Minutes 7-27-17

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

July 27, 2017

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on July 27, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, Dan Markey, John Mark, Joseph Smith and JoAnne Wilson. Also present were Mayor Smallacombe, Tony Grizzanti; KBA and Atty. Moran. Absent were; Ray Rood, Robert Chase, Kevin Napoli and Evan Samuelsen.

 MINUTES: A motion was made by Mr. Smith to accept the July 6, 2017 minutes, seconded by Mrs. Wilson; all in favor, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:General Fund $176,612.99 plus DPW sale of garage added to GF $28,718.63; Refuse $122,723.83; Recycling $2,919.69, DPW Capital Reserve $12,818.70. Disbursements are from June 16, 2017 to July 27, 2017 $180,978.39, which includes payment #1 of the 2016 paving loan & police vehicle payment. Deposits $57,711.37. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Mark to accept the treasurer’s report and bills as presented, all in favor; motion carried.

Public Comment:John Frankosky 300 Delaware – Said he has a couple questions regarding police coverage in town, what is the correct procedure for reporting a borough issue or concern regarding the police dept. Atty. Moran said the Mayor of the Borough is in charge of the police dept. Mr. Frankosky said when a resident reports a complaint regarding the police dept. is it typical or common practice for the police chief to rudely call the resident, raising his voice and stating that all reports regarding his officers go directly to him and proceed to call the resident a rat, also should the police officer text the complaining resident directly following the incident after the Mayor was involved. Atty. Moran directed council not to respond to the questions because it sounds like it can provoke liability to the borough. He said he understands his concerns and apologizes for the issue and the complaints should be addressed to the Mayor in writing. Mr. Frankosky asked if there is a policy for police to go out of town for non-official business. Atty. Moran said we are not going to respond to that at this time in this setting but if you put your issue in writing, we will respond. Mr. Frankosky asked who it will be addressed by. Atty. Moran said if you address it to the Mayor and the Mayor wants the solicitor to weigh in, he will and you will get an official response back by either the Mayor, council or one of the appointed officials.

John Mark – said residents at 427 Washington Ave. have abandoned their home. They are nice people but they left the property. Monday Night, Mr. Mark was outside and had thought there was a bear in the tree at the property. They turned out to be raccoons, they are living at the home and he also pulled out rats out of his swimming pool. Mr. Mark said he tried not to complain but he did file a police report about it on Monday. Mr. Mark said they are really nice people but he just wants to get it on the record so we can have Mr. Chase go out and take a look at the property. Mr. Markey said Mr. Calzola is the code officer. Mr. Mark said they come and cut the grass. Mr. Markey said so they abandoned the home but they upkeep the lawn. Mr. Mark said they have to but they left the home in disrepair. Mr. Mark said they were supposed to sell it to their son and he was supposed to come and take the wood work out of it. Mr. Mark said it is on Main Street and it is going to be another eye sore. Mr. Kulick said he was looking at the do not pick up garbage list and there is at least 6 properties on Washington on the list. We do not pick up their garbage because they do not pay the garbage bill. Mr. Mark said he let his neighbors know, who have small kids that there are raccoons out.

Zoning:Mr. Kulick said there were quite a few permits issued this year; it has been a busy year.

Engineer Report:Mr. Grizzanti said he waited until the downpour started on Tuesday and drove over to Robert Hunt’s house. The neighbor happened to be home and he stood there and watched it. It comes down really hard, all of the driveways up above in Mayfield, they are all gravel. In 2 minutes, all that gravel is right in the neighbor’s driveway. The gutter line is gone and the water goes into the Hunt’s yard. When the rain is normal, the gravel does not come down but if there is a washout it creates the gravel to come down. It fills the gutter line in 2 minutes and goes over. He spoke to the neighbor. He asked Andrew Baldan to call the Borough Office and the other 2 guys who gave us prices before to give us pricing to put a curb in. The neighbor is ok with putting a curb in the driveway. Tony said it is nothing we need to bid because it is a couple hundred dollars. He wanted the exact number and wanted them to call the Borough office so he is not in the middle. Mr. Hunt and the neighbor were ok with it. The neighbor showed Tony a pile of the gravel and dirt he cleans up every time. Tony went to talk to the Mayfield DPW and they said they can see what they can do, maybe put a lip in front of the driveways up top to hold some of it back.

Tony said 518 Jefferson explained that there was a water issue. Mr. Markey said he spoke to the residents a few months ago and he said everything was always good until we got that blizzard in the spring. He did not know if it was the DPW or private hire plow truck but he thinks they did something to the grade when they were plowing. Mr. Markey had Tony Fuga and Joe Esgro take a look at it and he had some work done since. Tony Grizzanti told him next time it rains he will go over and take a look at what is going on.

Mr. Smith asked Tony if he is recommending curbs over on Lincoln Ave. Tony said the neighbor’s driveway comes down from the house and has sunk down over the years below the road and if he was interested if the Borough comes up and puts a lip in front he can give the contractor money himself he can put blacktop over the last 8 ft. of his driveway and build it up. He wasn’t thrilled about putting blacktop over his concrete. That little bit of curb will stop those big washouts as long as him and Mr. Hunt keep up with the sentiment that gets in there but that is the end of what he is getting onto his property. What we did on the other side is perfect. Tony said the bigger curb is going to be a headache for the neighbor, but he was there and said he will deal with it. Tony said he will have a 5 inch curb in front of his driveway. Mr. Mark said what about bottoming out with the cars, 6 months from now he can be coming in here screaming at us saying you put this big curb in here. Atty. Moran said if we are doing something for him we can have him sign a release. Mr. Smith asked how much curbing is it. Tony said maybe about 20-25 ft. just enough to get through his driveway and pass the little piece in Mr. Hunt’s front yard.

Tony said he sent that little picture of the property in East Jermyn for the potential DPW garage. Tony said this came up because someone asked Joe Barrett if he would survey it and he knows that he has a lot of the maps. Tony said he has the maps for that railroad right of away because it boarders his backyard. Tony said if we want to go a step further, he can print out contouring. Mr. Markey said he contacted the surveyor to see if it was ever surveyed. Mr. Markey said we wanted to see if it was a viable solution for a DPW garage. Tony said it is easy enough to get a contour map. Tony said it will be hoops to jump through if you want to put the DPW garage there, crossing that channel you would have to build a road. The gas, water, sewer and electric end at Hemlock so you would have to extend it in there. Mr. Markey said we wanted to do a cost benefit analysis and explore all our options. Mr. Mark asked how big of a piece it is. Tony said about 2 acres. Tony said at the far end of it going towards Rushbrook, there is a mine seep that comes out of the ground there that they put in where the acid mine water comes out and that is unfortunately on the property.

Donna Stackel asked if Jermyn owns that land. Mr. Markey said yes, we own it. Tony said getting to it; we are building all the infrastructure. Mr. Mark asked if it is surrounded by Mr. DeNaples’s land. Tony said yes. Mr. Mark said we can make a good trade with him. Mr. Markey said either that or also, he has a lot of undeveloped land here, we can say you can start to develop this and all you have to do is put in a road for us. Donna Stackel asked who owns the land off of Delaware by Bottlers before you get to Rapid Pallet. Mr. Parks said Bardanes owns all of that. Tony said maybe he would give you a piece that fronts on Bonnie Drive and you give him that piece in the back. Donna Stackel said there is a lot of land there. Mr. Markey said we have had a lot of other people that were interested in talking with us about some different options so there are still a few different things out there besides land that we own. We are still trying to weight it all out and see what the best fit for us is going to be.

Tony said the estimate for the Delaware Street project; we had to split it into 2 phases. We resubmitted it to the County into two phases.

Mr. Smith said himself and the Borough Secretary have been working with the County grant writer, to see if there are any grants available to do the sewer and the roads down Old Mill Rd. We have an estimate from 2014. Mr. Smith said the numbers can be a lot higher now. Tony said not much have changed in the last couple of years. Pavement may go up some. Mr. Smith said this is one of the more serious projects that we have in front of us that have to be addressed. Atty. Moran said why is it our responsibility, why is it a project Jermyn Borough must shoulder, why isn’t this piece of the sewer system under county control. Has anyone approached the County about taking this sewer system over? Tony said LRBSA was approached to take it back. That development started right after the agreements were signed for the whole valley sewer system, they were already building the system when the development came before council when they built the woodlands. The developer built everything in there himself. They then went to the Borough and turned that over, the roads and the sewer. LRBSA never had that in their system. Mr. Smith said he had requested that they take care of it and they refused it. Mr. Mark said that has been requested many of times. Atty. Moran asked if this council requested it. Mr. Markey said he unofficially did, he had a conversation with the sewer authority and asked if it was something they would be interested in taking over. They said no. Mr. Markey said we should look into the possibility of selling it to someone, the water companies are buying them. Atty. Moran asked if it has any value to the Borough. Council said no because they do no collect anything from it. Tony said you cannot assess them because you would have to assess the whole Borough. Atty. Moran said it wouldn’t be like a sale, it would be surrender. Mr. Mark said if we are looking at doing that shouldn’t we look at doing the developments up here. Tony said it does not hurt to ask; the two up here are relatively new and in good shape, give them those two and the one at the woodlands which they know they would spend money upgrading. Lou Demarco asked if a private company can come in and charge all of us. Atty. Moran said they can come and acquire it in the system and they can spread the rates across the whole customers. Usually the municipalities strike a deal to freeze the rates. Mr. Markey said there are no maintenance fees right now because they are not being maintained. A resident from the Woodlands was present and said she spent thousands of dollars fixing her sewer that is in her yard, finding out that there is a sump pump hooked up to their sewer line. There are also neighbors with the same concerns. She said the roads are terrible and feels it is something that needs a time table on. Without fixing the roads it is $416,000 and with roads and sewer it is $520,000.

Lou Demarco said Raymond Drive isn’t a problem now but when it’s older it will be for someone, how do you stop that? Mr. Markey said you can sell it. Tony said when Forest City did it, LRBSA owned all their sewers, and they were in trouble with DEP. They took out a 6 million dollar loan with USDA and they replaced every sewer and lateral in their town and now they own everything and they have a fee, every resident pays the fee. At some point down the road even though you only have Raymond Dr. Powell’s and the Woodlands at some point if you have that authority everyone will pay that fee. Mr. Markey said what happens up there if half the problems are in Archbald, how do you tie that in? Mr. Smith said we are trying hard to work with the County and grant writers, they are more familiar on what grants are available. If we can do that, we are going to spare a lot of the tax payers in Jermyn. Atty. Moran said they should authorize him or someone specifically to go to Senator John Blake and the PA community Economic Development to see if any Multimodal money is available. There is a lot of infrastructure money that goes unused. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Mark to allow the solicitor to pursue State money for the project of the sewer and paving in the Woodlands. All in favor; motion carried. Tony said there is a loan at USDA and with that loan is was a grant that gave Forest City money. Lou Demarco asked how old the sewer system is at the Woodlands. They said at least 40 years old. Mayor said 1970’s is when the main line went in.

Mayor Report:Mayor said the Historical Society had their first meeting at their new location and are looking forward to having an open house. They are setting up the glass cases; so far they have 3 cases filled with WWI & WWII items. They still have another room or two to work on. The main rooms look nice and people will be happy to come in. They are planning a couple of fundraisers. The Events Committee is having their concert in the park this weekend. It is a free event, sponsored by our County and by the Events Committee. The county gives us so much and we put in the difference. There will be hotdogs, soda and ice cream. It is a nice two hour concert at the park. They are doing a great job with the flowers on the bridges and at the businesses. We are limited to the number of people who can go out and water them and if anyone wants to volunteer we can always use more volunteers. The Events Committee divided up the money from the Variety Show and each organization got a nice check from the Events Committee from that.

Everything is going well in the Police Dept. All our vehicles are in decent shape. All our officers seem to be happy working here, public is very happy with our officers for the most part. Mayor said he thinks we are doing better than most towns in the area from what he hears from others towns and Mayors, our police do a great job and we will continue to strive to have the best police department we can.

DPW Report:Mr. Markey said he wants to talk about the chipping. When we did our garbage and recycling last year, prior to that we had Waste management for the garbage and we did our own recycling. Whatever we recycled, including chipping was weighed at the recycling center and we were reimbursed by Waste Management. We asked County waste even though they were taking over our single stream recycling, if they would do the same thing as waste management did, reimbursing us per ton for chipping and we were told yes. Recently the secretary had submitted some receipts for reimbursement and they came back with the answer that we voted for the option to include recycling so we are not going to reimburse you. Mr. Markey asked the solicitor to look into it. Atty. Moran said he has email confirmation on that. Mr. Mark said even the e-recycling should be covered under that. Mr. Markey said the contract says everything but tires. Mr. Markey said the alternative is to let them chip. It is going to be leave your branches out on Fridays and County waste will get them, the contract says they shall haul all trash and recyclables with the exception of tires, that means CRT TV’s. Mr. Markey said our chipper is dying again, we got new teeth for it this year and last year we replaced the motor and it is going again. For a small town, we chip so much, we take on so many branches and shrubs that we do not have the right machinery. We need a chipper like Dickson City has. It is too small for the wooded area we have, it keeps failing us. Instead of spending our money on a new chipper, let County Waste take care of it. If we do get a new DPW building and we have some land adjacent to that then maybe we can start a compost pile in the future and we want to take it back on where it actually does us some good. Mr. Markey said if they don’t agree to the addendum to the contract which they initially did then again it is more money that we are wasting for nothing. Mr. Smith said they should handle it, it is in the contract. If they said no they don’t want to reimburse us then they should handle it. Mr. Markey said if the decision is no for the reimbursement well then bring your chipper truck into town because we are ready for you. Mr. Mark said we had that in the contract when we had it out to bid, that was in there. Atty. Moran said that was in our bid specs and they came back with alternative options. Atty. Moran said he believes it is internal miscommunication and we will get it straightened out.

Mr. Markey said we are going to devise a plan to take care of some of the trees after the Shade Tree gets together and does their report. Mr. Markey said for tree cutting he wants to get the DPW some safety courses, safety equipment for tree cutting and they also requested a small power chain saw so that when they are up in the bucket, just a small one to use instead of a big one they already have. Mr. Markey said he does not know if Shade Tree will be able to donate that to the DPW, if they can talk about it in their meeting. Mrs. Wilson at the Shade Trees next meeting they will look into it. Ann Boylan asked if they are looking for them to donate the safety equipment or just the chain saw. Mr. Markey said the chain saw. Mrs. Wilson said that can be handled from our funding from our Borough account, we had bought previous small items for the DPW, the weed spreader and different things like that that made the Shade Tree job a little easier and the DPW’s whole spec of work easier for them. Mr. Mark said you can probably get a good STHL chainsaw for $200.00. Mrs. Wilson said if the Shade Tree finds out there is a course because Mark Kilmer went with us, it was down in Wilkes-Barre. She can contact someone to see if there is a class and if one of them would go, it was very helpful. You do not become an arborist but it was specifically for DPW workers because of storms and topping of trees. Mayor said the association of townships has a safety course they used to put on every year. Mr. Mark also mentioned the Dept. of Forestry. Mrs. Wilson said she will get back to them.

Davis Ct. Mr. Markey said behind the 600 block of Washington, it is a big pain point back there. There are a lot of pot holes. Right now we are waiting on the County to get back about borrowing the asphalt zipper. They said Greenfield Twp. has it and he has contacted them since before Memorial Day and he follows up once a week. We also have to go back and cut some trees there so we can get back with the dump truck. Mr. Markey said we are going to go back there with some millings. Mrs. Wilson said it is extremely over grown in and something has to be done there. Mrs. Wilson said even Jerome Dr. if you didn’t come in Davis Ct and you went past Laurel to go in that way, that is getting bad now too. Mr. Mark said they are silver maple trees and they grow like weeds. Mrs. Wilson said she had a complaint last week from the tenants that live on Main, that use that road to come in, specifically behind Wayne’s because that is where they park their cars; off of Davis Ct.

Mayor asked about the garbage issue and if they are going to pick up where they forgot last week. Mr. Markey said there was a bunch of garbage that got missed last week and the story he received that the regular guy was on vacation and they had a replacement guy. They came back on Monday to pick up some streets and they still missed some. Mr. Markey asked if they called County Waste. Mayor said they called the Borough. Mr. Markey said if County Waste does not pick up your garbage, call County Waste; there is a phone number on every single garbage can. He said do not put it on Facebook and assume we will see it. Lou Demarco said that guy was here that day from County Waste with his cell phone number, give them his number. Mr. Markey said there is a phone number on every single garbage can. Mr. Mark suggested it to put it on the Borough website and what the numbers are. Art Wilson suggested contacting the Cerminaro’s who have big bulldozers to help out on Davis Ct. Mr. Parks said we did a couple other projects where he did help us out. Mr. Markey said it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Mrs. Wilson asked about the street signs over at East Jermyn, are they ordered? Mr. Markey said they are ordered, we have to get a couple more and he thinks they forgot one for Delaware. Mrs. Wilson said and Elm. Mr. Markey said they have them but they are trying to put them up in between rain drops. Mr. Markey said we have about 50 more sitting downstairs, waiting to get put up; we do have a few more to order.

Mr. Markey said the DPW took a walk by the Rushbrook creek again and took a look at everything there, especially around Lincoln and the Suey’s area. We are going to weedwack and trim the stuff that we can and if there is any debris in the creek we will do our best to get it out. Mr. Markey said he does not think anything that is in the creek bed is any cause for worry if there is any type of large rain issue, he does not think anything that is there right now will be a hindrance or cause another flood. Mrs. Wilson said a good time to do clean up in the creek is when the trees lose their leaves, you are able to see what is going to cause problems and you have an easier time of getting everything out. Mr. Markey said we will probably do it again in the fall.

Finance:Mr. Smith said we finally have a date with our auditor; it will be this coming Wednesday at 6pm. We will review everything that has taken place since January for the first 6 months within the Borough. We will present our 6 month appraisal at what has happened during that time budget wise to the public.

Shade Tree:Ann Boylan said we are requesting that the Shade Tree ordinance be changed on section 3, where we are talking about voting members. They want to change it from 3 voting members to 7 voting members. Mrs. Wilson said and everything else remains as is. Mr. Kulick asked if they want to increase the monetary items in the ordinance. Ann Boylan said honestly they don’t think they will pay it, we aren’t getting anything now and if we increase it, it will make it worse. They will have hard feelings if we put a lien on their property. Have we got any money so far? Mr. Markey said we don’t enforce it. Mrs. Wilson said you can’t get blood out of a rock, if you put a lien against the house you won’t get money until the house is sold. We still have to pay on what has to be done up front, if we put a lien against the house; some of these homes they will be there for 20 years. We have tried to go for grants, we try to treat people like we value their property, their thinking and their money and to have them respect on what we are doing to the environment. Mrs. Wilson said we will pay so much and say they have to pay the other half, sometimes it works and the one time it did. Lou Demarco asked if this is trees on the right of away. Mrs. Wilson said it could be trees on the property, right of away and it could be a tree upheaving a sidewalk, it’s not a tree that we planted. All our trees are approved for street scape. There are people who have requested huge maple trees for their front yard, there is no lines in front of their house and where they wanted to plant was fine and it would enhance the street so we did put them there at our cost and their approval that they have to take care of it. Atty. Moran asked what the request of the ordinance was. Ann Boylan said in section 3 when it was established it has 3 members we want to change it to 7. Atty. Moran asked why. Mrs. Wilson said because we have 7. Ann Boylan said when it was established there were 3 and now there are 7. Atty. Moran said so it can reflect the reality. Mr. Mark said do not forget about the PPL program, if there are any trees that are in the PPL line they will come and take them down. Mrs. Wilson said they use PPL as much as they could. Mr. Markey said that gets into another problem with chipping, they will cut them and then they will leave the branches down there for the DPW to pick up. Mr. Mark said if you request them to take the tree down they will and will haul them away themselves. Mr. Markey said a lot of these are on private property.

Mrs. Wilson said she would like the Shade Tree and the DPW to work together. Mr. Markey said they absolutely will.  Ann Boylan said one of her neighbors asked her, the alleyway that runs behind Washington to the dead end towards the Artisan, one of the neighbor’s trees is so big that it is going over the alleyway. Is that something the Shade Tree can handle and the DPW can take it away or is this the owner’s problem? If this is hanging into the alley shouldn’t we take some sort of action? Mr. Markey said he thinks that it is the property owners right at first refusal to take care of it themselves. Basically you would knock on their door or send them a letter and let them know it is growing into the alleyway, will you please take care of it. Give them so many days and if they don’t let us know we will come in and cut what we need to cut what is in our right of way and we will send them an invoice. Mr. Markey said we can give the residents a chance to remedy this, maybe they can’t, maybe some are elderly and some don’t have the equipment. We can also give them the choice and ask them to handle it at their cost or we can do it and invoice them. Mrs. Wilson said they also have to address the 600 block of Garfield alleyway, there is a truck hitting the branches that are overgrown. Mr. Markey said the same thing happens down on Old Mill Rd. Mr. Markey said when he first got on council they sent the Newcomb’s a letter in regards to their tree. Mr. Parks said he went through the same thing with them 10 years ago.

Mrs. Wilson would like to compliment the DPW, we had these storms and they helped clean up properties. They cleaned up the WWI Park. Mrs. Wilson said she was out at the last storm and we had a complaint over at Delaware at the underpass she asked the police to put cones out at the underpass and also to go over and check on the Hunt’s property at Lincoln Ave. Mrs. Wilson thanked them for the extra step.

Mr. Markey said the 4b stone at Delaware is doing a pretty good job. We had all that debris and trees down, when you have that debris coming down covering the catch basins and the rain coming down so hard, under that bridge is going to flood. Hopefully we get some grant money to help mitigate that problem.

Mrs. Wilson said the Honor for the pictures for the Hometown Heroes; she stopped up to Carbondale and received a name of the person who is handling Archbald’s, Dickson and Carbondale. They will get it started so it can be up for Memorial Day. There are different ways we can do it, we will meet the person and then bring the information to council on which we way we can do it. Mrs. Wilson made a motion to accept the Borough Ordinance to change ordinance#5-03 in Section 3, changing the commission from a 3 member board to a 7 member board; seconded by Mr. Markey, all in favor; motion carried.

Art Wilson said he does most of the accounting work for the Shade Tree, the Borough gives them $1,500 and they spend far more than that. We get a lot of compliments; there are no weeds in the front and no weeds at WWI Park. The contracts they have with TruGreen are much more than the $1,500 you are giving them. Mr. Markey asked if they ever bid the contract out or ask for any quotes, we have quite a few different landscapers in town here, which may be able to give the Borough a better price. Mrs. Wilson said they had asked two landscapers when they first started and they were more money than TruGreen. So far trugreen has not increased their prices.

Mrs. Wilson gave each member of council The Jermyn Lions Club list of officers and their bank statements as of July 7, 2017. Also, the Shade Tree officers and letterhead also their statement from the bank as of June 16, 2017.

Mr. Mark asked why is the Lions Club is providing this. Mrs. Wilson said because they have the word Jermyn in their title. Mr. Mark said they are a separate entity from the Borough. Mr. Markey said it doesn’t matter the ordinance stipulates any organization with the word Jermyn in the organization is responsible for a listing of financials and officers. Mr. Mark said can you do that. Mr. Markey said we did, the ordinance is in the books. Mr. Mark said they are just using the town’s name. Mr. Kulick said we passed that ordinance; you must have missed that meeting. Mr. Mark said he was here. Mr. Markey said do they use the physical building here. Mr. Mark said yes they meet here. Mayor said periodically. Mr. Mark thought it was meant for organizations that were using the Borough’s tax ID and things of that nature.

Speed Bump Update:Mr. Markey said we do not have any information but he gave his opinion. We do not have the opinion of the safety chair, police or fire chief. His opinion with the speed bump is if you put a speed bump in the middle of Madison Ave. all of a sudden everyone is going to want a speed bump and that is something we can’t afford. Mr. Smith said just like the lady that wanted a light on her garage in the alley. Mr. Mark said we had speed bumps in the alleys years ago and it was horrible with plowing. Mr. Parks said they used to be on Mellow Ct. Mr. Mark said we talked about putting portable ones up there and you’re putting holes in the road. Mr. Kulick said we will wait until next meeting to discuss this.DPW Truck:Mr. Mark said he talked to Mr. Kavulich and Chief of staff called him back. It is an LSA grant that we have to apply for. His Chief of Staff said just call him if there is any problems and they will walk you through it. He asked Mr. Markey to get pictures and specs of the truck to put on for the grant. In the middle of July is when you can start applying and to start applying as quick as you can and it ends in Sept. or Oct. Mr. Mark said before he was told they would be allocating the funds in Sept and they would be coming in Oct. The funds will be allocated in the first of the year and we should receive our truck the beginning part of March. Mr. Markey said that is a game changer for him, our 2002 plow truck; we were looking to see what we can do just to polish it up and pretty it up to get it ready to sell but it looks like we have to go through one more winter with it. The salt spreader is no longer working so we are going to have to take that to NJS and get that repaired before the snow falls. We took it to the Vo-tech and they were able to do a little bit of cosmetic body work and things like that but as far as a tailgate, it is too rotted out for them to repair it. Mr. Mark said this form is pretty simple, it is a one page form and once it is complete and have a copy of it, he can either bring it down to his office in Moosic or The Chief of Staff can pick it up.

New Business:Mrs. Wilson said she knows we need the Woodlands completed, new truck and a lot of new things that have to be looked at first but on the long range plan being that she was on the committee years ago, maybe one of the things we should be looking at down the road after we get all this funding to take care of our roads and equipment is the windows upstairs have to be done so we can use and facilitate that upstairs. It may bring money in or open the facility for other items. Mr. Markey said she is right and on that note, this happened before he got on council, was there a grant application for windows to get replaced. Mr. Mark said yes for the whole upstairs. Mr. Parks said at the time the grant was done it was for an elevator and windows, it was going to cost almost one million dollars to do the whole upstairs and we applied for $330,000 to take care of that aspect of it, that was quite a few years ago. Mrs. Wilson said we just can’t say we are going for this much money, everyone is hurting for money but windows is a necessity and if we can work with George down at the County to get some type of windows and one step at a time. At one time when Mr. Giles was president we had people in the audience that said they would get a group of contractors from Jermyn and they will do the walls, ceilings and do other stuff to make one room available for this and one room available for that and maybe we can rent it out. She does not want this to go by the waist side when we have all these other big projects done or maybe there is something in the meantime. Mr. Mark said maybe there are different monies to go after. Mr. Parks said the original plan was the elevator, windows, the room above was supposed to be the senior center and the front room was going to be split into 2 rooms and the room in the corner into 3 rooms and the rec. room was supposed to stay the same. Mrs. Wilson said she would like to see the facility rented out. Mayor said we had offers before. Lou Demarco suggested trying to solicit people that would personally fund the improvements and they can use the room rent free for an x amount of years.

Mr. Kulick said the Jermyn Night out is Tuesday at 6 pm at the Artisan.

Mr. Markey said a few meetings ago we voted to allow the batting cages at the A ball field and move the walking trail back a little bit. We got together and changed our minds a little bit; right now we have a t-ball field over there which doesn’t get used for t-ball practice and t-ball games. Mr. Markey said they would repurpose the t-ball field and put up two batting cages and two pitcher mounds.  Mr. Kulick asked if it is in boundary lines. Mr. Markey said there are no zoning issues with it. A motion was made by Mr. Markey to change the spot for the batting cages to the player enhancement area at the current t-ball field with 2 batting cages and 2 pitcher mounds all paid for by baseball, seconded by Mrs. Wilson. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Markey said we would like to take a few of the old street signs and have a drawing or giveaway for a couple of them. For the rest of them we would like to raffle them off. Mr. Mark said they were purchased by the Lions club over the years and it should be asked through the Lions Club first. Mr. Markey asked if they were donated to the Borough. Mr. Mark said they were purchased by the Lions Club. Mr. Markey asked the solicitor if there is an ownership issue. Atty. Moran said it sounds like there is. Mr. Mark said as a courtesy to let the Lions Club know. Mr. Markey made a motion subject to approval of the Lions Club that DPW is allowed to raffle off the old street signs, Mr. Mark said he would like a couple of them donated to the Historical Society. Seconded by Mr. Mark; all in favor, motion carried.

Mayor thanked the fire police and fire companies for coming out for the storm. Mr. Markey said DPW was called out; they had a lot of downed trees. Mr. Markey thanked Tony and Joe.

Council went into executive session at 8:45 p.m. for personnel matter.

Council reconvened at 9:01 p.m. they discussed personnel matters.A motion was made by Mr. Smith to adjourn the meeting at 9:01 p.m. seconded by Mr. Markey. All in favor; motion carried.


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