Jermyn Borough Council Meeting Minutes 10/4/18

Jermyn Borough
Council Meeting
The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on October 4, 2018 at 7:00pm in Council Chambers of the Jermyn Borough Building, 440 Jefferson Ave, Jermyn PA.
On roll call, the following members were present: Frank Kulick, Kristen Dougherty, Jennifer Schreiner, Kevin Napoli, Cynthia Stephens, Joanne Wilson. Also present were Mayor Fuga, Attorney Aquilino, Ray Rood. Carl Tomaine, KBA, and Bob Chase were absent.
A motion was made by K. Napoli to accept the minutes of 9/20/18. Seconded by K. Dougherty. All in favor, motion carried.
F. Kulick read a letter from Debbie Seabolt concerning an issue regarding her driveway on Delaware St. due to water runoff from Archbald. Mayor Fuga stated until the house in Archbald can remedy the issue, it will continue to go on. He stated she needs to take the issue to Archbald. D. Markey stated that Ms. Seaboldt said in her letter she already went to Archbald four times with no solution. T. Fuga stated that the house above hers resides in Archbald, and their drain pipes lead to the road, which is leading to the problems. K. Napoli asked if we can send a letter to Archbald on her behalf? Atty Aquilino took the letter, and stated he would send a letter to Archbald.
Barbetti Accounting sent a letter stating they analyzed the activities of the borough from 1/1/18 – 6/30/18, and stated all accounts were fine. They stated cooperation from J. Wilson, who was the interim secretary at the time. F. Kulick asked D. Markey if all accounts were indeed fine? D. Markey reported that most accounts have not been reconciled in the borough’s accounting software since February, 2018, so he isn’t sure yet. He will go back and reconcile accounts since February and report back. F. Kulick states Barbetti’s audit included reconciliation of the borough’s several bank accounts. He stated he would like a better understanding of what they did prior to next meeting. J. Wilson stated they billed $1000. for the audit.
MBC Solutions did work on getting computers updated, printers online, etc. R. Rood asked if we prepay for his services. D. Markey stated R. Rood is right, and we prepay for hours for MBC, and the time spent in the office was valuable. F. Kulick thanked MBC Solutions for the help.
Public Comment:
Floyd Celli 642 Washington Ave. – States he was here a few months ago to inform us of issues he had beginning years ago, where he came to seventeen council meetings in a row,and we haven’t addressed any of the issues he presented, including the alleyway in the rear of his property. Mayor Fuga stated that we have had a very wet summer, and we are trying to get there to trim the trees so Cerminaro can assist us in fixing the road. T. Fuga stated that Cerminaro is donating his time & equipment to help fix the alleyway, and we have to go by their timeline. Mr. Celli stated the borough isn’t working with him, because if so, the work would be done. T. Fuga states they go back that alley all the time, and there’s no issue. Mr. Celli states it’s been five years, he’s a taxpayer, and we’ve done nothing. T. Fuga states that it’s raining very often, and they have other
work to be done also. The two argued back and forth for several minutes regarding the issue. Mr. Celli asked what is a reasonable amount of time to wait before he comes back? F. Kulick asked didn’t someone from the state come look at your problem? Mr. Celli stated that water runoff is the borough’s responsibility. Mr. Celli stated that the large tree is to the right of the alleyway, opposite of Cerminaro’s fence is one of the obstacles in the way, forcing him to drive on private property. F. Kulick stated that if the tree, which is on private property, is causing issues with roadways, we have an ordinance where we can take it out. J. Wilson stated she will go speak with the property owner tomorrow. K. Napoli asked if engineers looked at the issue and reported that the reason for his water issue is that he paved everything around him and the water has nowhere else to go? T. Fuga stated that the roadway was built up over time, so the water has nowhere to drain, which is why the alleyway needs to be dozed. Mr. Celli stated he would come back in a month to see if there is a plan to resolve the issue.
DGK Presentation:
Jeff Kyle from DGK Insurance presented the borough’s insurance renewal packet for 2018-2019. He reviewed each page of the large packet he presented, and stated that if anyone has any questions, send them to D. Markey and he will get them to DGK. He advised of coverages the borough currently doesn’t have that he would recommend, including abuse & molestation coverage and computer transfer fraud coverage. He stated that to qualify for the abuse & molestation coverage, the borough would need to have a written policy, as well as completing criminal and child abuse background checks on all elected & appointed officials, employees, and regular volunteers.
Code Violations:
Christine Vitucci – 542 Washington Ave. Mr. Aquilino thanked Mrs. Vitucci for coming to the meeting and for working with the borough. He states that where the fence was erected, part of the building collapsed. She stated that they are filling in the collapsed portion with fill, and two of their machines broke down, and they are at the mercy of the mechanics, so the issue should be resolved within the next month or two.
Mrs. Vitucci asked about 536 Washington, stating that there is a hole in the foundation, and when it rains, water pours in. B. Aquilino stated that he is actively working on that issue as well. R. Rood stated that Carol Stefano is contact for Glass – 640 Jefferson Ave. R. Rood states he is working on designing the 2nd floor for Mr. Glass. Rec’d permission from NEIC to conduct exploratory dig on right side of building, should be underway in Nov or Dec. B. Aquilino states there are currently issues with the 2nd floor.
B. Aquilino also noted the following:
546 Washington – Vacant Lot – taking district justice action. F. Kulick reported the vehicle is gone from the property
419 Jefferson – The resident has been working with the code officer, and has been granted an extension until the spring to handle the issues.
525 Jefferson – issues resolved, citation withdrawn
317 Bacon – issues resolved, citation withdrawn
211 Bacon – dangerous porch issue has been resolved
122 Bacon St – Will be moving forward with DJ action
512 Madison – removed tires, citation withdrawn
517 Madison – tarped tires, citation withdrawn
614 Jefferson – will be contacting them in event they need to rent the property
106-118 Rushbrook – properties to be inspected by KBA 10/10/18
R. Rood stated that if we needed drones, Blakely Ambulance has 2 drones if needed. One is infrared, one is non-infrared
Pension Plan Joinder Agreement -B. Aquilino announced we need to update our joinder agreement, and we have a visit from Mauchenhaupt on 10/15/18.
R&L Carriers Tax Abatement Resolution: B. Aquilino advised that the resolution #17-2018 to adopt the LERTA tax abatement for R&L Carriers is ready for a motion. Motion by K. Dougherty, seconded by K. Napoli. All in favor, motion carried.
Pave Cut Ordinance: B. Aquilino advised that the new pave cut ordinance defining permits, procedures, and inspections is ready for a motion to advertise. D. Markey stated that we are currently issuing and collecting for pave cut permits, however this new ordinance will also allow us to assign an inspection to inspect all cut backfills, and charge inspection fees, and penalties for not contacting us. J. Wilson stated she assumed GeoScience was already inspecting work. Mr. DeMarco stated that when companies backfill it, they put temporary pave in, then there isn’t another PA 1 Call called in. D. Markey advised the ordinance requires the contractor to call the inspector when they are ready to fill. Mr. DeMarco stated that there is language in the PENNDOT 408 that states how much of the road must be paved depending on the cut size, and age of road. Motion by K. Napoli, seconded by J. Wilson to advertise the pave cut ordinance. All in favor, motion carried.
Executive Session:
Council convened into Executive Session at 8:22pm for personnel and real estate purposes.
Council reconvened from Executive Session at 9:24pm.
Land Appraisal: Motion by J. Wilson, seconded by C. Stephens to have the 2.24 acres of land owned by the borough above land being purchased by R&L Carriers appraised.
New Business: J. Wilson stated that she will review info for tax collection committee, and will have a report at the next meeting.
Planning Commission Seminar: Basil Kleha from the Planning Commission stated he is going to the Lackawanna County Planning Seminar, and he believes William Langman is attending also.
Adjournment: Motion by K. Napoli, seconded by K. Dougherty to adjourn. Council adjourned at 9:26pm


Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Markey
Borough Manager

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