Jermyn Shade Tree Commission and the Jermyn Borough Council is kicking-off the Jermyn Clean-up Month on April 20th to May 21st, 2016, sponsored by the Jermyn Shade Tree Commission and Borough Council. All refuse is to be bagged and placed at curb no more than 24 hours prior to regular scheduled trash pick-up day and place all recyclables-blue containers for scheduled recycling day pick-up. Brush/limbs call the Borough office (570-876-0610) for pick-up day. Keep Jermyn Clean and Beautiful and Volunteer.
The kick-off day April 20th at 6:00 p.m. at Mellow Court, Jermyn, PA, JSTC will have Jermyn’s Arbor Day Ceremony and planting of a tree in the borough. This year’s tree is a Rosebud and will be planted in memory of, former JSTC member, Paul Buchinski (deceased). The Jermyn/Mayfield Girl Scouts will plant the Tree and hold the brief ceremony, and immediately following, a social will be held for all in attendance. All are welcome.
At the annual Arbor Celebration and Educational Visitation to the Lakeland School District’s 4th grade students at Scott and Mayfield Elementary Centers, the young will receive activity booklets “Planting Trees in your Community Forest” by Sylvan and Friends, flyers on Recyclables, and strawberry plugs for planting and harvesting a crop of delicious strawberries by the end of summer. At the schools Mary Perrault and JoAnne Wilson will speak on National Arbor Day – April 29th, Earth Day – April 22nd, and Volunteerism in their their communities and present a video, “Kids Can Help Too”

Jermyn Borough Council Special Meeting


Jermyn Borough Council will have a special meeting on Thursday,May 5 at 8:15, for personnel and general business ,after the monthly worksession at 7:00.

“E” Recycling Jermyn

MAY 14

Sat 9 AM · Jermyn Borough · Jermyn @ Jermyn Community Center, 440 Jefferson Avenue


Jermyn DPW is currently hiring for part time workers.

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Jermyn DPW's photo.
Jermyn DPW's photo.
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The Jermyn Department of Public Works is currently seeking candidates for part time positions. There would be no guaranteed hours, however we are specifically looking for qualified candidates that are available to help during regular daytime working hours (7am-3:30pm). Please read the job description below, and if interested, please send a resume to the borough office at 440 Jefferson Ave. Jermyn, PA 18433.

Jermyn DPW Brush/Small Branches pick-up

Chipping will resume again Monday morning. Thanks for your patience!

 The chipping truck is back in service! We will be out all day this Monday to handle your branches and brush. If we don’t get to you this Monday, we thank you for your patience as we catch up!

–Jermyn DPW