Anthony Fuga

Frank Kulick, President

Kristen Dougherty, Vice President

Jennifer Schreiner, President Pro Tem

Cynthia Stephens, Member

Kevin Napoli, Member

Carl Tomaine, Member

Robert Hunt, Member

Borough Manager:
Daniel Markey

Borough Solicitor
Attorney William Aquilino

Borough Engineer
Dennis Kutch, P.E.

Police Chief
William Arthur

Fire Chief
Stanley Hallowich

Emergency Management Coordinator
James Perry

Fire Police
Charles Gardecki

Zoning Officer
Robert Chase

Code Enforcement Officer 

William Aquilino

Tax Collector
Kathlyn Goodwin

Planning Commission
Charles Battenberg
William Langman
Basil Kleha
Donald Stephens
John Frankosky

Zoning Hearing Board

Thomas Chrusch
Michael Klobucar
Andrew Goodwin

22 Replies to “Officials”

  1. fzfzfz

    we were talking to a lackawanna county official the other day. he told us that the feds, the state, and the county have the monies for the rushbrook creek flood project for the last 5 years and that they were waiting for the boro to send out letters to the residents to give permission so that they come onto our property to start this project.

    our question is; What is the reason why the boro is not sending out these letters?

    our house values are going down, our flood rates are going up 10 fold, and our safety is at risk.

  2. Debbie

    Hi Frank ! The Borough Attorney has been working on 3 or 4 properties along the creek side where he has been having difficulty locating the owners. DEP will not go forward without knowing who owns these properties.For more information you can call Attorney Nicholls 570-344-7171 or give me a call 570-876-0610.

  3. fzfzfz

    I asked the Mr. Nicholls where these 4 properties are located , he replied, “I don’t know”. it was not disclosed at the boro council meeting either. so, can anyone tell me where these properties are located? thanks

  4. fzfzfz

    Can the Emergency Management Coordinator, the Solicitor or any member of Boro Council,

    Make up with a Timeline,
    from the Flood of 2003 right up to present?
    Showing what has been accomplished over the last 11 years concerning the Rushbrook Creek Flood Project?

    Can we expect the Timeline to be completed by a 30 day period for the public to read?

    Thank You

  5. fzfzfz

    This question goes out to the members of the zoning board, which are, Thomas Chrusch, Arthur Wilson, Bruce Perri, Gail Rosemergey and Cathy Nicholls. … Anyone of you can answer,.. but please, respond on this public site. thank you. I received your letter of “Enforcement Notice” concerning a “public safety at risk” sign on my home. I have talked with the zoning officer many times, in person and on the phone concerning this matter. this has been going on since July. Again,.. I need to know, What is the EXACT violation that I am being accused of? show me the violation and I will be glad to fix it for you. Thank you..

  6. fzfzfz

    Dear Jermyn boro, I have asked numerous questions on this public site pertaining to the rushbrook creek flood project and my public safety at risk sign on my house. no one seems to know the answers. either I get,… I don’t know, or ask someone else or we r looking into it, or I get emailed on the side, or I get ignored. what is the purpose of this site if the boro does not respond to questions or comments from the citizens? well, I am going to try this again,.. this question goes out to the boro solicitor, and please respond to us on this site,.. we need to know how to get a form or application for the right to know law? thank you and have a safe day. F.C.

  7. fzfzfz

    still waiting on an answer
    its been 4 days, no response from the boro.
    we need to know how to get a form or application for the right to know law? thanks have a safe day ,..F.C.

  8. fzfzfz

    on nov. 2 2014, there was an article in the Scranton times, concerning the rushbrook creek flood project. the mayor said that the boro solicitor has found the 4 property owners along the creek in june. who are the property owners? where r the properties located? thank you. f.c.

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