday? Attorney Nichols said he will look into it.

Mrs. Alice Walter, Henry Drive, said her car was damaged on Henry drive because the road is in horrible condition. Mrs. Hosie said the borough can turn it into our insurance company and to come to the borough office. Mrs. Walter said the Henry Drive should be one way, it is very difficult for the men to plow snow, the school bus won’t come up there and they have to walk their children down the hill.

FINANCES– A motion was made to pay invoices in the amount of $ 2,694.60 by J.Smith, seconded by J.Wilson. All members were in favor.

RECREATION – Mr.Dan Markey of the Recreation Committee reported there will be a Lakeland Community Night on August 18th, tickets are only $9.00 and free parking. The William Walker will be selling tickets at the corn slam on July 17 and 18. Jermyn Day is returning on August 30, 12 to 5 , free hot dogs and root beer. There will be a dunk tank, games, raffles and Mannings Mobile ice cream. Mr. Markey recommended that the rules for the gym be changed to allow food and drink on the gym floor. He said there will be a $50.00 deposit instead of $25.00 if renters wish to have food and drink. Mr. Smith asked that it be submitted in a written document. The matter was tabled to the next meeting. Mr. Markey said the application was denied for the fund raiser in the gym, as they had posters around town stating “cash bar”, the applicant was notified.

ROADS COMMITTEE – Mr. Smith reported that a grant was received through the County for $94,000.00 to pave Henry Drive, Council has no control over when the project will take place.

ZONING OFFICER – Mr. Chase reported that he has caught several people without permits. He has received a permit for a new home, there may be a problem with the size of the home and the setbacks.

LACKAWANNA MITIGATION PLAN – Tabled for the August 13th meeting.

Mr. Smith asked that the packet of information be submitted to Council at the work sessions.

Mr. Estile said that the fire police will be controlling traffic for the following events: July 18, W. W. Parade, August 8, Mayfield National Night Out, and July 26, Car Show. A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by J.Smith to give permission for the Jermyn Fire Police to control traffic on July 18, August 18 and July 29. All members were in favor.

FRANKLIN STREET TREE– j.Wilson said the tree on Franklin is in excellent shape, the borough is not in the business of taking down healthy trees. The DPW did remove two limbs from another tree which could have been dangerous. She recommended the tree not be taken down, Council so agreed.

SHIELDS Court – A motion was made by J.Wilson seconded by J.Smith to pass an Ordinance regulating the traffic flow on Shields Court between Rushbrook and Division Streets. All members were in favor.

Attorney Nichols said he has to re-draft the Ordinance for Washington Avenue. A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by W.Estile to have Attorney Nichols re-draft the Ordinance for Washington Avenue.

Mr. Smith said he asked to have Council’s information packet at the work session so they will have time to review the information.

A motion was made to adjourn by J.Wilson, seconded by W.Estile. All members were in favor.

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