Zoning & Code Enforcement


Zoning Officer- Robert Chase
Phone – (570) 876-0610

Below you will find our Zoning Ordinance broken down into articles, zoning map and our zoning permit application

A project you are doing may require a Building Code Inspector – Jermyn Borough currently uses NEIC & BIU as our inspectors. Both entities have separate applications that need to be filled out prior to obtaining a permit.

Building Code Inspector Applications:

Building Inspection Underwriters of PA (BIU)
1010 Albright Ave.
Scranton, PA 18508
Phone – (570) 344-9681    
Website: http://www.biupa.com/

Northeast Inspection Consultants (NEIC)
209 S. Main St.
Childs, PA 18407
Phone – (570) 280-2111    
Wesbite: https://www.neic.us/about

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer- William Aquilino
Phone: (570) 876-0610
E-mail: CodeOfficer@Jermynpa.com
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Zoning9 documents

  • Zoning Permit Application
  • Zoning Map
  • Zoning Article 1-3
  • Zoning Article 4
  • Zoning Article 5.100 to 5.460
  • Zoning Article 5.470 to 5.992
  • Zoning Article 6 to 10
  • Zoning Article 9
  • Zoning Article 11

Building Code Inspector Applications6 documents

Building Inspection Underwriters of PA (BIU)2 documents

  • BIU Building and Electrical
  • BIU Mechanical and Plumbing

Northeast Inspection Consultants (NEIC)4 documents

  • NEIC Building
  • NEIC Electrical
  • NEIC Plumbing
  • NEIC Mechanical

Code Enforcement3 documents

  • Property Maintenance Code
  • Property Maintenance Ordinance
  • Resident Concern/Complaint Form