Train Station-Museum

 “Train Station Museum Committee”    Currently this Committee is on hold.

The FIRST meeting of the “Train Station Museum Committee was held on Thursday evening, May 30, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Jermyn Community Center, Jefferson Avenue, Jermyn PA in the Legion/Lions Room.  Public is welcome to attend all meetings.

A committee was formed to assist the Jermyn Council in planning and construction of a Train Station and Museum for the Jermyn Borough. Elections were held and the following were elected: Walter Avery as Chairman, Mayor Bruce Smallacombe as Vice-Chairman, John Mark as Treasurer, Mary Francis Smith and Catherine Nicholls as Assistant Treasurers, JoAnne Wilson as Secretary, and Publicity chairperson to be name in the future.

The Station Museum will be a replica of the O & W Station, which was located on Laurel Street, Jermyn.  When constructed, it will house the Jermyn Historical Society’s artifacts collected and donated over the years.  Sampling of artifacts will be news items, manuscripts, and maps on the mining history in Jermyn and surrounding areas, utensils and personal items of miners used in their everyday work. Also news papers & articles on the history of businesses, churches, schools, prominent officials, artists, sports, Jermyn families, etc. will also be exhibited.

The Station Museum will also participate in the Steamtown train runs from Scranton, joining in their Holiday Santa Train and other special events for the young and young at heart.

Come –  Lend a Hand …. Be a part of Jermyn’s History making …..  Preserving our ancestors’ history, as well as, current events for future generations to learn and relive the diligent, hardworking efforts of their forefathers.


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