Please be advised, as stated in the State Law of Pennsylvania, all vehicles are to be parked in the direction of travel. Warnings for Directional Vehicle Parking  have been given to those not adhereing to the State law.  Tickets will now be issued on this matter to ALL not adhereing to the State law.


  1. handyman426

    Suggest they do better than post these changes to this site only. There are many older citizens and younger citizens without web access.
    It is not fair to people without computer access to be fined for doing something they have been allowed to do for probably 40 plus years. (this goes for inclement weather as well) I have lived in Jermyn over 25 years and this was never an issue. I understand laws and I understand the reason behind it, but the borough should pass out fliers making all citizens aware before levying a $25 ticket on their residents.
    I have also walked by our borough building many times and noticed our own police officers parked “in the wrong direction”. Hope I don’t see that anymore!

  2. John Raymond

    I was fortunate. I only got a warning… kinda. Some people get a warning, some people get a fine, and some people get left alone for 40 years. Life is funny.

  3. birdman517

    I think its a joke. I have been parking in front of my house the same way for years an I can’t understand why now they are giveing tickets all of the sudden??? My girlfriend just got a ticket an I have ten days to pay it so I’m going to see if any of the police cars are parked the wrong way an take a picture of it to show them because its BS!!!

  4. S.

    Today without so much as a knock on the door, the acting Chief, (William Arthur Jr.) decided he was gonna tow all 3 of our vehicles for alternate parking. I ran outside and I explained my wife was 8 months pregnant, we had just gotten tires put on the two cars which were out of inspection and I had been very busy getting ready for the baby and haven’t had time to inspect them. He towed her car anyway. I later on, after paying the fines, tow costs and inspecting the other two vehicles, asked him why he didn’t just knock on the door. He said he was too busy to knock on peoples doors. In my opinion he is just another example of lazy bureaucracy members who will take your money and act like they are doing you a favor by penalizing you in order to justify their existence in their own little narcissistic minds. I listen to the scanner, there is not that much going on other than hanging at the Convenient. Protect their own and Serve fines is what our lovely police officers do here in Jermyn from my experience. We need better. We Deserve better. Do your job and stop messing with the people. We pay your salary. We are your employers and we will fire you if you keep it up.

  5. alk3654

    I think the Mayor and the Chief have gay love going on every council meeting its the same thing “the chief is great” what will the mayor say when he leaves for Olyphant??

  6. S.

    Okay.. So I have calmed down a bit after my angry tirade and I think I should apologize for my inconsiderate comment I left earlier. I was very angry and defensive since my wife is pregnant and I saw nothing but dollar signs falling away and nobody to blame but a shiny police badge. I should have looked in the mirror but that is tough when I have had so much going on lately with preparations. I do retract any previous statement made about the local law enforcement even though that is how I felt at the time. I thought about it and these men work in a field that I could not truly stomach. I thought about the filth that they deal with on a daily basis and I realized that I was acting much like that filth with my beligerent attitude. I sincerely apologize and I hope to see Chief Arthur to apologize in person. Parking tickets are not a big deal. Neither is one towed vehicle when he easily could have taken all 3 and more. He was lenient in his demeanor and I should not have acted so childish but rather thankful for his understanding. Sincerly, Sean Parker

  7. Angel22

    I can’t figure out this website to start a new topic so forgive me for adding to this one. Is there someone I can complain to about the fact that I’ve had 2 trash cans over the past year literally destroyed due to the fact that the garbage collectors not placing them back on the sidewalk in a decent manner? I’m not expecting them to make them perfect, but it started with me losing a lid because it was not at least put in the can, just tossed aside to be blown away by a storm while I was at work. I tolerated that and then one of my cans was cracked down the side from repeating throwings on the ground. I had to put a sign on it to be taken and now my 2nd can is busted as well. I’m not buying new ones so if stray animals rip apart my bags of garbage I’m not cleaning it up. It’s ridiculous that they can’t at least sit the cans on the sidewalk decently and put the lids back inside them.

    • joanne

      It is suggested that you issue your complaint directly to the Waste Management Route Manager, Joe Rohrman. His phone number is 570-961-4203. Thank you for your cooperation – you may have to give them your address, etc., which we do not have.

  8. joanne

    Your comment is being directed to the proper personnel for action on this matter. Thank you for notifying us of this situation.

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