“E” Recycling Jermyn

MAY 14

Sat 9 AM · Jermyn Borough · Jermyn @ Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue
The borough of Jermyn will hold an electronics recycling drive on Saturday, May 14th from 9am-1pm. A truck will be on hand to take electronics. If the truck is full, and on the way to empty, please drop off on the trailer next to the salt shed.

Here are the items being accepted – working or broken:
Flat screen TVs
Flat panel monitors
All types of cell phones
Power supplies
Video game systems
Video games
VCR players
DVD/Blue Ray Players
Stereo/home audio equipment

Please remember that it is against PA state law for any electronics to go with the regular trash to the landfill. Now is your opportunity to get rid of whatever you don’t want. Bring it to the borough building 9am-1pm only! Nothing will be accepted after 1pm.

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