Police Blotter – September 6 through 11 2011

2:19am, domestic dispute, Maple Street
5:01pm, investigation, Washington Avenue
6:40pm, suspicious vehicle, Hudson Street
7:00pm, civil matter, Valley View Estates
8:06pm, water main break, Franklin Street
8:19pm, lost dog, Garfield Avenue
11:15pm, assist ambulance, Lackawanna Street

11:30am, involuntary mental health committal, Washington Avenue

4:10am, home invasion, Madison Avenue
11:00am, continue home invasion investigation
6:30pm, welfare check, Jefferson Avenue
10:00pm, assist ambulance, Henry Drive

5:45pm, domestic matter, Jefferson Avenue
6:30pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

11:35am, domestic dispute, Lincoln Avenue
2:55pm, traffic enforcement, Rushbrook Street
3:20pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue

1:50am, assist Mayfield Police with fight, Route Six
9:15am, traffic control, Washington Avenue
10:15, traffic control, Washington Avenue
2:30pm, traffic enforcement, Washington Avenue
9:15pm, assist Archbald Police at traffic stop, Washington Avenue
10:00pm, assist Mayfield Police with investigation

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