Police Blotter – January 24 through January 31 2011

1/24/11:  9:10am, welfare check
11:20am, assist ambulance
snow/ice covered sidewalk enforcement throughout day
3:38pm, vehicle accident
9:25pm, warrant service
10:16pm, assist disabled vehicle

1/25/11:  sidewalk ordinance violation enforcement
5:20pm, abandoned vehicle enforcement

1/26/11:  3:00am, domestic dispute

1/27/11:  8:15am, dog complaint
Sidewalk violation enforcement throughout day
10:10am, assist Mayfield with traffic control
3:25pm, dog complaint
4:00pm, lost dog returned to owner

1/28/11:   1:20am, welfare check
8:18am, alarm response
8:40am, assist fire department
10:15am, vehicle accident
Sidewalk violation enforcement
8:43pm, traffic enforcement
9:37pm, traffic enforcement
10:36pm, traffic enforcement

1/29/11:  sidewalk violation  enforcement

1/30/11:  4:05pm, traffic enforcement

1/31/11:   5:10am, assist Archbald PD with fight
Sidewalk violation enforcement

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