Council Minutes – May 14 2015


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, May 14, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. The following members were present: J.Wilson, W.Estile, J.Smith, B.Parks and K.Hosie. J.McDermott and J.Allan were absent. Attorney Nicholls and Mayor Smallacombe were in attendance.

MINUTES  – A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by B.Parks to accept the minutes as presented. All members were in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT – W.Estile presented the Financial Report
Beginning Balance — $153,151.02 ( $100,000.00 Tax Antc. Loan)
Deposits                   – $79,059.13
Expenses                   – $66,372.38
Ending Balance           – $ 165,837.77

A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by J.Smith to accept the financial report as presented. All members were in favor.

Council went into executive session for personnel, council reconvened from executive session.

MAYOR– The Mayor said the police are doing a great job had drug arrests this month, also had a State Police audit. Chief Arthur said there were some minor deficiencies, mostly paperwork, retaining paperwork for warrants all in one file. Security of police station such as when DPW comes in to clean there is always a police officer present.

The Mayor said we have been searching for a grant for a cruiser, there is nothing out there. We have two cruisers one is a 2010 and the other a 2013, life expectancy for a police cruiser is 3 to 5 years. The Historical Society met and the topic was local Indian Artifacts .The Historical Society will be having a bus trip on June 20. J. Wilson explained the trip will be to the 911 Museum, there will be two and a half hours of free time.

Mr. Parks asked if Attorney Nicholls had spoken to J.Longo from the water company? He said he has left two messages and he has received a return call.

ATTORNEY NICHOLLS – Mr. Nicholls reported he sent a follow-up letter to the State concerning the letter he sent back in October, concerning the ownership of certain properties along the creek.

FIRE CHIEF – Chief Rood reported everything is good, chicken barbeque this Sunday.

PUBLIC INPUT – B.Chase reported there will be another Hunter Safety Course at the end of September.

Floyd Celli, 642 Washington Avenue, he asked about the problem in the alley behind his property? Mr. Parks apologized, said he has not had the time to look at it. The mayor said he will call J.Longo about the problem in front of Mr. Celli’s property.

Whitiak,512 Garfield, thanked the Police Department for the drug arrests, he is having his cousin look at the water problems at his home and was encouraged by the number of residents attending the meeting.

Matt Carpenter,210 Rushbrook Street said he hopes the cruiser issue and the one way on Shields Court will be addressed , he said the neighbors flower pots were almost taken out by a truck. Mr. Parks said there is a sign “No Trucks “at the other end. Mr. Carpenter asked who owns the sidewalks as he had damage to his. Mayor Smallacombe said it is a state road not a borough road.

FINANCE – A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by B.Parks to approve payment of invoices in the amount of $ 4,189.63. All members were in favor.

PUBLIC WORKS –B.Parks said a new sign has been ordered for Shields Court, a no truck sign. Mr. Parks said there will be an E-Cycling  pick up possibly on June 13th from 8 to noon. The event will be advertised, the center has no room right now.

PUBLIC SAFETY – J.Smith said he asked Chief Arthur to get information on a 5 year loan and we have it in our packet, there is no doubt that the 5 year plane is a good way to go, we should order as soon as possible

RECREATION – J.Wilson said there are three new “ Welcome to Jermyn” signs that were donated by the STC and the Moskovitz’es , not a penny of borough money was used. She also said the $1,500.00 in the budget is used to maintain the WW1 Park and the front of the borough building. K.Hosie asked if that money is used to take down trees? Mrs. Wilson said yes it has been, the STC tries to get grants but it is difficult.

LAUREN MOLINARO – RECREATION COMMITTEE – A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by J.Smith to appoint Lauren Molinaro to the Recreation Committee. All members were in favor.

ROADS COMMITTEE – Mr. Smith said we paid off the previous paving loan early and have received quotes from KBA and are starting the process of which roads need to be paved. Attorney Nicholls said the council has to determine how much the borough can pay yearly on a new paving loan and he will start the paperwork.

JUNIOR COUNCILMAN – B. Swatt said the inventory of the street signs is almost complete. Mr. Estile asked how many helpers Brian had ? Brian said he had six people helping him.

EMPLOYEE HEALTH INSURANCE – Mrs. Hosie said the borough’s health insurance for three full time employees went up $40.00 a month and asked council what they would like to do? A motion was made by J.Wilson seconded by J.Smith to have the borough pay the additional cost of the health insurance ,$40.38 each a month for D.Morcom, A.J.Fuga and D.Zellers. All members were in favor. Mrs. Hosie said J. Esgro is not included. J. Smith said one of the factors for the decision is that our employees have not had a raise in three years, it is a thank you.

ESGRO HEALTH INSURANCE – A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by J.Wilson that the $484.56 a year will go toward Mr. Esgro’s health insurance policy. All members were in favor.

ALTERNATE PARKING ORDINANCE – Attorney Nichols reported that the State changed the numbers for the statute and wants the ordinance to be enforceable. A motion was made by J.Wilson , seconded by W.Estile to allow Attorney Nichols permission to advertise for the change in the Alternate Parking ordinance . All members were in favor.

RE-INVEST GRANT RESOLUTION – A motion was made by B.Parks, seconded by J.Wilson to pass the Resolution with the County to apply for a Re-Invest Grant. All members were in favor.

POLICE CRUISER – Mrs. Wilson stated that she is not against purchasing a new police cruiser but she said she needs to look at the budget and asked the issue be tabled. J.Smith said there have been a lot of numbers thrown around, in fairness to council the numbers should be studied and a decision made at the next meeting. Mrs. Wilson said a motion will be made up or down at the next meeting. Mr. Estile said if we don’t use the recycling money we cannot get a cruiser. K. Hosie said that they just wish to study the figures. Mr. Estile said we will still be bringing in $6,000.00 instead of $8,000.00 a year into the recycling account. A motion was made to table the issue of the police cruiser by J. Wilson, seconded by J.Smith, the motion passed three to two, B.Parks and W.Estile voting no.

SHIELDS COURT – Attorney Nichols asked if the one way ordinance for the 700 block of shields Court will run from Rushbrook to Division? Also if weight limits are required we will need two ordinances? Mr. Parks said the flow of traffic should go from Division to Rushbrook, Mr. Estile said the DPW also recommended Division to Rushbrook. Mr. Matt Carpenter said the petition says only allow traffic flow from the intersection of Rushbrook Street and Shields Court towards Division Street.

TWO HOUR PARKING – Attorney Nichols asked if Council wishes to remove the two hour parking on the 100 block of Washington Avenue? Council said yes as residents have limited parking.

Attorney Nichols asked about the issue of billing homeowners insurance companies for a fire, some insurance companies may not allow it. K. Hosie asked what if both companies respond? It was said whichever company gets there first, she felt that was not fair. Fire Chief Ray Rood said there is a good relationship with the officers of both companies. Attorney Nichols said the officers could change. Attorney Nichols said we can draw up an ordinance that both companies split it, we can always revoke it. Mr. Estile said what if the police put it out they don’t get paid? Mr. Smith suggested that Mr. Rood and Mr. Chase sit down and discuss it. Mr. Rood said we just did. Chief Rood said perhaps it can go into the Fire Relief Fund? Attorney Nichols said he doesn’t think the borough office can do the billing as the borough is not providing the service. At this time Chief Rood said we do take the ladder truck out of town because when Jermyn has a problem all companies are willing to assist the borough.

DRACK OPEN RECORDS – Attorney Nichols asked to be given permission to file an appeal on the current request from Mr. Drack if needed. A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by B.Parks to give Attorney Nichols permission to file an appeal on the Drack request if it is deemed necessary. All members were in favor.

SHIELDS– A motion was made to draw up an ordinance for the 700 block of Shields Court and only allow traffic flow from the intersection of Rushbrook Street and Shields Court towards Division Street. All members were in favor.

RE-APPOINT WILLIAM ARTHUR – A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by J.Wilson to appoint Willam Arthur as Acting Chief until the next meeting or Chief Zellers returns. All members were in favor.

A motion was made to adjourn by W.Estile, seconded by J.Wilson to adjourn. All members were in favor.

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