Borough Information

Jermyn Borough
440 Jefferson Avenue
Jermyn, Pennsylvania  18433
Map of Jermyn Borough

Borough Office

Borough Manager: Daniel Markey
Office Hours Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:00 pm
Phone: (570)876-0610 Ext. 8
Fax: 1 – (570) 876-0204
Web Site:

Pennsylvania Office of Open Records

Open Records Officer:  Daniel Markey
Right to Know Law Citizen’s Form
Right to Know Request Form

Webmaster: Daniel Markey

Jermyn Police Department

Chief: William Arthur
Phone: (570)876-1330
Fax:(570) 876-0706
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (570) 342-9111

Council Meetings

Third Thursday of the Month
7:00 pm in Council Chambers

Planning Commission

Meeting:  Fourth Thursday of the Month
7:00 pm

Zoning Hearing Board

Contact Borough Office

Shade Tree Commission

Meeting:  At the call of the Chair
Borough Building at 5:30 pm

Recreation Commission

Meeting: TBA of the Month
Borough Building at 7:00 pm

Building Permits

As a general rule, building permits are required whenever the footprint of an existing building is altered well as for new construction and fences.  Contact the Borough Office for further information.

Property Maintenance Code

See Ordinance Section for PMC Ordinance for further information and direction, referring to maintenance of properties and structures that would pose a danger to persons and/or community.

Emergency Parking

In order to allow safe passage for emergency vehicles and plowing of the Boroughs roads, Jermyn Borough has enacted an Emergency Parking Ordinance.  The Mayor calls into effect the ordinance.  On odd days parking is permitted on the odd number side of the street. On even days parking is permitted on the even numbered side of the street.  Emergency Parking is put in effect by the Mayor for a period of 96 hours.  When the ordinance is in effect it will be posted on the door of the Community Center, posted on the borough’s web site:, and posted on Channel 7 (Adams Cable).  Violators will be fined $25.00 and/or tow plus cost.   As a general rule, if inclement weather is forecast you should follow odd/even side parking.

Refuse Collection

Refuse is collected on Friday of each week.  By ordinance, refuse should not be placed at the curb no more than 24 hours prior to scheduled collection.  Fines will be imposed on violators.


Recyclables are collected weekly on Friday. Recyclables may be placed curb side no more than 24 hours prior to collection.  Items accepted:  food and beverage cans, glass, and plastic bottles and jars (please rinse and remove tops), newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, and brown paper bags.  Please Recycle!  Recycling collection days are posted on the community calendar on the Boroughs web site:

Animal Control

By ordinance, no pets are allowed to roam freely.  Pets must be leashed and under the control of their owners at all times.  Dog licenses are required.  Pet owners must clean up after their animals.  Carry necessary implements with you when you walk your pets.  Fines start at $50.00 plus cost.

Burning Ordinance

No outdoor burning of any kind, other than for the purpose of cooking is allowed.  Fine $200.00.

House Numbers

All buildings must be marked with Arabic numbers at least three inches tall readily visible from the street.  Fine not less than $100.00 nor more than $250.00 and/or 90 days imprisonment.

Shade Tree Ordinance

Applies to pruning, planting, and removal of trees within the green way (curb).  Call Borough Office for more information.

Sidewalk Maintenance

By ordinance, sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours of snow storm.  Fines $20.00 1st offense, $ 50.00 2nd offense, $ 300.00 3rd offense.