Police Blotter – May 31 though June 5 2011

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10:20am, assist Mayfield Police at accident scene
5:14pm, civil matter assistance
6:01pm, assist Archbald Police with domestic dispute
6:36pm, traffic control

11:10am, customer/contractor dispute
12:35pm, ordinance enforcement
2:30pm, assist ambulance
7:48pm, vehicle accident
8:00pm, traffic control

12:45am, assist Scott Township Police with disorderly persons and public drunkenness
8:50am, welfare check
10:10am, assist ambulance
2:40pm, assist ambulance
9:00pm ordinance enforcement

12:10am, assist Mayfield Police with domestic dispute
2:00am, parking enforcement
11:00am, assist Sheriff Department
6:05pm, suspicious vehicle
7:06pm, suspicious vehicle
7:56pm, domestic dispute

9:00am, assist Mayfield Police with domestic dispute
10:10am, traffic control
10:30am, assist Mayfield Police at fight scene
11:08am, welfare check
11:43am, vehicle accident
12:23pm, traffic enforcement
2:43pm, assist ambulance
3:45pm, nuisance complaint
6:25pm, traffic enforcement
6:45pm, traffic enforcement
8:39pm, traffic enforcement

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