Historical Society


Mission Statement

     To preserve and maintain the History of the Borough of Jermyn, Pennsylvania, through the collection of accurate written and spoken documentation, photographs and newspaper articles and items that help tell the story of our hometown, Jermyn Pennsylvania.

     The objective of the Jermyn Historical Society is to record the history of Jermyn Borough by collecting, preserving, maintaining originals and copies of artifacts, documents, photographs, and various media articles, as well as, recorded/typed interviews of people who have remembered the times gone-by, also the role the mining industry played in the early days and the reknown Birth of First Aid in America, Jermyn, PA.  By following this objective, future generations can learn and appreciate Jermyn’s pride and rich history.

      Subject Matter collected and being collected: (ongoing process)
A. Borough Citizens – past and present
B. Historical Moments
C. Famous Townspeople
D. Elected & Appointed Officials
E.  Churches/Civic Groups-Organizations/Emergency Services
F.  Businesses – past and present
G.  Jermyn Schools
H.  Edgerton
I.  Historical Social Events

The Jermyn Historical Society was established on March 2, 2003,  at a gathering of Charter members at this first meeting.  Present were Mayor Bruce Smallacombe, Walter Avery, Mark Coons (deceased 2012), Alice Gryzbowski, Joseph “Pepper” Krenitsky, Robert “Bob” Tomaine, and Jeanie Zavacki (deceased).  At this first meeting,  it was decided that something should be done to secure objects and knowledge of Jermyn’s past, so that it is not lost in time.  They established the purpose of the Society, which is to preserve and maintain the History of Hometown – Jermyn, PA.  The Jermyn Historical Society was Chartered in 20–.

Today, the Jermyn Historical Society is a thriving organization with 40+ members.  The Society meets the First (1st) Sunday of every month (or at the call of the chair) at 7:00 p.m. at Longworth’s Family Restaurant, Washington Avenue, Jermyn, PA. When the JHS has presentations and speakers their meeting is held at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA.

Contact information:  U.S. Mail: Jermyn Historical Society, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, Pennsylvania  18433 – WebSite: www.jermynpa.com  – phone number: 570-876-3171 (President W. Avery).

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings — Open to non-residents.  Come and enjoy the history of the yesterdays of Jermyn and the surrounding communities in the Valley of the Lackawanna River.  Register for the bus trips and outtings sponsored by the Historical Society, watch for the posting announcements on the website and local newspapers.

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