Minutes 2-15-18

Minutes 2-15-18

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

February 15, 2018

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on February 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Krysten Dougherty, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Cynthia Stephens and JoAnne Wilson. Also present were Mayor Fuga, William Aquilino, Ray Rood and KBA. Absent were; Frank Kulick, Joseph Smith, Atty. Moran, Bob Chase and Evan Samuelsen.

Mr. Markey asked everyone to remain standing for a moment of silence for the 17 victims at the Florida shooting.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to accept the minutes of February 1, 2018. All in favor; motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:General Fund $125,791.95, Recycling $5,673.40; Refuse $58,342.07, Investment Liquid Fuels $53,678.70. Disbursements from January 19, 2018 to February 15, 2018 including 2 periods of payroll $71,559.35. Deposits $41,361.03.

A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mrs. Stephens to accept the treasurer’s report and bills as presented, all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Markey said before public comments we have something that is more urgent that we have to take care of.

Correspondence: Mr. Markey read aloud a letter from Lawrence J. Moran Jr.

Mr. Markey said we do have in the audience tonight, someone who put in for solicitor position back when we were receiving letters of intent.  Mr. Markey said it is his position that once we vote to accept the letter of resignation, we move into an immediate executive session to interview the applicant.

 Resignation: A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson with sincere regret to accept Atty. Moran’s resignation. Seconded by Mrs. Dougherty; all in favor, motion carried.

Council went into executive session at 7:05pm. Council reconvened at 7:16pm.

Solicitor:A motion was made by Mr. Napoli to offer the position of solicitor to William Aquilino Esq. seconded by Mrs. Stephens. All in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Markey read aloud Atty. Aquilino’s letter of intent. Amended motion:

Retainer of $400/month and $200.hr in the event of necessary court cases in his role as solicitor. All in favor; motion carried.

 Mr. Markey said he wants to let everyone know that at our last council meeting we were in receipt, just before the meeting came to order, Mr. Kulick opened a letter from Joyce Carmody and Moran with a bill for services in the amount of $5,376. We did ask retain from Atty. Moran, that bill was sent in error, he keeps record of hours for his other lawyers for tax write off purposes. That bill was never intended to go out the Borough of Jermyn, while he was away, that bill got sent to us. When he returned he did tell us to disregard that bill. That bill is to be discarded.

Public Comment:Floyd Celli-642/648 Washington Ave. – He has bought a property about 4 ½ years ago and between both properties he put in about $300,000 into the community. The two eyesores are getting cleaned up. He was here about 4 years ago and attended 17 council meetings in a row, asking for relief for a lot of different things. Mr. Celli said the inspection company that the previous council hired was inadequate for the Borough and we continued to hire them. 17 months, he couldn’t get a permit for his building and was without a paycheck for 17 months. He still has front water issues, the last storm a puddle in front of his property is an ice skating rink. The garage door in the back alley that he closed in to stop the water from coming in, he asked how many of you slipped on ice inside your house that is what happens to him. He asked about signs two years ago and it was brought up that the signs were going to be removed from Rushbrook because the construction was over with. He opened his gun shop, on the weekend there are no parking Mon-Fri 9-5, the weekend comes and finally opens and everyone from Wayne’s that works there parks there for 8 hours. It was never brought up again. He asked about cutting the trees down, you stop me from doing business with one of his businesses for 17 months, now you want me to stop doing business with my other business because the trees are overgrown in the alley. It’s a commercial alley; you cannot drive a truck through there. Nothing has been done.

Mr. Celli said now we are forcing him to drive on private property, that horseshoe is private property, you are forcing everybody to drive on private property. Suppose something happens on those parcels there who is going to liable, is the Borough? That you are forcing everyone to run around that horseshoe because you don’t want to cut down trees and maintain the alley, that doesn’t seem fair, it’s a commercial alley. There are more businesses on that block than there are in town and it’s the worst alley in the whole town.

Mr. Celli asked why his garbage isn’t being picked up. He was told by Debbie; he has three units and has to get a dumpster. He took his garbage for 3 years. He finally gets new cans and he can’t put garbage out because he will get a $500 fine. He calls the office and he was told he has a $268 bill for garbage that no one ever took. He was instructed to pay the fee. Today he gets a letter in the mail that he is delinquent on his garbage that we never even picked up. We want him to pay $268 for something we never even did.

Mr. Celli said he saw Bob Chase in Wayne’s Diner and he said the place looks good and he told him to stop over and pay for the permit for the sign. Mr. Celli said everybody can drive by a see sign but no one can see the puddles of ice in the front and back of the building. What have you guys done for me? 4 years, $300,000 invested in this town and he doesn’t get one thing. It’s a struggle, if he knew it was going to be like this, he would have never came here. Mr. Celli said he sees the Mayor and his associate, spreading the millings in the back from the paving project. He said that is great we are doing this; the associate said the girl in Wayne’s apartments complained about the potholes so we are filling it. Mr. Celli said so a girl that doesn’t pay in taxes and lives in an apartment gets her holes filled. What do I get? I get insulted. He said now he is at a point where he still has water in the front and water in the back; he is getting billed for garbage that we didn’t pick up. You want business in Jermyn, he is telling everyone all this now because you are all new. He is making you aware of his issues because you are a new council. Mr. Celli said he needs help. The last council setup meetings for him and he drove an hour and 15 minutes to have a meeting and the guys weren’t even here. Who’s responsible if somebody slips and falls? He said he shouldn’t have a girl that lives in an apartment get everything taken care of for a problem he complained about for 17 months in a row. Mr. Celli said he still has a lot of issues back there. That $2,000 we paid Rock Bottom, which was thrown out the window, you did in November, and it did nothing. He brought this up with the previous solicitor Al Nicholls. He said he didn’t know who was responsible for the road down there. The state is not responsible for water run-off.

It is in their guidelines, they are not responsible for surface water run-off. When the water is all backed up into his property, erodes his driveway and he has to put a new driveway in. He was stuck in his driveway; it was a sheet of ice. It’s not fair to slip on ice in your own house. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Why isn’t the alley fixed? Why is all the other alleys fixed? Why is the church parking lot fixed? Why is that so nice? Mr. Napoli asked what alley that he is speaking of. Mr. Celli said the alley way behind convenient. Mr. Napoli said you are going to tell me that is a nice alleyway in town. Mr. Celli said compared to mine it is beautiful. Mr. Napoli said he is going to say one thing and he will not speak anymore as of right now. You came in here and you said to us you said the first thing is what. You are all new here; you have done nothing but say the entire time you were here, that we have done nothing, previous councils have done nothing. I have been here for 26 months as a council member and I have never met you one time and have not seen you here one time. In the last 26 months you have not said or done a thing to make us aware that there is an issue. For you to come in here 26 months after I started here and to have an attitude with us like it’s our fault that this stuff is happening, come in here with a little respect for everybody that is up here new. Mr. Celli said to put that energy into dealing with something instead of running your mouth. Mr. Celli said you guys are all new, there are 2 he knows. If you want to take some words and twist them so it’s convenient for you for an escape. Mr. Napoli said he is stating the facts. Mr. Celli said pretend you are me; let me take your check for 17 months. What kind of respect do you show me, any of you? As a taxpayer in this town and a business’s owner, none, you do nothing for me. Pay your $25 for your sign, is that all you got.

Mr. Celli said just do your job, did you come here for you or did you come here for me? Mr. Markey said before you leave, if he may say a word. Mr. Markey said since your last visit to council, 5 out of the 7 members are new and haven’t seen you before. 2 aren’t here tonight and one has never seen you before and one has. We have a new mayor, as of tonight 2 new solicitor’s since you last visited, his point is, we do want to help; we want to try to help everybody in town. Give us some time to go back and look at previous minutes, we have a new secretary as well, we don’t have a borough manager anymore. Give us some time to go back and review the council minutes, so we can see if your concerns and how they were or were not addressed. Mr. Markey said show up at the next meeting and hopefully we will have some more answers for you. Mr. Celli thanked him.

Mrs. Wilson said the 600 block alleys, behind the church is atrocious, he is wrong on that. Also behind is. We did fix that alley with Rock Bottom or we thought it would be fixed and he is correct it wasn’t fixed the way it should be but you went back and put some millings in. Mrs. Wilson said if he looked at the minutes over this past year we have discussed it, that the 600 block alleys something has to be done because it’s the business district. A lot of the parking for those apartments could be in the back if those alleys were fixed up. It was discussed. Mrs. Wilson said if she remembers correctly, the DPW did trim those trees back. Mayor said we did trim them. Mrs. Wilson said but they belong to someone else and we are going to contact them before they sprout this spring and that was discussed at the end of the summer, things have been done but not as quickly and things have been discussed just to keep everybody up to speed. Ray Rood said about his sidewalks, the other day he went to go into Wayne’s and he parked on the Main and went to walk around and he had a hard time walking through the puddle, it wasn’t a puddle it was a lake. That sidewalk is a lake, he wishes he came before; he put a lot of money into his driveway maybe at that time they should have put a drain in the middle of the sidewalk and piped it down. Mayor asked where it is coming from. Ray Rood said what happens is when they plow there, they block everyone’s driveway in, can’t help that but what it is it all melts there. Wayne’s wasn’t as bad, his you couldn’t even see the sidewalk. That was from the end of the Wayne’s from where you go into his businesses that’s how big of a lake it was there. Mrs. Wilson said at one time, she had asked him when they met with him, we have the curb why can’t we not put a huge curb like that because it’s a driveway, and we will put a bump. Ray Rood said it wouldn’t have helped. Ray Rood said there are drains in the greenway but the way the snow was and everything else that water couldn’t even get in the greenway. Ray Rood said under normal circumstances we don’t have that problem. But when it snows and sidewalks are shoveled into the greenway, there is no place to put it, when it rains and melts it collects there.

Ray Rood said if Rock Bottom didn’t do the job the right way why didn’t they come back and fix it. Mayor said they were asked to put in modified and they did, with the traffic that goes through there. The problem with that alley way is that there is no drainage down that end. Ray Rood said if he remembers when they talked about it they said Rock Bottom could do it so they would grade it and it would drain to that other drain. Mayor said they swaled it and they did but that alleyway cannot handle what he is putting through there. Wayne’s garbage truck goes through there and residential garbage. Part of the problem is the trees because in the summer time there is a canopy and it never dries out. Ray asked who owns the trees. Council said Cerminaro. Mrs. Wilson said we are going to ask them. Mayor said every time he complained about the ice problem, there was never any water back there. We went down there numerous times. Everything that is happening there because of the traffic there is so much heavy traffic that the alleyway cannot handle it. Mrs. Wilson said the trees will be taken care of. Mayor said not to cause problems with Wayne’s but they shouldn’t have their dumpster where it is, it’s not on their property.

Mr. Art Wilson said Mr. Cerminaro told him he is glad he came to Jermyn and if you ever need anything they have bulldozers, if you have need anything contact him. Mr. Wilson told council to contact Mr. Cerminaro. Mrs. Wilson said he can grade it into his property. Mayor said if he can get rid of the trees and fence and do that, problem solved. Mrs. Wilson asked Mayor if he will go with her to talk to Mr. Cerminaro.

Donna Stackel- Can we possibly have a police officer to assist with the congregation to cross the street to come to church. We have a parking lot across the street on the blind hill on a Main St.; we did have an officer present for the past 25 years to assist with the busy traffic before and after church service at 9:30am on Sunday mornings. Lately we did not have anyone to assist the elderly parishioners that use canes to cross the street, we would appreciate your consideration if this matter, before there is a tragedy since a gentleman was killed outside of the church years ago on Christmas Eve. And there was also a same incident at the Eynon Church on Main St., we do understand if the police officer has a call that is more imperative that they answer the call. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter, respectfully submitted – Margaret Dipple – recording secretary. She is hoping to have an answer to take back for Sunday.

Mayor asked Chief Arthur if we can have an officer there. Chief Arthur said yes if they are not on calls. Ms. Stackel said she understands that. Mayor said one other thing he would love to have there, we wish we can get it but Pen Dot doesn’t ever want to seem to work with us on certain things. We have a crosswalk there but he would like to go one further. If you go through Honesdale, when they did their roads over, they have crosswalks where they have posts with bright flashing strobe lights, the pedestrian walks up presses that and the lights come on and they walk across. It catches your eye and people notice but the problem is he doesn’t know if Pen Dot would give us that. One minute they tell you they are all pro cross walks and then they don’t want cross walks, I wish we can get an answer. When he was on council when they were doing the main street project he asked Mr. Kutch why we can’t put middle in the block crosswalks in. He came back and said Pen Dot doesn’t allow that, but every community you go through they have them.

Mr. Markey said maybe they won’t do them for the municipality but maybe if the church petitions. Mayor said maybe if we work together we can get something like this and it’s a win win for everybody.  Mrs. Wilson said having the police officer there, not only for the safety of the parishioners but it also is good pr. Its Sunday morning, people see the officers out. Mrs. Wilson said she knows if they have a call they can’t be there. Even on Rushbrook when there are masses the 10:30am mass, if the police car is in that area, its good pr. Ms. Stackel on Sunday morning she can go back and tell them it has been addressed and there will be a police officer there unless there is a call. She thanked council.

Mayor:Mayor said so everyone is aware we have some people going around breaking into cars and stealing money and some valuables. If you can, please tell your neighbors to spread the word. Do not keep anything of value in your car, keep your stuff locked and keep it out of sight. Its crime of opportunity and they continue to take stuff out. The police are working on it and it keeps happening, more than likely it is probably juveniles but we do not know that. Mayor asks that everybody keeps their stuff locked up and be aware and look out for your neighbors, spread the word. Ray Rood said use common sense, lock your car.

Police:Chief Arthur  said we have the garbage person that keeps happening Saturday into Sunday, we have diverted our officers on the midnight shift to go down there on Washington by Mrs. Wilson’s house and also on dayshift on Sunday morning, that’s one of the reasons the officer’s weren’t there for church. When they are available they will be at the church traffic.

Two of our officers just recertified in the ENRAD system which is the speed machine to better help us enforce the speed issues that we are having in town. The alternate parking ordinance, we wrote about 50 tickets as of right now probably 4 tickets were paid out of 50. They have 10 days to respond to those tickets and if they don’t, citations are filed through the magistrate’s office so the fine goes from $25 for a parking ticket to $135 so it’s probably in people’s best interest to pay the Borough fine before we go to the next level.

Chief Arthur said we have had thefts out of unlocked vehicles. The new doors are in the building; currently he has the key list. He doesn’t know who else that council wants to have keys issued to.

Chief Arthur said last year we were approached by the Knights of Columbus, they do their Easter egg hunt the one Saturday and we do ours just before Easter. Last year they approached him and asked if we can combine our assets and make it a better thing by combining it. He has been in touch with him and that is what they are going to do this year. Chief Arthur asked the council for permission to conduct the Easter Egg hunt on March 24th and the rain date would be the 31st. Mr. Markey asked if they have times yet. Chief Arthur said 10am, kids up to 12 years old. The rest of the details we are working on, the eggs and candy will be donated. Mrs. Wilson said and the Jermyn Lions Club is involved in it.

The kids that damaged the damaged the picnic table and the backstop at the park, we had court with them recently and they were ordered to pay full restitution and 20 hours of community service. They will be doing that here, one of the parents he already spoke to. It is being coordinated with Mrs. Wilson in regards to conducting community service.

A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to approve the usage of Callahan Park for the Police Dept. in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus and Jermyn Lions club for the Easter egg hunt to be held on March 24, 2018 – rain date March 31st at 10AM with the possibility if the weather is bad to use the gym. Mrs. Stephens asked if it would be a problem with basketball. Mr. Markey said basketball is over the 1st week of March. Mrs. Dougherty said for a reference that is the same day as the baseball Easter bunny breakfast. That starts at 9am. Mrs. Wilson asked what date is that. Mrs. Dougherty said the 24th. Ray Rood asked where that is. Mrs. Stephens said the Crystal Fire Co. Mrs. Wilson suggested starting it later; they can have breakfast and then go over at 11am. Mr. Napoli said we do it at 10am every year. Mr. Markey said when we had our baseball meeting and discussing having the breakfast with the Easter bunny he advised them to stay away from the week before Easter because that’s when the police historically do the Easter Egg Hunt and he confirmed with Chief Arthur before we even had those discussions. Baseball didn’t see it as a problem to have it at the same time; they asked Mr. Markey at the meeting earlier this week to see if the Police Dept. would be willing to push their Easter Egg Hunt off until later around noon. He did talk to the Chief about it but like he said they have been doing theirs for years and its set in stone and this is baseballs inaugural year. That is up to the police department, Lions Club and Knights of Columbus and whoever else. Any other questions before we put it to a vote? All in favor; motion carried.

Fire Chief:Mr. Rood said he will have a fire chiefs meeting with the County. He wants to straighten out the street assignments so we get them all right, especially down in the Woodland area. The new box alarms are in effect. With the new solicitor we have to find out what we are doing with the new building, maybe go through the minutes and see what was said. He knows it was mentioned to put the wall up but does not know what was actually agreed on. Mr. Markey said he remembered that we spoke about allowing the siren to stay there for 5 years and allowing the fire chief to have access but it might be in the contract. It will be discussed with the new solicitor and we will go from there.

Engineer:Mr. Grizzanti-KBA sent over the estimate for the small sewer and water grant.

Code Officer/Solicitor:Atty. Aquilino provided the Mayor, Council and Chief Arthur with a list of 8 initial properties that we will take action on. One of the things we tried to do was focus on those that are either attractive nuisances been a blight for a long period of time or are a hazard to the people not only on the property but people walking around past the property. Him and Chief Arthur went around the entire Borough and highlighted 8 particular areas. Chief Arthur has been updating him on some of those properties where action has been taken by the property owners. It wasn’t necessarily because of code enforcement action but maybe they saw us doing inspections. He thanked Chief Arthur. We are going to start issuing citations this month.

Mr. Markey said Mr. Aquilino wasn’t necessarily in the dark about being appointed as being solicitor tonight as we got attorney Moran’s resignation letter a few days prior to this and we were already in receipt of his letter of intent to become solicitor. Prior to accepting the resignation tonight, Atty. Moran did have some ordinances and resolutions that we asked him for.

Yard Sale Ordinance #10-18: Atty. Aquilino said in section 5 for the violations it has costs for prosecution, if we want to amend that section. Chief Arthur said if for example they do not get a permit and we discover this on a Saturday we shut them down or fine them, is there language in there that they have it the next day is that a separate offence. Atty. Aquilino said unless the ordinance is amended, it says that a yard sale can last two days but that is a yard sale that has been permitted so his reading of this would be every day you have a yard sale it’s a new violation. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to allow the solicitor to advertise yard sale ordinance #10-18 with the addition of the words in section #5 under violation $300 plus prosecution costs for the third offense and in any offense thereafter. All in favor; motion carried.

Resolution #9-18: Resolution allowing local municipalities to use the same speed enforcement as the Pennsylvania State Police.

Callahan Park Ordinance #8-18: Mr. Markey said is the Callahan Park Ordinance; we are repealing the old Callahan Park Ordinance and putting the new one into effect. The new ordinance will be listed on our webpage. Mr. Napoli said in #5 it says animals but in #7 it has supervised pets. A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mrs. Dougherty to allow the solicitor to advertise Ordinance #8-18 Callahan Park Ordinance with removing animals from sec 3 – #5 under regulations and removing animals and adding pets to section 5 penalties. All in favor; motion carried.

Recycling Ordinance #7-18: Mr. Markey said the Borough secretary went to the DEP and said we want to apply for a grant under section 902 of the recycling grant for a big leaf vacuum for the Borough. The small one we have now can handle storm drains and things like that but the big one allow residents to rake their leaves into a pile into the front or back of their residence, wherever the nearest road or alley way will be and the DPW come along with the leaf vac. Scoop them up and collect them. In order to be able to apply for this we have to advertise and after advertisement pass this ordinance. A motion was made by Mrs. Stephens and seconded by Mrs. Dougherty to allow the solicitor to advertise ordinance #7-18. All in favor; motion carried.

Junior Council:Mrs. Wilson said we shouldn’t do anything this year, to ask our sophomore is too young. We may have a mature sophomore but that is a little too young. Mr. Markey asked if we heard anything back from our current junior council. No, he was sent a letter. Mr. Napoli we should forego it until someone comes to us and shows interest. Mrs. Wilson said we usually go to them. Mr. Napoli said he feels if we go out and search we are going to continue to get the same. If you get someone that comes to the school and says is there an opportunity to become a part of the Borough council or some sort of politics then I say absolutely but us going to them year after year we are going to more than likely is going to get someone that isn’t interested.

Mr. Markey said he hasn’t shown up in he can’t tell you how long, maybe he has been to two meetings and one of them was when he got sworn in. Mrs. Wilson said we will keep the door open for the guidance counselors to recommend but she doesn’t think we should go lower than the junior year. Mr. Markey asked what we should do with the current junior council. Mrs. Wilson said well we didn’t hear back from him. Mr. Napoli said we sent a letter out, we went over this last meeting, let’s give him until March 1st, if we don’t hear anything by our first March meeting then we make a motion to do whatever we have to do to dismiss him from his duties. Mr. Napoli said his problem isn’t with Evan having other things to do but you’re coming to this and you need to be a responsible person, a responsible person doesn’t just walk away from something without saying anything. It’s not something against Evan but they have to be responsible for the position that they take. Mrs. Wilson said she will contact the superintendent and mostly Hank that the door is open if someone comes forward.

Grant Committee:Mrs. Dougherty said she is going to start very soon within the next few weeks applying for as many grants as we can. The next meeting she will have more information

Events/Shade Tree:Mrs. Wilson said she handed out the administration handbook to Mrs. Stephens to review and we will wait until Mr. Smith comes back, he is on the committee. She also gave a handbook to Mrs. Dougherty, if anyone has any suggestions for the handbook please voice them or hand them to us.

The Shade Tree is working on the hometown heroes and that is coming along very well, they are still getting applications in, we have a few openings still on main St. They are thinking about starting a second phase. Mrs. Wilson said her problem is she is a little nervous about the DPW putting up all the brackets and getting them up in time, the workload. Mayor said we should be able to do it, it will go quick. Mr. Markey asked who is ordering the brackets. Mrs. Wilson said we are because we ordering special brackets, black powdered so they look nice on the decorative lamps. Mayor asked when they expect to get the brackets. Mrs. Wilson said she does not know yet, we hope to get them ahead of time. Mayor said we are getting into that period we are getting better weather; if you had them even now we can start putting them up. Mr. Rood said if push comes to shove even in the evening time, the fire guys can come out and help, if you needed a couple of nights or Saturday to get it done. Mr. Markey asked when the target is Memorial Day. Mrs. Wilson said yes. She will wait until Mr. Kulick is here to discuss that. Since we have the parade that day, she thinks a ribbon cutting to honor all heroes and the banners, would be nice. Mr. Markey asked where are you starting the banners at. Mrs. Wilson said at the Windsor, it is just the decorative lighting, down to the Episcopal Church. The second phase will be the rest of Main St. the 700 block and east side Jermyn. We have already had requests to put them over East Side Jermyn, we do not know what we are going to do with that yet because our first phase was just the decorative poles but we are working with the people who have requested where they want them placed. It is first come first serve. We have to wait to see because some people would like them over on Delaware St.

The trees at Cerminaro’s, she would like to discuss with DPW the trees on old Mill that have to be cut up. Do we hire someone, do we go out for quotes or can the DPW handle it. Mayor asked which ones on Old Mill. Mr. Markey said the ones that are canopying the street. Mrs. Wilson said we will discuss that with DPW at the DPW committee.

DPW:Mr. Markey said right now he has been back and forth with Chuck Garnett with the USDA, Tony Grizzanti has talked to him a couple of times. He spoke with Chuck earlier this week and basically what we want to do is nail down whether we are going to do put one bid or put out many bids for the DPW garage. He was waiting on an answer from us so he can go back to his people and say look we need to apply for this DPW garage for monies for Jermyn. I think he was waiting on an answer there. Mr. Markey said he does know that we have priced out a bunch of different pole building companies to do the work of the building itself. His question is do we want to put out to separate bids, one for the building and one for a general contractor to handle everything else, electrical, masonry, insulation, type of carpentry is needed, things like that. Mrs. Wilson said so the person you are buying the garage pole barn from doesn’t necessarily do the contracting for the electricity, concrete base. Mr. Markey said customarily no. They will provide blue prints, stamped blue prints if we need them for the building itself and stuff like that. The blue prints are free if we need them stamped then they come at a cost a couple hundred dollars, maybe $400-$500. For everything else, what it comes down to is money. We have pre bid conferences, post bid conferences, a lot of advertising work. If we can put out one bid for a general contractor and then these are the parameters of the contract and put that out in one advertisement and have one conference and stuff like that, they can go get their subs and come back to us with their bids. Mr. Grizzanti said you aren’t going to be able to buy your pole barn from the guy. Mr. Markey said we would have to put that bid out as well. Mr. Markey said what he is saying is customarily in his research these pole barn companies do not do contractor work. It would be one bid and they would sub out everything else, he sees this as two separate things, the building and then everything else. Mr. Grizzanti said you can certainly do that but he is curious because, Ray may have more expertise on this than I do but when you put it out for bid and you know that the pole barn can be stamped by the pole barn co. they can stamp that but now you have a general contractor, what do you do with the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and all that has to be designed and stamped and approved before you go out for bid. It cannot be done after because how does the general contractor who is going to bid on it know, there has to be a plan for that building unless you just do just the pole barn and then piece meal it down the road but you can’t put out a bid and say we want to put up a 40×60 pole barn and we also would like to hire a general contractor to do the footings, electrical and plumbing etc. Those guys want to see a finished plan, here’s the pole barn and here is where all the light fixtures are, all the electrical where will be run, here is where PPL will be tied in, all that has to be in that plan. Mr. Markey said he doesn’t know nothing about this stuff, he saw this as two separate phases, you put up the shell and then you have the plans and then you can give those plans to whatever contractor when its going out for bid and can they work off those or no.

Mr. Rood said you have to go off the prints once they are stamped. Mr. Markey said I guess what I am saying is, can we put the pole building out for bid. Mr. Grizzanti said yes just as a shell. Mr. Markey said and then get that back and whoever is the lowest responsible bidder they put up the building with nothing in it, that is phase one. After the building is put up, then we want to do phase two which is everything else or is that not advisable. Mr. Grizzanti said he just wondering, if you have someone put up the pole barn and put up the slab and its sitting there as a shell, do we want anything in the slab, any of your plumbing in the slab. Mr. Rood said they are going to come in and put a pillar and put it down on the footers, they might backfill that but what’s your grade is going to be afterwards, you might get this up and say we can’t drive in there because we need to have it graded. That should be part of it and then maybe you can put something in there, you can park your trucks in there for now until we get phase two done. Mr. Rood said the question with phase 2 is when you are going for the money do you need to have phase 1 and phase 2 so they know what kind of money you want. Mr. Grizzanti said he thinks USDA is going to want to see a set of plans, elevations, footer design, where the plumbing and electrical is, where the HVAC is, how is the site graded. The other thing they will ask you is do you need any permits, do you need your own land development, permit for your building, does it need Lackawanna County approval. They will want to see the whole package for USDA to give you the whole money. He thinks what you guys are kind of thinking about is possible to do it as simple as possible in that phase 1 gets you the slab, the building up, the site work done and then maybe if you are going to have bathrooms in it etc. you do the basic plumbing but maybe you come back later because you don’t get enough money the first time. They are going to want to see some kind of set of plans and you definitely need a very specific book.

Mr. Rood said for the firehouse it was the same people. We had to have everything done, a total set of prints done so they knew exactly what they were getting because if they are going to give you a decent grant and loan, it’s going to be their building if something happens here. If something happens at the fire co and we are no longer a fire co anymore, that is their building. They want to make sure they are going to get paid back that money and we make our monthly payments. It comes down to if we would like to refinance, they won’t even refinance it for you. Once you get that money and that loan, whatever the rate is, that is your terms. Mr. Grizzanti said the USDA is very specific on what they want, bidding requirements, how you are going to transfer the money, all that stuff is very regiment. Mr. Markey said he asked us right now just to get the process moving. In your opinion should we do this all in one bid? Mr. Grizzanti said yes if you get enough money.

Mr. Art Wilson said he wants to congratulate the DPW; they did a great job this winter.

720 Lincoln Ave:Mr. Markey said we had asked the girl from the County to talk to her boss and see what’s going on there. She got back to us and they said it isn’t their problem. Mr. Grizzanti said he was there during the rain. The water running down the road and to the pipes is doing what it is supposed to do. He is still getting water through the basement from somewhere; it’s not coming from the road or the pipes. Mayor said it is basically ground water infiltrating. Mr. Grizzanti said the rain leaders go straight into the ground; Mr. Hunt is going to see where they go to. Mayor said it could be blocked and going into his basement, it could be more of a his problem than anything. Mr. Grizzanti said that water is not coming from the pipes, we were in there last year the pipes are solid, once it gets in there it is in there. That hill goes all the way from RT6 down; there is probably a ton of ground water all the time. Maybe it gets down into the ground real quick into his yard. Between the two houses where the pipe runs down, the water sits there in that little dip and Mr. Hunt is worried that is sinking in and in getting in. Mr. Grizzanti said and it could, if that water sinks in over that trench it’s going to want to follow the path of that pipe. The County was the same thing is the same thing we want to do on Delaware St. we ask for the grant and get the money and once the project is done, it’s done. Mr. Markey said he gets the impression that he thinks this is Jermyn Borough’s problem as well.

Credit Card:No fee for the Borough, there would be a 2.95% passed onto the customer if they pay with credit card and there will be website service.

Sound System:An Estimate was provided to council for a new sound system in council chambers. Mr. Markey said what does everyone think; we can table this until next time or ask to get a couple different estimates. Mr. Napoli said can we afford something like this right now. Mrs. Dougherty said more estimates.

Arts & Culture Grant:Mr. Markey said we have a letter that is addressed to Mr. Kulick requesting that the Events Committee applies for the Municipal Arts and Culture Grant. Mrs. Stephens said she thinks it should be kept for the band; they have been doing it for years. We did ok last year at Jermyn Day. A motion was made by Mrs. Stephens and seconded by Mrs. Wilson to allow the Events Committee to submit the application for the Lackawanna County Municipal Arts and Cultures grant. All in favor; motion carried. Mrs. Wilson said it will be the 4th Sunday in July. There are 5 Sundays in July. It will be the 4th Sunday.

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mrs. Dougherty to adjourn the meeting at 9:35pm. All in favor; motion carried.



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