Council Minutes – September 10, 2015


Jermyn Borough Council met on Thursday, 10, 2015. J.Wilson, W.Estile, J.Allan,J. Smith and K.Hosie were in attendance. Attorney Nichols and Mayor Smallacombe were present. J.McDermott and B.Parks were absent.

MINUTES – A motion was made by J.Smith seconded by W.Estile to accept the minutes of August 13, 2015. All members were in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT – W.Estile presented the financial report:
Beginning Balance – $217,637.14
Deposits                   – $ 34,656.57
Expenditures             – $ 40,830.45
Ending Balance         – $211,463.26

MAYOR – The Mayor announced the Jan Arnovich on September 13 at 12:30, the Fire Police and Police Dept. will be assisting. The police are monitoring Shields Court and giving out warnings. The department has finished qualifying and we will be hiring some part time officers. The Events Committee will be having their picnic on Sunday, September 13 at Aylesworth.

FIRE CHIEF– Chief Rood said Captain Chase and himself went to a gas meeting to better assist in gas calls. He said there is problems with the siren again and could cost $20,000.00 to replace it. He is going to speak with Joyce Electric to see if the old one can be fixed. Mrs. Hosie asked if we need a siren of that caliper, one that speaks to you? Mr. Rood said no we do not, we could always add on to it. Mrs. Hosie asked if Fire Relief would pay for it, Chief Rood said he doesn’t think so but will check. Mrs. Hosie said perhaps we could apply for it in an re-invest grant with council’s approval.

PUBLIC INPUT – Mr. Lou DeMarco, 208 Gibson Street addressed council the water project in the borough, he explained they will not do any base repair only an overlay. Perhaps working with Leeward they would put down 3 to 4 inches and it will hold up better, now is the opportunity to be aggressive, the roads can be done at the expense of the utilities. Attorney Nichols asked who do we speak to? Mr. DeMarco said to speak to American Water, Gary Lyndy at Leeward, pressure them they would pay for most of it. Attorney Nichols said to talk to Dennis Kutch, Mr. DeMarco said it has to be fast, the Penn Dot cut off is October 15th. Mr. DeMarco said the ordinance has to be changed, stricter than it is. Councilman J.Smith said he would be the contact . Mrs. Hosie said we always waive the pave cut fee for the utilities when they pave the roads for us. Mr. DeMarco said you have to make it expensive so they will pave the whole block. Mr. DeMarco will get copies of ordinances from other towns.

Floyd Celli, 642 Washington Avenue, asked if anything had been done with the two-hour parking on Washington? Attorney Nichols said no it will be addressed at the next work session. Mr. Celli than asked about the water problem in the alley behind 642 Washington Avenue, he said Mr. Parks has been looking into it for 5 months? Mr. Celli asked about the problem at the front of his property and Attorney Nichols said that the representative from American Water will not call him back. And as far as he is concerned it is not the borough’s issue unless they show him otherwise. Mr. Celli said winter is right around the corner and he is always waiting another month.

Dan Markey, 299 S. Washington Avenue addressed council as a concerned parent and coach, he said he has been coaching for three years and has asked for a treasurer’s report from Jermyn Youth and Sports for years and cannot get any reply. He said there was a meeting of head coaches and they were told there was around $10,000.00. Mr. Marky said that is unacceptable to him and there should be a formal report. He said he is not accusing anyone of any wrongdoing, but the treasurer of JY&S works for Cisco and all the food is purchased from Cisco, it is a hint of impropriety. JY&S should be accountable to everyone donors, the public. Mr. Markey asked council to perform an audit on JY&S. K.Hosie said council has no jurisdiction. Mr. Smallacombe said they are under Lakeland Little League and they should be able to do it. Attorney Nichols suggested to find out their registered name, their by-laws. Mr. Markey said he suggested by laws and was told they were not needed, no interest and too much work. He said parents pay good money and they should be kept informed. Attorney Nichols said to do research in Harrisburg, Department of State, have the correct name or close to it. Mr. Allan asked how does JY&S get their insurance? Attorney Nichols said to find out who their insurance company is. Mr. Chase said the concession stand is falling apart. Mr. Allan said they got a grant to remodel. Mr. Markey said he appreciated the guidance and as he sees it, it is a problem. Mr. Smallacombe will see if he still has a copy and the borough secretary will look in the borough office.

Andy Whitiak, 669 Washington Avenue, he said it was raining and the same problem is happening in front of his house. As far as the tree problem he has spoken to someone. He asked council to take a look from Bednash’s you cannot see the sign. Mr. Whitiak asked if the borough had a plan concerning finances? Mr. Estile said we will be working on the budget soon. Mrs. Hosie said we do not have a plan. Mr. Estile said the taxes have been raised as high as they can be. Mr. Whitiak mentioned the attempted break in at Wayne’s and asked if there is any way to alert the people when this happens? Mr. Smallacombe said the police have to be careful, they will be doing an investigation and there is only one officer on duty and he wouldn’t have time. Mr. Smith said that the Chief is very pro-active in these matters and posts items as soon as is possible.

Michelle Newberry, Lackawanna County, addressed council concerning the activities being sponsored by the county: 22nd annual Cross Country Invitational, Fishing Derby on October 3, Countywide tire collection, September 16-19.

FINANCE– A motion was made by J.Allan. seconded by J.Wilson to pay invoices in the amount of $2,945.99 . All members are in favor.

DPW– Mr. Estile reported to council that the DPW employees asked if they could purchase a used leaf blower and a used hot box. Mr. Estile did not have the exact cost, so council said they could not act without a dollar amount. Mr.Estile said the items are on Munci-Bid and they may be gone by the next council meeting. Mr. Smith said concerning purchasing everything comes from one big pot and the pot is shared and when we do the budget the revenue is projected and now we have to have budgets that are concrete. Mrs. Hosie said it is difficult to work inside the budget. Mr. Smith said the budget needs to be set up differently. Mrs. Hosie said to have DPW get prices and come back.

PUBLIC SAFETY – Mr. Smith complimented Chief Rood and Mr. Chase for being pro-active and going to the meeting with the gas company. Mayor Smallacombe thanked Mr. Estile and the DPW for finding out who owned the tree on Jefferson Avenue that fell across the creek. Mrs. Hosie said there are a lot of trees lining the creek on 107. Mrs. Wilson reported the tree on the 400 block of Washington Avenue has been trimmed and cannot be trimmed anymore until next year. Mrs.Wilson also said that there are no grants available for removal of trees. She is looking into the trees behind the borough parking lot which need to be removed, the last estimate was between $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 a tree.

RECREATION – D.Markey reported that Jermyn Day was a success, next year’s date has been set for August 27, rain date August 28. The recreation committee voted to keep the rental fee at $20.00.

RECREATION COMMITTEE – A motion was made by J.Wilson. seconded by J.Allan to approve the recreation’s commission’s new application. Motion passed 4 to 1, with K.Hosie voting no.

NEW RECREATION MEMBERS – A motion was made by J.Smith, seconded by J.Allan to appoint R. Siedorf and Kyra Davey to the Jermyn Recreation Committee. All members were in favor.

HAUNTED HALL – Mr. Markey explained the recreation will be bringing back the Haunted Hall to the borough building, he understands there were issues in the past but if the gym is not clean they will not get their deposit refunded and recreation will clean the gym. Mr. Markey said the recreation committee are going to purchase new trash cans, chains and padlocks for the field. And are looking into furnishings carpets for the hall in the borough building during the winter to protect the gym floor.

ROADS COMMITTEE – Mr. Smith stressed to council the condition of Old Mill Road and the sewer lines, He said Old Mill is not even a road anymore, the road does not exist. He said he was approached by a resident and got an earful. We have to come up with a plan about what we are going to do to alleviate the issue. Mr. Smith said Mr. Parks had rotor rooter check the sewers years ago and they are in bad shape. Mr.DeMarco suggested to get together with the utilities. Mr. Smith said the cost is $500,000.00 ,to repair sewer and roads, he said it is like walking in the wilderness it is disgusting. Mr. Smith agreed to meet with the gas and water companies, concerning Old Mill Road.

Mr. Smith asked if the DPW would look at the drain by Dr. Thomas’s home.

Mr. DeMarco suggested an inspector on every job , Geo-Science can be assigned to the sites. Mr. Smith said that the rates need to be increased for pave cuts. He also asked if any council people would join the Roads Committee.

BOB CHASE– Mr. Chase informed council that the Artisan had a training session at the Artisan with Mayfield, Crystal, William Walker and Whites Crossing. There will be a hunter’s safety course at the Artisan on September 26, there is no fee

MONROE COUNTY GAMING GRANT – A motion was made by J.Wilson, seconded by J.Allan to apply for a Monroe Gaming Grant to pave the borough building parking lot, erect a small storage garage for dpw and construction of a handicapped garage at the dpw garage for the historical society. The motion passed 3 to 2, with J.Smith and W.Estile voting no. Mr. Smith explained he voted no because of the condition of Old Mill Road.

COUNTY RE-INVEST GRANT – A motion was made by J.Wilson seconded by J.Allan to apply for a county re-invest grant to purchase new windows for the borough building, new outer doors for borough building, fire proof doors for dpw garage and a new fire siren for the community. All members were in favor. Mr. Smith asked why windows for upstairs, there is no elevator? Mrs. Hosie explained we have to accomplish improvements upstairs before the county will consider an elevator.

Mrs. Hosie said she was speaking to the county and they said to go to Lowes and ask if we purchase the windows there, if they would install them at no cost.

BRUSH HOG– A motion was made to allow Solicitor Nichols to place the brush hog for sale, by W.Estile ,seconded by J.Allan. All members were in favor.

INSURANCE BIDS – At this time the bids were opened:
Cummings- $13,719.00
DGK           – $ 65,351.00

The bids were given to Attorney Nichols for review.

PENN DOT RESOLUTION –A motion was made by J.Allan, seconded by W.Estile to pass the resolution agreeing that the borough will maintain the traffic light. All members were in favor.

SALE OF DPW TRAILER – A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by J.Wilson to sell the DPW trailer for $200.00. All members were in favor.

PART TIME DPW EMPLOYEE – A motion was made by J.Wilson ,seconded by W.Estile to hire Donald Stephens as a part time DPW employee. All members were in favor.

CHIEF ARTHUR– A motion was made by W.Estile, seconded by J.Allan to appoint William Arthur as Acting Chief until the next meeting or D.Zellers returns. All members were in favor.

A motion was made to adjourn by W.Estile, seconded by J.Allan to adjourn. All members were in favor.

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