Council Minutes – May 12 2011

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Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, May 12,2011 at 7:00 p.m. The following members were present: J.Smith, W.Shermanski, M.Collins, K.Hosie, A.J.Fuga, B.Parks and J.Mark. Attorney Nicholls and Mayor Smallacombe were in attendance.

MINUTES – The borough secretary did not get the minutes of April 14,2011 to the council. A motion was made by A.J.Fuga seconded byW.Shermanski to adopt the minutes of April 12,2011 as written, motion carried 6 to 1 with J.Smith abstaining.

K.Hosie reported a beginning balance of: $167,092.43
Expenditures : $59,753.93
Ending balance : $250,423.95

FINANCIAL REPORT – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga seconded by J.Smith to approve the financial report as presented. All members were in favor.

MAYOR – Mayor Smallacombe reported that the Variety Show will be on May 21 and there are still seats for the Historical Society bus trip. He explained he contacted the Housing Authority concerning the non-working hydrant on Henry Drive. Mr. Parks said they brought up part of a hydrant, a piece of garbage. Mr. Parks feels there should be a new hydrant there.

PUBLIC INPUT – Mr.Langman, Gibson Street asked when they will be paving? Mr. Parks responded the end of May beginning of June. Mr. Usher, Gibson Street asked when the lines will be painted at the church? Mayor Smallacombe said he will do it.

FINANCE – A motion was made by K.Hosie seconded by W.Shermanski to approve the invoices in the amount of $2186.77. All members were in favor. K.Hosie asked for an executive session for personnel. She explained the finance committee has met twice and said that each month the secretary will prepare an itemized balance of all accounts.

A motion was made by K.Hosie seconded by B.Parks that any expenditures of $3000.00 or more can only be approved by council at the council meeting the following month and any matter of public safety can only be approved at the same council meeting by majority. All members were in favor.

PUBLIC WORKS – Mr. Parks reported that the water company installed a shut off at Larrys Market, Washington Avenue and did not restore the area, damaged driveway ,sidewalk and greenway. The secretary will write a letter. Mr. Parks said he has been contacted by PPL concerning the electrical problem at the borough garage. PPL would like to know what the borough will be doing? Council instructed Mr. Parks to get three quotes. Also there is a monkey bar in the recreation field that is dangerous for the children. Mr Parks was told to have the dpw remove it. He also said there is an issue with the slide also, a child got cut. Mr. Collins said he will have a look at it.

A motion was made by B.Parks seconded by K.Hosie to have the monkey bar torn down and assess the slide and if necessary, take it down. All members were in favor.

PUBLIC SAFETY – A.J.Fuga reported that he received a call about a very large tree that had fallen in the creek. He said as a matter of public safety he had J&B tree cutters cut it up and get it out of the creek. The secretary said she called the Dept. of Agriculture to see if there were any more grants to have trees removed from the creek and was told there wasn’t any funds.


K.Hosie asked if the events committee can use the side of the building for flower pots again this year. A motion was made by A.J.Fuga seconded by J.Smith to allow the events committee to use the side of the borough building for flower pots. All members were in favor.

A motion was made by K.Hosie seconded by J.Smith to approve the letter for the LHVA that the local authority will agree to be responsible for the roads not designated on the state highway system. All members were in favor.

A motion was made by M.Collins seconded by K.Hosie to create a position of liaison with borough employees. All members were in favor.

A motion was made by M.Collins seconded by W.Shermanski to appoint J.Smith as liaison with borough employees. All members were in favor.

A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by K.Hosie to establish an exploratory committee consisting of two council members plus/alternate and five borough residents for the purpose of researching, studying and compiling information on the feasibility of a borough wide street paving project. All members were in favor. The first meeting will be on June 6, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. .Interested residents can call the borough manager any day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00p.m.and have their name placed on a list.

The name of this committee will be known as “Roads of the Future”.

Mr. Park asked about the water situation at Mr. Langmans’ home on Gibson Street.

Attorney Nicholls said that if the water problem is being caused by the removal of our swale in the boroughs’ right of way we can cut it out and put the swale back in.

Bob Chase, zoning officer said he has been busy ,two porches, two sheds, two garages and one swimming pool. He also said that he received a complaint saying he was not doing his job. Attorney Nicholls said that he and the Mayor have spoken to the person.

Council went into executive session, council reconvened from executive session.

Mr. Smith distributed employee handbooks for review and will be discussed at the work session.

J.Mark said the Rushbrook Creek Project is in final design and there will be a public meeting this summer.

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