Council Minutes – March 12, 2015


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. On roll call the following members were present: J.Wilson, J.McDermott, W.Estile, J.Allan and J.Smith. Mayor Smallacombe and Attorney Nichols were present. K.Hosie and B.Parks were absent.

Councilman J. Smith served as Chair in the absence of K.Hosie and B.Parks.

MINUTES – A motion was made by J.McDermott, seconded by W.Estile to accept the minutes of February 12, 2015. All members were in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT: W.Estile gave the financial report:
Beginning Balance – $ 156,934.25
Deposits                  – $ 32,152.35
Expenses                –  $ 49,370.19
Ending Balance      – $ 139,716.41

A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by J.Wilson to accept the Financial Report as presented. All members were in favor.

MAYOR– Mayor Smallacombe said the older cruiser has 101,000 miles on it and we need to start looking for funds to purchase a new one. He said the police have been doing their job, giving warnings for un-shoveled sidewalks, investigating blighted properties, and serving warrants.  Mr. Smallacombe said the Crime watch is having their Pasta dinner on March 22 and the proceeds will go to purchase needed items for the Police Department and they are planning their Night Out for August 15. The Historical Society is looking into fund raisers and The Events dinner was a success and they are planning their Concert in the Park for July 20. Mr. Smallacombe said there are several people interested in serving on the Recreation Commission. Mr. Smallacome mentioned an article in the paper concerning the flood project. Attorney Nichols said a letter was sent to Harrisburg in October, with no response. The Borough Engineer, recently called him and is going to contact the attorney handling the matter. The Mayor said there are 7 bridges, two are in an alley and will not be replaced, one belongs to the state and three are county bridges. Concerning the dredging of Rushbrook Creek, it was dredged right after the flood. Mr. Smallacombe said nothing can be done with the bridges until the Flood project comes through. Michelle Burns, representing Lackawanna County said their hands are tied by the State.

Mr. Smith said the project is actively being worked on and it takes a long time when dealing with all the government agencies.

Attorney Nichols said he needs an executive session for personnel.

FIRE CHIEF– Chief Rood said he had an electrician look at the siren and he did work on it and it seems to be ok, not sure.  He made council aware of a problem in the area of St. Michael’s, there was a call and emergency vehicles could not get down the street, because of  the way vehicles were parked, B.Chase could not get his pick-up truck through, it is a bad situation. Mr. Smith asked that Chief Arthur have patrols there on Sunday, it is a matter of public safety. If we have to issue tickets, we have to. Chief Rood said tickets were issued. Mr. Smith said we have to be able to get a fire truck through there.

Chief Rood say the fire department has got a lot of the trophies out of the DPW garage, we still need to get airpacks and coats. J.Allan said they will take the tables and papers perhaps the Historical Society would  want to look  at the old gear/ J.Wilson said the garage at one time was the Borough Hall and Fire Company and there is one table Mr. Avery would like left in the building, he said former councils’ used that table.

Chief Rood and Dan Markey asked that Attorney Nichols look at some insurance paperwork that would allow the fire companies to charge up to $500.00 for a fire call, at no cost to the home owner, as their policy will cover it. If the property is un- insured there would not be a charge. Attorney Nichols will review it. Mr. Smith asked the secretary to call Chief Rood on April 1 to get an update on the siren for the work session.

Wilson, 156 S. Washington Avenue stated that there are five council seats open this year, can this be changed? Attorney Nichols said we would have to petition the court, to see if they would allow it. Mr. Smith said losing five people at one time could present a chaotic situation to say the least.

Michele Burns, Lackawanna County, informed council of upcoming events, Bike Safety, April 25 at PNC Field, the Armed Forces, drawing and essay contests, County Clinics and Events, for more information please see the county website.

Floyd Celli, 642 Washington, Mr. Celli thanked K. Hosie and J.Wilson for coming to look at his water problems. J.Wilson said she plans to bring it up at the work session, but was waiting to hear from Mr. Celli about a meeting with state reps.  She said Mr. Celli had asked if council would meet with the state reps concerning his water problem. J.Wilson said there is a safety problem there, W.Estile was there the other day. She said there has to be something for that water to run off into, it is a state road, it is not the Jermyn Borough’s problem but perhaps the state could alleviate the problem. J. Smith said so we know exactly what the discussion with Mr. Celli was, who is contacting who? Mr. Celli said he has done his homework and concerning what Joann said it is Jermyn’s’ problem. He contacted Mr. Kavulich and a gentleman from Penn Dot and it was recommended a meeting during regular business hours. Mr. Celli said he hopes for a resolution as he can’t be chipping four or five inches of ice off his sidewalk all the time, he asked if Council is willing to have a meeting? It was decided that J.McDermott, J.Smith, B.Parks and Attorney Nichols would meet April first at 10:00, with an alternate date of  April 8th, with the state reps office and Penn Dot.

FINANCE– A motion was made by J.McDermott, seconded by J.Wilson to pay invoices in the amount of $ 2,306.22. All members were in favor.

PUBLIC WORKS – J. Wilson said that K.Hosie and herself went to Mr.Whitiaks home on Garfield and there is a problem there, it is a skating rink, she said she knows there was a pipe installed, but we have never accepted the road. The Mayor said the water does flow you can hear it. Fire Chief Rood said we do own the road, Attorney Nichols will look into it. Mr. Smith asked that W.Estile, B.Parks and T.Grizzanti go to Mr. Whitiaks property to look at the problem. Mr. Smith asked for a report at the work session.

Mr. Smith asked Chief Arthur if they looked at the property across from the Sterling Drug Store? Chief Arthur said no at the 700 block of Washington, the police have no authority over the issues with the home on Washington. Chief Rood recommended the property maintenance codes, Attorney Nichols will look into it.

PUBLIC SAFETY –Chief Arthur asked if the 700 block of Jefferson could be looked at, the pot holes are terrible. Also the older cruiser has over 100,000 miles on it and they are police miles. The department is starting to have issues with the cruisers being out of service, we need to look into a new vehicle soon. If we don’t take action now we could be looking at purchasing two new vehicles. Mr. Smith said W.Estile contacted him about the issue and understands the need for a new cruiser. Council will have to look at the budget and we will have to do, what we have to do. Chief Arthur said they have received complaints about un-shoveled sidewalks and most people have complied. There is one on Hudson where the owner is out of state and he said his brother-in-law will do it. He said he is still working on the surplus program and requesting items.

RECREATION – J.Allan said basketball season is over. The Lakeland Youth group had an excellent turnout and will be coming back next year. He said he will be looking into the RE-Invest county grant again for a new lawn tractor and sports equipment.

RECREATION COMMISSION – A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by W.Estile to appoint  the following to the Jermyn Recreation Commission ; Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Joe Conyingham, A.J.Fuga, Matt Perry and Heather Carpenter. All members were in favor.

Mr. Allan said a new light is needed outside the side door and he will get prices for the work session.

JUNIOR COUNCILMAN – B.Swatt said he will be sprucing up the Borough’s Facebook page. He also said that he is on the Student Ambassador Program, learning about local government and because of being a Junior Councilman it has really helped him and he thanked Council.


POLICE EASTER EGG HUNT – A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by J.McDermott to give permission to the Jermyn Police Department to have an Easter Egg Hunt on April 4 at the recreation field. All members were in favor.

LIONS CLUB EASTER EGG HUNT – A motion was made by J.McDermott, seconded by J.Wilson to give the Lions Club permission to have their Easter Egg Hunt on March 28. All members were in favor.

LIONS CLUB DUCK RACE – A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by W.Estile to  allow the Lions Club to have a duck race on May 25. All members were in favor.

CONCERT IN THE PARK – A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by J.McDermott to  give permission for the Annual  Events Committee Annual Concert in the Park on July 19. All members were in favor.

RE-APPOINT William Arthur – A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by J.Wilson to re-appoint William Arthur as Police Chief until the next meeting or if Chief Zellers returns. All members were in favor.

Council went into executive session, council re-convened from executive session.

A motion was made to adjourn by J.Mcdermott, seconded by W.Estile. All members were in favor.

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