Minutes 3-1-18

Minutes 3-1-18

Jermyn Borough

Council Minutes

March 1, 2018

The Jermyn Borough Council held a council meeting on March 1, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn, PA in the Council Chambers.

On roll call present were: Frank Kulick, Dan Markey, Kevin Napoli, Joseph Smith, Cynthia Stephens and JoAnne Wilson. Also present were Mayor Fuga, Atty. Aquilino, Ray Rood and Bob Chase. Absent were: Krysten Dougherty, KBA and Evan Samuelsen.

MINUTES:A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Napoli to accept the February 15, 2018 meeting minutes; all in favor, motion carried.

Public Comment:Katelyn English- Lackawanna County Community Relations Coordinator

Advanced Severe Weather Topics and what to report to National Weather Service and Emergency Weather Management class – Tuesday May 22, 2018 at 6:30pm at the Lackawanna County Public Safety Center.

Correspondence:We will be receiving our liquid fuels tax payment in the amount of $75,912.28.

Regional Planning Commission

Meeting on March 26 at PennDot district 4 from 1pm-3pm, on how to get transportation projects funded. Mr. Kulick said somebody should go to that if anybody can. Mr. Markey said the DPW can go. Mrs. Wilson said she may be able to go, it may involve Shade Tree in some form.

Mr. Kulick said we received another invalid and incorrect bill from our previous solicitor. He already told us it was sent in error again. It is taken care of.

Mr. Celli Issue/ Alleyway:Mr. Kulick asked if we have any follow up for Mr. Celli’s issues. Mayor said him and Mrs. Wilson met with Mr. Cerminaro and we discussed the tree issue with him and what we came out with after the meeting was that he wants to keep the trees. The deal we made him with was that we are going to trim the trees, not take them down and in turn he is going to redo the alleyway. We are going to supply the milling and he is going to supply the equipment and the operator to do it. He has a dozer and a big roller, when it is all said in done, if we put the millings in there very thick and he can angle the water away we will be in good shape down there for the water problem in the back. He did say he will cut where his fence is, he will cut a spot so water will go and kind of shed onto his land, he has no problem with that. That should take care of it. Mayor said he is nice to work with, he is all about the community and had no problem. Mrs. Wilson said he will contact the Mayor when the weather breaks. It will not be immediately. It will be when the weather is good.

Mr. Markey said he had a couple of other issues and he voiced them at the last meeting. One of his issues was that he was saying that he was told we wouldn’t pick up his trash but then we were charging him a garbage fee. After looking into that, years ago the former council was having all businesses get dumpsters and then he never got a dumpster. One of his issues is that he said is overdue on his trash fee but yet we won’t pick up his garbage. Mr. Markey said he needs to realize is number one if you don’t have a dweller in your apartment building and you pay your fee and then you get that notarized affidavit at the end of the year, you will get your money back. Maybe we need to communicate that to him, he is not here tonight. We will have to let him know that.

Mr. Markey said also, Mr. Kulick said he is on the list for garbage. Mr. Chase said he sent him a letter at the end of February in regard to the signs that he put up which he has not received a zoning application from him. He sent him a letter stating that he has 7 days to apply for a permit or apply for a zoning hearing if he wants to fight it but he has not received a letter or phone call. His next step is going to the magistrate. Mr. Kulick asked if he had any feedback on the other ones. Mr. Chase said he had 4 issues, the hair salon, he spoke with them and there was a misunderstanding they didn’t think they need one if it wasn’t done in the front of the building, they were more than happy, they came to his house and gave him the application. They took care of it within the hour, it is taken care of. Mr. Bomba received a letter, he called Mr. Chase almost immediately. He has not called him back yet. He will talk to him, he sounds quite reasonable to speak with and doesn’t anticipate any issues with that. The shed on the corner of Franklin/Madison, he has not received any correspondence with regard to that. Each of those, except for the hair salon including Floyd was sent a letter through regular mail and certified mail.

Mr. Markey said another problem was the water on his sidewalk. We discussed a couple different options there that might be of help but I think we have to continue discussing that because it is everyone’s sidewalk. He still has a question about responsibility there because the borough put in the sidewalks and he understands that they are now in front of now what is his property. It wasn’t his property when we did put in the sidewalks and now the sidewalks are taking on water. Mr. Markey said he doesn’t think that anything has changed. Mr. Markey asked Mr. Rood how long the sidewalks have been that bad. Mr. Rood said it was a situation there that we did bring Mr. Kutch up when we were doing inspections. The day it was like a swamp was when PenDot goes and plows the snow to the right, they have no place to go with it. His driveway wasn’t plowed and the collection of water in that area. They shovel the sidewalks and goes in the greenway and when it rains or melts it has no place to go because there is a pile of water going into the driveway and a pile of snow on the other side of the driveway, it has no place else to collect. It can’t get to the drains into the greenway because the shoveled snow is in the greenway. Mr. Markey asked if it happens in the summer time. Mr. Rood said just with snow, he drove by tonight and it’s not happening. Mayor said it is just the winter time. Mr. Rood said unless we get a really heavy rain in the summer, under normal circumstances it doesn’t happen. Mr. Smith said he talked about water turning into ice into his garage. Mr. Chase said that always did that. Mrs. Wilson said he has also put a new sidewalk in by his front door, didn’t he rip that up. Mr. Markey said he did the whole driveway. Mrs. Wilson said its sort of slanted, the sidewalk. She thought he dug up in front of the door, not the sidewalk and it looks like it’s a little slanted and that’s fine.

Mr. Rood said it should be slanted going into the greenway, there wasn’t any water laying in that area it was laying in the driveway area; the problem area. Mrs. Wilson said this spring we will be trying to get the pavers to put in front of Wayne’s, his place, Dominick’s, Post office and maybe the bank. Mr. Rood asked what the pavers are for. Mrs. Wilson said the greenway so that in the greenway where there is heavy traffic, it is going to be grass but there are the plastic heavy duty geo grids. We will have to dig down a little, not far but there is gravel, sand, top soil and these will fit into all of that. We plant the grass and then we cut the grass but you can run over with the truck. Mr. Rood said to make sure whatever drains are in the greenway the water will still go down the drains. Mrs. Wilson said it should.

Mr. Napoli said he went back into some of the minutes from previous meetings and March 12, 2015 Mr. Celli came and it was stated in the minutes that it was decided that J. McDermott, J. Smith and Bob Parks and Atty. Nichols would meet April 1 with a state rep. and Pen Dot to discuss Mr. Cell’s issues. Mr. Napoli asked if that ever came through. Mr. Rood said Pen Dot told them that it was not their problem. Mr. Smith said it wasn’t the Borough’s problem. Mr. Napoli said so it was basically the homeowner’s problem. Mr. Smith said that was Larry’s market correct? Mr. Rood said yes. Mr. Smith asked if Larry ever had problems? Mr. Rood said not that he ever remembers. Mr. Smith said he was trying to go back in time and he knows Rock Bottom went back there and tried to do something with the land to alleviate some of the water problems. That was not to his satisfaction. Mayor said they have been through there after a heavy rain in that alleyway and he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Once in a while it will puddle up but not to the point that he was getting flooded out. Mrs. Wilson said if Walter Avery was getting flooded out then he would be but Walter said it never got inside his garage and Walter is lower. Mr. Markey asked if anybody has ever seen the inside of his garage. Mrs. Wilson said she has gone twice but no one was there. Mr. Chase was in there before he bought it and he remembers the alley was higher than the floor of the garage when he was there, that was going back quite a few years. Mr. Markey said if you have problems 2-3 years ago and you came to a council 2-3 years ago with those problems and you are coming back and regurgitating the problems you have, 5 out the 7 council members are new, new secretary and 2 new solicitors since, he doesn’t understand exactly, especially if you do not have the problem anymore why are you showing up. Talk about the problems that you still have, don’t talk about the stuff especially if its fixed. He is sitting here saying how many of you guys can say you’ve slipped on ice inside your own home before, are you still having the problem? It doesn’t sound like he is still having that problem. The other thing, plow your driveway that is where it seems to me that is where the water runoff is coming from. Mr. Rood said the best scenario would have been if he put a drain across there.

Mr. Napoli said if its driveway that’s the issue then that’s not our problem. Mr. Rood said you are correct but he doesn’t think it’s always the driveway. It’s a part of PennDOT and the way they plow.  Mr. Kulick said why would he spend the money to go concrete the driveway. Mr. Napoli said he is here 26 months and he has not come to us once with any issues he has had, if it was this big of a deal, why are we learning about it over 2 years after we have all been here. Mayor said that is a low spot in there, he’s sure that’s why it holds water. Mr. Kulick said if he has any other issues he can come back to a meeting.

Yard Sale Ordinance: A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Smith to pass ordinance #10-2018. All in favor; motion carried

Callahan Park Ordinance:A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Markey to pass the Callahan park ordinance. All in favor; motion carried. Mr. Markey said we raised the fines and clearly defined the definition of tobacco products and we outlawed the use of all tobacco products including vaping.

A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Napoli to repeal any and all existing Callahan Park ordinances other than the one we passed tonight. All in favor; motion carried.

Junior Council:Mr. Kulick said it is time we officially notify Evan Samuelsen that he is no longer a junior councilman. Mr. Kulick said they have a newsletter in the school, he thinks we should ask whoever is in charge of that to put something in the newsletter that any junior interested in applying for a junior council to submit a letter to council. That way at least we know they have an interest instead of us looking for them. Mrs. Wilson said it is usually the guidance counselor and we contact Mr. Stachura. We have nothing to do with the selection. One of the jobs of the Junior council is to help with the seeking of a replacement.

720 Lincoln:Mr. Kulick said we got some correspondence from the County. The county said it was not the County’s problem. They were going to further look into it with the sewer authority. Mr. Markey said he thinks all of his problems are groundwater. Mr. Napoli said Tony Grizzanti was here at the last meeting and we point blank asked him, there is nothing wrong with the pipe, there is nothing wrong with the drain, that is ground water that is coming up through the basement and that is not the responsibility of the Borough. Mayor said if you look at his house, he has his leaders going into the ground from his gutters. We do not know if they are going into his sewer or are they just going into the ground and could there be a pipe going to the backyard that could be plugged.  He is thinking there is more an issue and its more his issue. Randy Parry asked when the Rosmelia’s lived there was a problem in the basement then. Mayor said yes, probably the same problem back then too.

Sound System:Mr. Kulick asked if we had any quotes on the sound system. Mayor said now we have to really look at a whole sound system, we were just going to look at speakers but now that all changed. Mrs. Wilson said this was left on and she remembers two weeks ago she shut it off. Mayor said nothing still works on the system itself. Donna Stackel said it is long overdue.

Sewer:They have not come back yet to camera it, he got a little busy. Mayor said assuming with the snow it will be a couple more days. He will get back with us and camera the system that is there and just see what the issue is. It did get flushed out, it is all cleaned out and right now it is flowing. What is causing all the problems, we still do not know until he gets the camera in it. Mrs. Wilson asked if this is Old Mill Rd. Mayor said no Bacon and Garfield.

DPW Building:Mayor said we sat down with Tony Grizzanti and told him what we were looking for. Four walls, a roof and a floor. Simple, nothing fancy. They are going to get the process going for the loan. He knows where we stand and a rough idea on what we are looking for now. Mr. Markey asked Ray Rood if he said when the Crystals built a new building, was he dealing with Chuck Garnett from the USDA. Mr. Rood said no, the one who they dealt with retired and Chuck took his place. Mr. Rood said you cannot refinance that loan. Mr. Markey said he doesn’t think we would necessarily need a 40-year loan. Mr. Kulick asked if you can prepay it. Mr. Rood said yes but you can’t renegotiate to a lower interest rate.

Rental Permit:Mr. Kulick said we gave everybody extra time and he believes we still have about 24 people that have not paid their rental permit fees. The solicitor/code enforcement officer will begin issuing citations to those people. Mr. Kulick said we actually gave people an extra 30 days.

New Business:

 Gym Floor Grant:Mr. Markey said Mrs. Dougherty couldn’t make it tonight but she did ask me to bring this up and Randy Parry was kind enough to bring some paperwork to us as well. She said she needs a motion tonight for a resolution to apply for a grant for the gym floor before we can submit the application. Randy Parry said it is through Act 13 grant program. If we can have the motion passed tonight for the resolution then we will be able to have the application submitted after the next grants committee meeting, which is 1 week from tonight. It’s the greenways and Trailways grant for gym floor renovation. If the motion is passed then Mrs. Dougherty would also like to propose that we send a letter to the various Jermyn committees and organizations that use the gym, asking if they would donate towards the match. Any amount helps. She would like to request that they reply by march 14 so the application can be submitted timely. Lakeland Youth Basketball has already committed to donate but will get back with an amount after they close out the season. The match will be about $7,000-$8,000 which is 15% of the grant. Randy has been going back with Jeff Cavanaugh at Senator Blake’s office. Randy said a director met and was told that if we apply then we are pretty much in but it is a 15% match. Lakeland Youth basketball, we are probably looking at $1,000-$1,500 to donate, depending on final expenses. Anything that the other organizations can give, he doesn’t care if its $100, whatever they can give. Randy said he knows we won’t have a problem covering the match. The act 13 program, the application period opened up earlier this month and runs through the end of May so funding would become available later this summer. Mr. Kulick asked if we can make a contribution to this cause. Mr. Smith said he will look at the budget and go through the line items. Mr. Markey said on Mrs. Dougherty’s behalf he would like to make a motion to allow us to apply for the act 13 program to redo the gymnasium floor, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor, motion carried.

A motion was made by Mr. Markey to allow the secretary to send a letter to any and all organizations that use the gym asking for donations for the 15% match, seconded by Mr. Napoli. All in favor; motion carried.

Shade Tree:Mrs. Wilson would like a motion to allow the DPW and Bob Speicher to go to a pruning for professionals, to be held at the University of Scranton from 9am-3:30pm March 22, 2018. It is during the week on a workday. The Shade tree will pay the registration fee of $40 per person and their lunch. Mr. Markey said he doesn’t think we need a motion, they are not out of work they will be punched in, they will be out of town but they will still be working. It will be Bob Speicher, Tony Fuga and Joe Esgro attending.

Time Clock:The computers in the officer were upgraded which caused the time clock software to stop working because it is outdated. We are currently without a timeclock. We could go with WePay which would be $2/ per employee that punches in for the month. It will be a web based system, no timeclock. Mrs. Wilson said the reason the time clock was put in because there was discrepancies, people were signing in and signing out for other people. That is why it was put in so if people can share their passwords that was the problem, before it was a different system. Mrs. Wilson said she is just stating that is why the time clock was put in. Mr. Markey said you are ahead of the handbook committee, make it illegal on grounds for termination. Mr. Napoli that should be with the policy is, if you are to share your login information with any other person, you are terminated on the spot. Mrs. Wilson said that is why this time clock was put in. Mayor said that is correct. Mrs. Wilson said you would think the trustworthiness would be there but apparently it wasn’t. Mr. Napoli said any place that has that kind of system it is a policy that is built in and it is automatic termination if somebody else is punching in for you. Mrs. Wilson said she will put it in the admin. Handbook. She is not accusing anyone but that’s why it was put in.

Randy Parry asked if council would be subjective of someone coming in and getting the old clock working in the gym, we possibly have somebody. Mr. Markey said no one would be opposed to that. Randy said he just wants the challenge. Mr. Markey said we won’t get a bill for it. Randy said no. Mr. Napoli said then absolutely.

Mr. Smith said back to the time clock, he asked the borough secretary when we do whatever is decided tonight, we have to call Mercer up because we pay them a year. They will take the clock back.

A motion was made by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mrs. Stephens to use WePay for time clock purposes and to contact Mercer to remove the old time clock and void the contract. All in favor; motion carried.

Woodlands Sewer Grant:Mr. Kulick asked where are we at with applying for additional money. The original grant we received $140,000. We had applied for more than that so we are only getting $140,000. Are we getting the rest of the money or we scaling back the project, they want to know what we are going to do. We are saying we are thinking about using that as matching funds for a new grant, which we do not know if we will get. We think we will. Mr. Markey said we meet next week for the grants committee. Mr. Markey said the borough secretary reached out the supplier of the LSA grant to verify that we can use that as matching funds and reached out to the administrator about the new grant that we are applying for and they said it was a 500,000 cap and if it was over 500,000 then we would have to find a new project. The actual project itself couldn’t be over $500,000. Who is contacting us saying what we are going to do with the money? The LSA. We want to go out for additional money for phase two of the project, we talked before I don’t know if we made a motion to camera the entire system down there and see what is broken and see where we can start fixing. Mrs. Wilson said she doesn’t think we made a motion on that. Mr. Kulick said yes. Mrs. Wilson said we may have said we are going to do it but whether there was a motion I don’t know. Mr. Markey said we were going to use the grant money towards that, to camera it. Mr. Kulick doesn’t see a time frame in this one on when we have to use it by. Mr. Smith said he think it is important we get back to the 140,000 grant and tell them that we are going to use that money. Mr. Markey said he does have an email from the borough secretary from back in Feb. and it said and attached KBA’s overall estimate and phase 1 and it said which one are we putting for and we are using the 15% from the $140,000. Mr. Markey said he does not know if anyone got back as to which one we want to do. Mr. Markey said the email that the DCED sent to her says there is a question in regards to the grant, the maximum we put in for is 500,000 with a 15% match is the match included in the grant amount or would it be $5000,000 plus 75,000. They said the total project costs cannot exceed is 500,000, the most you can request is $425,000 with a match of $75,000 if you get any change orders that increase the total project costs over $500,000 or any costs that increase the total project cost over $500,000 then the project becomes ineligible and you have to pay back any funds that have been disbursed.

Mr. Markey said he thinks that the email right there answers the question which one we are putting in for because if it can’t exceed $500,000 and we can’t put in a request for any estimate of $649,854.00. We have to do the one for $256,344.90. Then we get back to the LSA and say ok we are applying for another grant with the DCED using this as matching funds to complete our original request we put into you for the $256,xxx. Mr. Smith asked if the DCED grant is for $500,000? Mr. Markey said the project cannot exceed $500,000 so we have to be careful, if we are budgeted for $450,000 and then we found this problem or that problem then we exceeded $500,000 and we lost all of our money. Mr. Smith said exactly. Mr. Markey said he thinks we are safer if we stay with this phase 1 price of $256,xxx. Mr. Smith said and complete the phase 1 in entire. Mr. Markey said and then we use a portion of the $140,000 to use as a match for the DCED and then we report back to the LSA, we are not scaling back our project we are looking for additional funding through the DCED. Mr. Smith said exactly and we will have more of the $140,000 grant there.

Mr. Smith said he thinks the way we predicted the different phases, he thinks that is a good way to go if we are not going to request the $500,000.

Mr. Kulick said they are asking where are we getting the rest of the money or are we going to scale it back to $140,000. We scale it back to $140,000 and apply for the $500,000 and if we get it lets borrow $75,000. Mr. Smith said we can have KBA to include to camera the system. Mr. Markey said if we scale back, how are we going to scale back? Mr. Kulick said we will do the repairs on the sewage and will not do any paving, we will camera it and repair. When we apply for the $500,000 and if we get it we borrow $75,000 and fix the whole thing. The chances of us getting another grant next year and the year after that is slim.

A motion was made by Mr. Kulick to authorize KBA to scale back phase 1 to $140,000 and apply for DCED grant of $500,000. Seconded by Mr. Smith, all in favor; motion carried.

Business Permits: Mr. Kulick said if Bob chase was to open up a business in town doing anything, let’s say he was going to open up a gun shop, what kind of permit does he need from the Borough? Mr. Chase said it is a use permit, a zoning permit is not something just for structures and signs, you also need a use permit. It has to be a permitted use. Technically they don’t need a permit to have it but it just has to be an approved use. Mr. Kulick said a business in this town, you can grandfather businesses that are here, a new business in this town that wants to open up a business should have to have a business permit. Almost every town you have to have a permit. Mr. Chase said our book is not updated very well, that’s all that is in there that its retail sales.

Randy Parry asked if a property in Jermyn becomes vacant for 1 year calendar year is there anything on the books that says that the property needs to come up to code with plumbing, electric, etc. He is under the impression that Dunmore did and it was working. Ray Rood said they have to make the code more restricted. They Borough can do it on their own and make it more restricted he doesn’t think it is under the Property Maintenance Code. Mr. Kulick said we have issued with a lot of properties in town, not necessarily vacant ones. Randy Parry said it prevents properties becoming worse than they already are. There are a few in Jermyn. Mr. Kulick said it is something to look into. He would like to have the solicitor look into it and as well as the business permits.

DPW Cutting Trees: Mr. Markey said we talked last meeting about inserting about reasonable and customary fees if the DPW was going to be forced to cut back limbs and trees. He did a little research and a lot of the tree trimming services told him they charge by the job. They come out and they give you an estimate. Obviously that wouldn’t be feasible for us to put into an ordinance. He thinks the idea here is giving the resident or the property owner a choice, you either get this done on your own or we will come and do it. We don’t want to give them the plan B option, or otherwise these guys are going to spend 40 hours a week cutting down trees. It’s probably a good idea if we write into that ordinance the amount of $100 per hour. Mr. Chase that is cheap. Mrs. Wilson asked for the two of them? Mr. Chase said he would pay that. Mr. Markey said $100/hr? Mr. Chase that is cheap, two guys, machines, equip, truck, climbing gear, chainsaws. Mr. Rood said they will only be trimming them back. Mr. Markey said we aren’t taking them down, it is for line of sight issues. Mr. Markey asked if it has to be in an ordinance. Mrs. Wilson said she will get the ordinance. Mr. Markey asked if the ordinance has to be updated with anything else. Mrs. Wilson said she look at it at their next meeting. Mr. Markey said he wouldn’t even say it as a service you can use the Borough, he would say if these aren’t cut within 30 days the Borough is going to come and do it with a bill for $100/hr. We are looking to have people take care of their stuff on their own and if they don’t we want to make sure the Borough is compensated for the services that we are providing.

Display Case in Hallway:Mr. Markey asked who owns the case? Mr. Rood said it was made by Bruce’s brother in law. Mr. Markey made a motion to allow the secretary to write a letter to the Historical Society telling the Historical Society to come and get the case within the next 30 days or else we will get rid of it, seconded by Mr. Napoli. 4 yeas – 2 no. Mrs. Stephens said we need to talk about this. Mr. Smith asked what the problem is with it. Mr. Markey said it’s an eye sore number one and number two it is taking up a lot of space, we can put a lot more nicer cases in there to display our things. If the Historical Society wants it, let them take it but we have better use for the hallway. Mrs. Stephens thought it was because they display their case but if the case is that bad. Mr. Napoli said he is afraid someone is going to break that. Randy Parry said the kids running through here for basketball. Mr. Markey said it is a safety issue, we can put display cases mounted on the wall. Randy Parry said he does see people looking at the cases inside. Mr. Napoli said we aren’t saying to get rid of that stuff but it needs to go because something more safe needs to be there. Mrs. Stephens said so it’s a safety issue. Mr. Markey said its 20ft long and you put stuff in that case and people have to look down, you can’t even really see it that well, I think if you put something nice, a couple nice shelves on the wall. We will throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls and make everything look nice. We will make this place look presentable. Put some nice shelves up here that are eye level. Mrs. Wilson said shelving unless they are enclosed. Mr. Markey said they will be enclosed. Mr. Napoli said so no one takes the stuff. Mayor said we won’t have to worry about any kids breaking them, they can be eye level. They are off the floor so no kids will run into them. Mr. Markey said once this is gone we will have plenty of room to do it. Mr. Smith said he agrees 100% because it’s a safety issue a lot of the times the kids running in that hallway really worries me because of the glass involved. Mr. Smith said he will be against putting any type of thing up there because even if you put something higher someone hits their head on it so we have to be very careful of anything that is going to go out into that hallway. Mr. Markey said it will not come out nearly as far as the glass case. We will present to council with replacement ideas.

Motion by Mr. Markey and seconded by Mr. Napoli to allow the secretary submit a letter to the Historical Society asking them to remove the case within 30 days for safety reasons, all in favor, 5 yeas, 1 no. Motion passes.

Mrs. Wilson said we have no control over kids running unless there is a supervisor and there should be one with children. It is not a safety hazard because they have bought those things for the corners, one side is not a safety hazard because you have the soda machine. The other side is. People come into the community center and we have our voting registration, absentees, things for the Borough residents can pick them up there. Mr. Markey said we can mount something like that onto the wall.

Loans for New Dpw Truck and Parking Lot:Mr. Markey asked if we need a motion to seek loans. Solicitor said yes. Mr. Markey said we do not need an ordinance? Solicitor said no, just a motion.

Mr. Markey said we have to pay upfront before we get paid back. Mr. Markey said for those that didn’t hear him the last time he said it, it makes sense for us to go out for a loan for the DPW truck because we already know we are getting it, it is already ordered. We just have to pay for it upfront and get reimbursed with the grant money, same thing with the parking lot. If we take those two projects and wrap them up into one loan and then whatever we are going to do with the sewer. Mrs. Wilson asked if we have the $50,000 already? Mr. Napoli said no it’s a reimbursement. Mr. Smith said he is not sure of the legality of it, we have to go to the state when we have to take out a loan and what they do is that they tell you if you can and how much you can. Mrs. Wilson said remember when we went out for the roads, we had to petition the state.

Mr. Markey made a motion to allow the solicitor research and find out if we do need to get permission from the state and if so seek permission from the state to borrow funding for the parking lot and for the 2018 DPW Truck that we are getting both from LSA grants. Solicitor asked the total, Mrs. Wilson said $50,000 for the parking lot, Mr. Markey said total $132,xxx. He will get the exact amount. Seconded by Mrs. Wilson; all in favor, motion carried.

Mr. Kulick said that is the most ridiculous thing that exists, that they are giving you grant money and you have to go borrow the money to get it.

Code Enforcement Forms:The code enforcement officers made new forms. Mr. Markey asked if anybody has got back to him yet. Atty. Aquilino said no. They will go to the property owner.

Pension Plan:Atty. Said Chief Zellers’ widow is questioning whether or not she is entitled to any vested balances in the pension plan for death benefits for her survivors benefits from the pension plan. The plan administrator and the solicitor have discussed it. From her interpretation is the same as his, is that he didn’t have the vested benefits at the time he retired. He was about 4 years short of vesting, his vesting date would have been July 2019, he would have had his 24 years in, because he wasn’t entitled to any benefits there are no benefits to pass on to the surviving widow so that takes care of the vested part and then the plan itself didn’t provide for any death benefits.


March 24th 2018 – Breakfast with the Easter Bunny 9am-11am Crystal Fire Co. sponsored by Jermyn Youth Baseball/Softball.

March 24th 2018 – 10am Annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Jermyn PD, Knights of Columbus and Lions Club.

Artisan Fish Dinner March 30, 2018 at noon until sold out

A motion was made by Mr. Napoli and seconded by Mr. Smith to adjourn the meeting at 8:53pm. All in favor; motion carried.




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