It is Summer Time and the season for outdoor activities, Jermyn Borough is asking all residents & non-residents to abide by the Ordinance 1993 & amended 1995 concerning Curbing of Pets and Animals, Responsibility of Owners, and Removal of All Animal Waste  on public and private properties.  A brief summary— Please Remember, ALL pet/animals are to be restrained by a leash or other appropriate device or control (dogs, cats, rodents, etc.) under reasonable control of the owner, custodian, or keeper outside owner’s private property.  All animal waste are to be removed from any public property and/or private property within the Borough of Jermyn without the permission of the owner of said property.  Any party violating any of the provisions of said Ordinance will be sentenced to pay the FINE ($) STIPULATED in the Ordinance 1993 & Amended 1995.

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