Council Minutes – February 9 2012

Jermyn Borough met on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. On roll call the following members were present: W.Estile, J.Allan, J.Smith, A.J.Fuga and K.Hosie. Mayor Smallacombe and Attorney Nicholls were in attendance. J.Mark and R.Parks were absent.

MINUTES – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga seconded by J.Smith to accept the minutes of January 3, 2012 as circulated. All members were in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT –J.Smith reported a beginning balance of $195,979.00, with an ending balance of $191,196.84. A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by A.J.Fuga to accept the financial report as presented. All members were in favor.

MAYOR– Mayor Smallacombe reported that the meeting with the police went well and we have an excellent police department. He said that the police department is in needs of vests and perhaps we could partner with the Sheriffs department. He said that the LHVA will work together with him concerning the train station. Perhaps Senator Blake could help the borough procure the land from the Rail Authority for the train station. The events dinner was a huge success, honoring the residents who volunteer their time.

At this time President Hosie appointed the committees:

Finance: J.Smith, J.Mark, J.Allan

Police: A.J.Fuga, J.Mark, J.Smith

DPW : R.Parks, A.J.Fuga, W.Estile

Recreation – J.Allan, B.Parks, W.Estile

J.Smith will be the employees’ liaison.

SOLICITOR – Attorney Nicholls said the plans for the minor subdivision of the Parri lands was not sealed and will be addressed at the next meeting. We did not receive any bids this month for the Deluchy property, to let it sit for a month or two.

FIRE CHIEF – Chief Rood submitted an ordinance for councils review concerning the rapid burning of joists and with this ordinance there will be a decal notifying fireman of the situation.

PUBLIC INPUT – Mr. R.Turpak, 207 Main Street, Mayfield addressed council again concerning the zoning issues with the Vitribitsky property located across the street. Attorney Nicholls said Mr. Turpak will be receiving an opinion letter soon concerning the issue, he said it will be his final letter. Attorney Nicholls said that Mr. Turpak has the right to take whatever action the letter may trigger. We will not keep re-hashing the issue.

Mrs. Jerry Flynn, 515 Madison Avenue, said that the Crime Watch will be having a Valentines Day dance on Saturday, February 18 and asked councils permission to have the dance.

A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by J.Smith to allow the Crime Watch to have a dance in the borough gym on Saturday February 18,2012.All members were in favor.

Mr. Art Wilson, Washington Avenue asked to please get the microphones fixed.

Robin Smith, Delaware Street, asked if the girl scouts could have the Christmas Parade again.

A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by W.Estile to allow the girl scouts to have the Christmas Parade in 2012. All members were in favor.

S.Copper of the Meals On Wheels asked if the Mayor would see if he could bring awareness to the community for the need for volunteers with the program. The Mayor said he would do so.

J.Wilson, Washington Avenue asked if the STC could obtain permission to apply for the 2012 grant.

A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by J.Allan to allow the STC to apply for 2012 grants. All members were in favor.

Mr. Ray Rood, Bacon Street asked if there was any action on his sewer problem. Solicitor Nicholls said no although we are going to get prices, that is not saying the borough is going to do it. Mr. Rood also asked if Solicitor Nicholls has looked any further into the issue of background checks for the fire department?

Solicitor Nicholls said that there has been litigation concerning this issue. The question is how can we disqualify? What can we use? It is subjective and can leave the borough liable.

FINANCE – j.Smith complimented the borough manager on the budget generated from the computer. He said it is available to the public any time. Mr. Smith reported that K.Hosie, R.Parks, A. Wilson and himself met with Senator Blake and discussed numerous financial issues, roads, train station, roof ,etc. Senator Blake told council he would try to help in any why he can.

INVOICES– A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by J.Allan to pay the invoices in the amount of $5425.60.All members were in favor.

PUBLIC SAFETY – A.J.Fuga reported that the Chief has been awarded a Buckle Up grant for $500.00, which is 37 hours of police time. Also any resident who sees any questionable activity in the borough to please call 911.

Mrs. Flynn said that the Crime Watch meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00, all are welcome.

K.Hosie reported we did not get the grant for the roof.

B.Chase, zoning officer reported that he received a zoning application from convenient but it is incomplete. If the information is not received by February 28, he will reject it.


A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by W.Estile to give the Lackawanna Heritage Bike Tour permission to have their bike tour and the use of the WW1 park. All members were in favor.

ACT 125 – A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by J.Allan to put the Act 125 into effect at a cost of $350.00. All members were in favor.

BRIAN KELLY – A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by A.J.Fuga to hire Brian Kelly to do the 2011 audit at a cost of $3500.00. All members were in favor.

Comm Dev. Grant – A motion was made to pass a resolution to apply for the Lackawanna County Block Grant for the paving of the 700 blocks of Lincoln, Jefferson and Madison Avenues at a cost of approx.. $130,000.00 with the Boroughs’ share being $2000.00.All members were in favor.

ORDINANCE – Franklin and Washington – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by W.Estile to give Attorney Nicholls permission to advertise for an ordinance prohibiting the parking on Franklin Street ,115 feet to Washington Avenue. All members were in favor.

Council went into executive session. Council reconvened from executive session.

A motion was made to adjourn by A.J.Fuga, seconded by W.Estile to adjourn. All members were in favor.

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