Recycling Schedule Reminder

Reminder Recycling Schedule

  • Wednesday Morning pick-up – East Jermyn, Woodlands, Moon Road Area, Evergreen Drive,  Washington Avenue, and Madison Avenue;
  • Thursday Morning pick-up – the reminder of Borough – Jefferson Avenue West to Business Route 6 (all streets and avenues).

Any change to this schedule – notification by POSTING & CALENDAR will be made.


2 Replies to “Recycling Schedule Reminder”

  1. slovinsky

    I would like to know the speed limit on Washington Ave.I live in the 500 block and I do NOT see any speed limit signs posted. Since I live across from the entrance to the Post Office, I have seen many speeders almost run into cars trying to enter the narrow driveway. Can PENNDOT put “slow down ” marking on the pavement at few hundred yards of the enterance?

  2. joanne

    Your suggestion will be forwarded to the Roads and Bridges Chairperson re:slow down markings. As per the Police Dept., the speed limit in business area is 25 miles per hour – coming into town (Bridge Street area) is 35 miles per hour.

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