In the event of a fire emergency, could firefighters find the hydrant near your home?
Many fire hydrants near homes and businesses get buried under a snow pile in winter months and get lost in a jungle of vegetation in the summer.
Finding the closest fire hydrant and being able to connect fire hoses is critical during an actual fire. Fire hydrants supply the water necessary to extinguish fires in homes and businesses, and if one cannot be located and accesses for use, it could delay putting out the fire. A fire doubles in size every minute.
Clearing a large area around the hydrant by your residence could be lifesaving. The few minutes that it takes to do this, could truly make the difference between life and death.
Please join the Jermyn firefighters in encouraging everyone to clean around the fire hydrant near their home – to keep snow shoveled away from it during the winter. This will ensure that hydrants are visible and will greatly speed the response time in case of an emergency. 

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