Council Minutes – May 9 2013


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. The following members were present: W.Estile, J.Allan, J.Smith, A.J.Fuga and K.Hosie. Mayor Smallacombe was present. R.Parks, J.Mark and Attorney Nicholls were absent.

MINUTES – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga, seconded by J.Allan to accept the minutes of April 11,2013. All members were in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT –J.Smith presented the financial report:

Beginning Balance – $154,636.57
Deposits – $197,631.80 ( $98,206.45 Bridge Street Loan)
Expenses – $45,462.43
Ending Balances -$306,805.94

A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by W.Estile to approve the financial report as presented. All members were in favor.

MAYOR– Mayor Smallacombe said we received an excellent report from Chief Arthur, which included over 3000 incidents. The new car is being lettered, the random enradd shifts have slowed down drivers. Chief Arthur is applying for a seatbelt grant. The mayor obtained flags for the recreation field and the borough building. He reported the American Legion will be having a pancake breakfast and the Crystals will be having their chicken barbecue. He asked that all support our veterans for the annual memorial Day Parade. He informed all of a RSD walk on June 9 at Mcdade Park, one of our residents Joanne Spalnick is afflicted with this disease so please try to attend. The Events Committee will be putting their flowers out in the next week and a half. The Shade Tree did their Arbor Day planting. There will be a Jermyn Clean Up Day, May 12 through May 18. He also said all intersections should be marked not just one or two as it is a liability issue. The Train Station Committee will be having a meeting on May 30 and will be searching for funding.

FIRECHIEF – Chief Rood said that he met with Mr. Zendall on Evergreen drive concerning bushes obstructing the fire hydrant. Mr. Rood said they removed two bushes and trimmed a third. So the hydrant is exposed.

PUBLIC INPUT – Sheila Vannors, 214 Rushbrook Street addressed the no parking painted at Shields Court and asked if signs could be placed at the location. She asked if residents have limited off street parking where do they park? The Mayor said when he left the work session he assumed that ordinances had to be passed for no parking on a borough street. Ms. Vannors asked if Shields Court could be made a one way street and could the borough stop the tractor trailer traffic? The mayor said there is a sign for no tractor trailers. Chief Arthur said he has received complaints for Rushbrook and Jefferson / Rushbrook and Madison for limited sight issues. The mayor said it would have been nice to notify residents before painting the no parking lines for Shields Court.

Matt Carpenter, 210 Rushbrook Street, asked why did they paint Shields Court if there was only complaints for Jefferson and Madison Avenues? Councilman Estile responded saying Mayor Smallacombe complained. K. Hosie said they will discuss the one way issue on Shields Court at councils next work session.

Megan Roberts took this time to thank council for taking care of the drainage problem at her home.

R.Rood brought up the bolts left standing in the field from previous playground equipment. J.Allan said he is addressing the problem and we will either fix the equipment or tear it out. Mr. Rood would also like to know about the rules for dog walking in the park. He said there are signs for no dogs but in the borough’s welcome pamphlet states differently. Council stated there is an ordinance banning dogs from the park. Mr. Rood also asked about his sewer problem that has been going on for three years. He said Attorney Nicholls was asked by Mr.Raymonds’ attorney who gave him permission to hook up to that sewer line? Mr. Rood said to avoid costly litigation Council can put in another line for him to hook into and solve the problem he has had. K. Hosie asked that W.Estile inform Mr. Parks of a new line and to get a cost.

Michelle Newberry of Lackawanna County reported that the Aylesworth ribbon cutting will be in the near future. She mentioned other activities the County is having and can be seen on the County website and will be put on the Borough’s website.

Mr. R. Chase asked Ms. Newberry to look into the atv problem around the lake at the Aylesworth Park.

A.Wilson asked the status of Bridge Street. K.Hosie said we are waiting on the contract from KBA.

Shelia Wilkes asked about the letter denying the minor subdivision of their property from Attorney Nicholls? K. Hosie said it will be addressed shortly.

FINANCE– A motion was made to approve invoices in the amount of $3,218.46 by A.J.Fuga seconded by W.Estile. All members were in favor.

PUBLIC SAFETY –A.J.Fuga said that the enradd shifts are a huge success and hopes to do more in the future.

RECREATION – J.Allan reported that the new backboards should be installed by the end of the month and is looking into upgrades at the park.

ROADS COMMITTEE – Mr. Smith said the 700 Block of Lincoln will be paved this year with grant funds.

ZONING OFFICER– B.Chase reported that there have been a lot of pool, shed and fence permits. He is also working on a pool on Jefferson Avenue with unlocked gates and is reviewing engineering reports from TD Power. Mr. Smith asked him to get together with Mrs. Wilson to put information about requirements for a pool permit on the web site.

Mr. Smith addressed the Rushbrook Creek Flood Project, he said Council met with Senator Blake, KBA and Lackawanna Economic Development concerning the boroughs’ cost for the project. Senator Blake suggested that the county work with the Borough to give it needed support.

RESOLUTION LACKWANNA COUNTY/FLOOD PROJECT – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga seconded by J.Allan to adopt the Resolution with Lackawannna County to enter into a cooperation agreement to manage the Flood Control Project along Rushbrook Street. All members were in favor.

ACTING CHIEF ARTHUR – A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by W.Estile to appoint William Arthur as Acting Chief of Police until the next council meeting or if Chief Zellers returns. All members were in favor.

J.Smith asked R.Rood to put his solution for his sewer problem in writing.

WILKES MINOR SUB DIVISION – A motion was made by A.J.Fuga seconded by W.Estile to approve the minor subdivision of the Wilkes Property on Riverview Lane. All members were in favor.

Council went into executive session for personnel. Council reconvened from executive session.

ESGRO GRIEVANCE – A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by W.Estile to deny the grievance submitted by Joseph Esgro. On roll call the motion passed 4 to 1, with K.Hosie voting no.

MARK WASHKO VEST – A motion was made by J.Smith to allow Mark Washko a one-time purchase of the borough’s vest at a cost of $500.00 within two weeks, then the offer will be withdrawn seconded by A.J.Fuga. All members were in favor.

At this time K.Hosie recommended and asked for a motion to give C.Brazen, R.Gabikan, J.Wilson, M.Kilmer and J.Esgro a fifty cent an hour raise. A motion was not made.

A motion was made to adjourn by J.Smith seconded by A.J.Fuga. All members were in favor.

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