Garbage and Recycling


Garbage and Recycling 

Garbage and Recycling are picked up on Friday’s, if you do not have a garbage and recycling toter or need an extra one, please contact the Borough Office (570) 876-0610 or Please place your recyclables in the container with the green lid. All Residents are encouraged to recycle plastic, paper, glass, plastic and cardboard. Please rinse out food and beverage cans/bottles.

The Borough does not pick up electronics or appliances. For more information on how to dispose of those items, please visit the Lackawanna  Recycling Center Website


Please do not put your garbage and recycling containers out for more than 24 hours before the time of collection. Listed below is the ordinance. Also, remember to put your containers back onto your property after the garbage and recycling has been collected.

Refuse Ordinance 24 hours


If your garbage and recycling has not been picked up, please call the number that is conveniently located on your garbage and recycling container. If it is not picked up within a reasonable amount of time after directly contacting County Waste, please call the Borough Office 570-876-0610. For more contact information on County Waste, please click on the County Waste link under our ‘link’ section on the website.



Please periodically check the website for updates in the event that garbage and recycling pick up days are changed due to a holiday or weather related emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact the Borough Office 570-876-0610 or