Minutes December 1, 2016

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

December 1, 2016

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on December 1, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Messrs. Frank Kulick, Robert Parks, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Joseph Smith, and JoAnne Wilson. Absent were: John Mark, Mayor Bruce Smallacombe. Also present were Solicitor Larry Moran Jr., Tony Grizzanti; KBA & Dylan Reeves; Junior Councilman.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson to accept the November 17, 2016 minutes, seconded by Mr. Parks; all in favor, motion carried.


Kyra Davey and Fastenal Company received a certificate of appreciation. Fastenal Company graciously provided Jermyn Borough with first aid kits and also with many other donated items for the Jermyn Recreation Commission. Kyra Davey was awarded a certificate of appreciation for outstanding contribution and volunteerism within the Jermyn Recreation Commission.

2017 Budget:

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the 2017 budget as presented at last month’s meeting. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Kulick thanked the Finance Committee and Mr. Smith’s leadership for doing a great job on the budget. Mr. Kulick said it sounds like it is a fiscally conservative budget that we can track.


A Motion was made by Mr. Smith and seconded by Mr. Napoli to adopt the resolution amending ordinance 3-2002 for registration of rental properties. All in favor; motion carried

Ordinance 2-1990 Refuse Collection Service- A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Parks to accept the resolution amending ordinance 2-1990. All in favor; motion carried.

Ordinance 2-2016 Add addendum to fee and penalty schedules- Pave Cuts- A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Markey to accept the resolution amending ordinance 2-2016. All in favor; motion carried.

Ordinance 1-2002 – A motion was made by Mr. Parks and seconded by Mr. Markey to accept the resolution amending ordinance 1-2002 Ordinance Regulating the Installation and Maintenance of Alarm Systems. All in favor; motion carried.

Ordinance 2-1992- A motion was made by Mr. Smith and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the resolution amending ordinance 2-1992 for the use of Private Roll Offs/Dumpster. All in favor; motion carried.

Ordinance 2-2005 Callahan Park- A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Smith to accept the resolution amending ordinance 2-2005 Callahan Park. All in favor; motion carried.

Ordinance 3-1998 A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the resolution amending ordinance 3-1998 Ordinance Regulating Canvasing and Soliciting within the Borough of Jermyn.

Washington Ave. Red House:

Mr. Rood said he sent a certified letter to the property owner and has not received a response back yet.


We received a new upfront cost to convert the street lights to LED. Total cost will be $696, if we leave out the lights that are under 10 years old. Mr. Kulick read aloud a resolution from PPL to convert the street lights to LED. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Parks to pass the resolution as read. All in favor; motion carried.


Mr. Grizzanti from KBA addressed council on Rushbrook Creek Project invoice. It was for the coordination with different utilities and the vegetation growth. Mr. Markey said they asked KBA to look at the vegetation but everything else as far as utilities go he is up in the air on. He questioned if they should be billing the county for that. Mr. Markey suggested holding off on that bill until next meeting.

Mr. Markey said we also held off on the other two bills. He said he wanted to be able to see everything to make sure we had something tangible before we paid the bill. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to pay two out of the three KBA bills with the exception of the Rushbrook Creek Project Bill.

Wayco came back and fixed the driveway issues that residents had problems with.

The paving for Henry Dr. is complete; the County will do a walk through.

700 block Lincoln: Mr. Markey asked if there is anything they can do to mitigate this issue with the water problem. Mr. Grizzanti said they will see if Mayfield can also do anything to help out.

DPW Building:

Mr. Markey said he talked to Mr. Glass and he has several projects in progress going on in Jermyn. Right now with the other projects he is going to temporarily pass on the purchase. He may express interest again.

Davis Ct: Atty. Moran sent a letter to UGI regarding the drains at Davis Ct.

Full Time Police:

Mr. Napoli said they have 5 applicants and they will be doing interviews. They will come back with their recommendation next meeting.


Council received pricing for Vonage phones, which will include two phone lines and e-fax. Mr. Markey said council voted to switch to Vonage and it was switched for a period of 3-4 days and the Borough Manager switched it back. Mr. Markey said we would be saving money by switching back to Vonage. Mr. Kulick asked if there were any issues with Vonage. Mr. Markey said he personally heard good things about Vonage. It was suggested to call Adams cable to find out what the bill would be if we took the phone off and left the internet on it.

Pearl Harbor Proclamation:

Mrs. Wilson read aloud a Proclamation Honoring 4 Jermyn Survivors of the Pearl Harbor Attack. December 4, 2016 as Commander Danyo, Captain Urda Busy, Commander Willgrube, 1st Sergeant Kitchura Pearl Harbor Survivors Day in Jermyn.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Markey to approve the proclamation honoring the four Jermyn Survivors proclaiming December 4, 2016 as Pearl Harbor Survivors Day in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. All in favor; motion carried.

There is a ceremony at St. Michael’s church honoring the four Jermyn survivors.

Resolution for Insurance:

Mr. Kulick read aloud the Resolution to authorize participation in the Workers Comp. Risk Pool. A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Parks to pass the resolution authorizing participation in the municipal workers comp. risk pool. All in favor; motion carried.

Delinquent Garbage Fee:

Mr. Kulick said there is still a list of 14 property owners who have not paid their delinquent garbage fee. The 30 days has passed since the letter went out. There was one issue with one tax payer who paid the fee but did not pay the penalty. They can either waive the penalty and interest or consider it to still be delinquent and stop collection. Mr. Kulick said his view is to still consider it delinquent and stop collection, if we waive the penalty we are setting a precedent that we will not be able to stop. Mr. Napoli agreed and said everyone will pay their fee and expect us to waive the penalty. Mr. Kulick also mentioned if the owners put out their trash we can cite them for the 24 hour refuse ordinance. There are still $11,000 unpaid garbage fees and $16,000 delinquent property taxes.

Crime Watch:

Crime Watch had a meeting last week and a question came up if council should establish the crime watch as a commission or committee. This will be discussed at the next council meeting.

Reminder: Saturday, December 10th will be the date for the Christmas Light Parade, sponsored by Girl Scout Troop #50440. The parade will start at 6pm on the corner of Rushbrook and Washington. The parade will travel down Washington Ave to Gibson Ave, continue onto Jefferson Ave, and end at the Borough Building. Refreshments will be served at the borough building after the parade.

The Jermyn Events Committee welcomes you to the Community Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 11th at 3pm. This event is free to the community, refreshments will be served

Little League- Jermyn Youth Sports:

Mr. Markey addressed his concerns with the Jermyn Youth Sports. In his opinion Jermyn Youth Sports is not necessarily being run efficiently and effectively. The president resides in Mayfield. Mr. Markey said he came to council last year and requested the borough to audit Jermyn Youth sports because as parents and coaches we were not getting answers about the books and finances that they expected as people who contribute to the set finances.  He was told by the previous council president and solicitor that Jermyn Borough was not under their jurisdiction because Jermyn Youth Sports was not using the Borough’s tax identification number. He later found out that Jermyn Youth Sports was using the Boroughs Tax ID number until they received their own. After speaking to the new solicitor about it he said regardless of Tax Id Numbers; they are using the borough’s property, we pay insurance on the stand, fences, backstop etc. and pay for utilities. Mr. Markey said it is well within Borough council discretion to require Jermyn Youth Sports to give us at least a listing of their officers and financials. Mr. Markey said this is something we should consider not speaking as a council member but as a parent and coach; usually what we are given is we have X amount of dollars in the bank but have never been given any actual financials. With any committee/ commission in town things are very transparent if anyone wants to inspect anything, any books or balances they certainly can. The previous treasurer for Jermyn Youth Sports resigned after Mr. Markey made the request of the financials. Mr. Markey said he wants it run more like an organization and the Borough to have a better relationship with Jermyn Youth Sports. Mr. Kulick said he suggested discussing this with Atty. Moran at next meeting to give us some guidance on this. Mrs. Wilson said the Historical Society and the Events Committee do not account to Council. She said what you do for one you have to do for all. Mr. Markey said we have a right to go and ask for a list of officers and financials. Mrs. Wilson said at least once a year an organization that has the name of Jermyn to it should give a list of officers; financials in the beginning or end of the year.


Mr. Chase asked about the new rental resolution. He asked why it is changing from $10 to $40. Lou Demarco also had concerns with the increase. Mr. Markey said we did some benchmarking with other towns and the fee is actually less than other borough’s. Mr. Chase asked what the fee is for. Mrs. Wilson said it is for safety and explained what it is used for. Mr. Chase said he understands what the sticker is for but why the increase. Lou Demarco asked what the $40.00 is being used for. Mr. Kulick said between the police activity the apartment buildings cost more to manage for us. Mr. Chase asked who enforces this. He said he has been buying stickers for 5 years and no one enforces this. Mr. Kulick said the fee has not gone up since 2002; when the ordinance was established. Mr. Markey said we had to take a look at some ordinances; we have been tasked to help generate revenue in a town that doesn’t have any revenue, this is one of the small things we unfortunately had to do. We are trying to get this town back on track; we are updating our fines and fee structures.

Mr. Markey said the DPW went into the Legion Room and the Girl Scouts left the room a mess. There was glitter and hot clue stuck to the carpets. Mr. Markey asked everyone to notify the committees that DPW is not a housekeeping service. It will be up to each committee/commission to clean up after themselves; this goes for the gym as well.

Mrs. Wilson said Evan Samuelson our new junior council member will be at our next meeting to introduce himself. Mrs. Wilson was asked by Mr. Yurgosky if he can do the swearing in of Evan at the January meeting; council approved. Lou Demarco asked about the reorganization meeting. Mr. Kulick said there is a reorganization meeting every two years; it will not be in 2017. Mr. Demarco asked if they would ever change the time of the meetings; if someone wanted to run for council but they work at night. Mr. Kulick said in the past they had some discussion on this but there are some that cannot make it in the day.

Mr. Rood said there has been a complaint about the siren blowing so many times. Joyce Electric looked at it and as of now the last time it went off it was ringing six times. He said he is working with Mr. Glass on 536 Washington. Mr. Rood said Council needs to setup a fee schedule and also look into getting an appeals board.

The Crystal Fire Co. is having a holiday cash raffle. $1.00 per ticket- top prize $500.00. Please see any member to purchase tickets. Drawing will be on Christmas Eve.

A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m. All in favor; motion carried.


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