Council Minutes – November 2 2012

Jermyn Borough Council met on Friday, November 2, 2012. The following members were present: W.Estile, J.Smith, A.J.Fuga, R.Parks and K. Hosie.

K.Hosie thanked all who were involved in assisting with the storm, first responders, Fire Chief, Police Chief and all who attended the emergency meeting.

J.Smith asked that in the future all council receive an e-mail concerning such a meeting. R.Parks said that he was at fault and in the future all will be notified.

At this time Mrs. Hosie addressed the gentleman from NEIC, concerning their interest in being the third party inspectors for the borough. Mrs. Hosie said the attorney was not present to answer questions, although he advised the borough to stay with Bureau Veritas. She tabled the issue to the December 6 meeting and asked NEIC to attend.

Council went into executive session, council reconvened from executive session.

ZONING OFFICER – B.Chase addressed council concerning the action across from Rapid Pallet. He explained it is a construction yard for T&D Power. He said they are complying , there are no hazards, no generators . T&D are close to getting a permit and Mr. Chase classified the project as a construction yard. K.Hosie asked if they need to see the Planning Commission , Mr. Chase said no. Mr. Chase said the men will need to find places to live in the borough. B.Parks suggested the rental applications we have on file. J.Smith said he had privacy concerns about reviewing the rental applications. Chief Arthur advised to keep these people out of town. He said there have been problems with people from out of state, gang members, bar fights and property destruction.

K. Hosie said that borough council does not take any action concerning the construction yard for T&D Power.

B.Parks had concerns about our roads with oversized trucks coming from the construction yard. A.J.Fuga said the big stuff will be in Dunmore.

BRIDGE STREET PROJECT – K.Hosie reported that we received a letter from KBA recommending the project be awarded to Rockbottom at a cost of $71,339.00. A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by B.Parks to award the Bridge Street project to Rockbottom Construction ,with the alternate bid at a cost of $71,339.00. All members were in favor.

R.Parks said there is a problem with a catch basin at Garfield and Bacon Streets. A section of the curb needs to be removed and the catch basin dropped. A motion was made by B.Parks, seconded by W.Estile to have the catch basin problem repaired at Garfield and Bacon by Rock Bottom Construction at a cost of $1500.00. All members were in favor.

Mr. Parks said he received two quotes for the power box in the gym. He was unsure of the language in one of the bids. It was decided to table the issue, until the next meeting.

2013 BUDGET – J.Smith addressed the 2013 budget, he said that council had to make hard decisions. The reality is that the school and county are raising taxes and there is also the Scranton commuter tax. He explained the committee has drawn up two options . Option 1 with a final total of $667,995.94 and option 2 with a final total of $651,949.00,with a difference of $16,046.94. There will be built into the 2013 budget in expenditures a line item for emergencies in the amount of $35,992.69. Any budget that runs short can go into that pot. We still do not have a cost for Bridge Street and this will come out of that emergency line item. There will not be a tax increase for 2013. Mr. Smith thanked the borough secretary and the finance committee, J.Mark and J.Allan for their hard work. Mr. Smith further explained that it is a bare bones budget, a lot of tough decisions and sadness in the adoption. The council is looking at the future of the borough and financial stability. Stating we have hard working employees who provide good service to our residents.

R.Parks asked if the paperwork for missed punches was looked at? Council will address it at the work session.

K. Hosie said that one of the changes to the is that if a vote is needed it can be done by a phone call.

Fire Chief R.Rood commended Chief Arthur and his officers for their work during the storm. J. Smith said Chief Arthur does a great job. Chief Arthur keeps council informed through e-mails.

A motion was made to adjourn by W.Estile seconded by A.J.Fuga to adjourn. All members were in favor.

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